Writing a quality paper is always a challenge. Due to the development of modern technology, we have access to tons of information. Original ideas are now becoming rare. Teachers, students authors/bloggers, professionals, and website owners use plagiarism-checking tools on a daily basis. If you care about your reputation as an author you cannot disregard an issue of plagiarism.

Checking your paper for plagiarism is important. Why? Because the consequences are always serious. Plagiarism is an academic crime and breaks all the ethics rules. Universities all over the world are very strict about the originality of the submitted work.

Reasons to use plagiarism detection software:

  1. Plagiarism check gives you proof that you have original content. Saving a copy of a plagiarism detection report is always a good backup plan.
  2. When you receive the report, with highlighted parts and links to the sources it was copied from, you can double check yourself and make sure you have cited all the used ideas properly.
  3. Plagiarism detection software can actually offer you more sources, which you can apply to your research.

Today the internet offers you a ton of choices to check your paper for plagiarism. There are several things you should always keep in mind when selecting a plagiarism detection tool. Remember there is no best or worst option, you need to select a plagiarism detection software based on your own preferences.


The most important point to consider is always the safety of your content. Before using the Plagiarism Detection Software - free or paid, you always have to read their terms and conditions to see if they are saving and selling your data to third parties. Always check if the tool provides safety and privacy statement for the data, which will be uploaded to the database.


"There ain't no such thing as a free lunch" Free programs are often not efficient enough and can give you false positive or negative results. While choosing from a variety of paid programs price is another important point to consider. Set your preferences and determine how often you will need to use the software, consider subscribing to monthly of an annual plan or pay for a number of pages.


How deep is your search? Efficient software should be able to access all document formats (HTML, pdf, power-point presentation, etc.) as well as google scholar results, journals, etc.

Detailed report, source details, and suggestions

While writing a paper it is important to use your own words and cite properly. In order to make your life easier choose an application, which gives you the exact source details and a comprehensive report.

Percentage of similarity

Based on your University or Job requirements you have an allowed percentage of plagiarism. In most cases, it is around 10%. Choose an application, which will calculate the percentage for you and always double-check the allowed plagiarism percentage at your University or workplace.

To ensure your paper is original and protect yourself from being accused and punished you always need to check your work for plagiarism. It is better not to go for free plagiarism check software. As free apps can give you incorrect results, which can affect your whole career path, they have a lot of limitations and can store, mismanage, or even steal your original work. Hence, it is better to go for a licensed one. Investing in a good plagiarism checker will not disappoint you.

Always remember the consequences. The technology exists to ensure your safety as a student, teacher, or researcher. Take advantage of it. Do not take a chance of being accused of plagiarism.