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by Will Martins / Updated October 06, 2023

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It goes without saying that ordering a custom written paper for your academic tasks makes your life much easier. It saves time, it may improve your grades, etc. At the same time, despite the fact that these papers may have a positive impact on your grades and overall GPA, they do not contribute to your education process and your development whatsoever.

Moreover, if you submit the purchased paper as your own, it would be considered an act of plagiarism, which violates the codes of ethics of the biggest majority of contemporary universities. Therefore, let me explain, why you should consider the writing services as tutors instead of ghostwriters.

Intelligence vs Grades

For everyone visiting an educational institution, be it a simple school or a university, the difference between the grades you get and your intellectual development becomes apparent sooner or later. What do I mean by that? In simpler words, grades do not indicate your intelligence and vice versa. However, we live in such a world, where the GPA (grade point average) will most probably define and determine your future career.

With a higher GPA, you might have better chances of finding a job with a higher salary, which is really a dream for the majority of people. And what is more important, the biggest majority of employers in the world will be much more interested in your GPA after your graduation from university (if you've got no work experience, of course).

With papers you can buy grades, but what's next?

You can purchase the ghostwriting services that will write your academic paper for you; you can even submit it as your own and never get caught. It's basically not a secret that you can "buy" grades in such a manner (and it's not that expensive if you know the right service). However, at the same time, you won't get any theoretical and practical knowledge, which you might have obtained if you prepared the paper on your own.

The grades that are not supported by knowledge are worthless, as you can imagine. If your employer becomes impressed by your GPA during the job interview, he will immediately become disappointed in your actual knowledge or its absence.

Therefore, you cannot buy knowledge and you shouldn't pay to get higher grades, either. But don't get too sad and depressive about this fact. The purchased papers can and will help you during your education years. How? Let's figure this out.

Purchased papers help with your work, but they aren't supposed to do it instead of you.

Disappointing as it may sound, but it's true. Your education years are supposed to make you a specialist in a certain field. Becoming a specialist requires learning and hard work. I completely understand the fact that stuff happens and that you may have been given a really complicated and challenging task that you cannot complete on your own. That's why you need a custom paper writing service to help you.

You need a sample of this challenging task that you cannot complete by yourself. After a ghostwriter specializing in your field of study will provide you with this sample, you can incorporate the paper's content into your own work.

But make you that the purchased paper serves you only as a reference. In other words, the ghostwriter shows you how such a task should be done and now you're supposed to do it on your own, as well. It's because only in such a way you can learn something new and gain valuable knowledge.


All in all, it's how you tend to use the custom essay services that define the long-term effectiveness of your education. It becomes rather obvious to state that using the purchased papers as a reference for your own work and study will be more valuable and rewarding than just submitting the paper as your own and forget about it.

I know that there are some disciplines that are too hard for you. You might have no time for studying enough etc. However, I truly believe that these reasons will not be an excuse for you not to study and do your own work.

After all, I don't really think that you want to become a graduate with "bought" grades and no relevant knowledge and experience to support them.

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