Everything you need to know about arbitration

by Will Martins/ Updated February 27, 2019

Hey everyone!It’s time to think about one of the least pleasant aspects of working with paper writing companies. I mean the disputes you might have with them. I gotta warn you, almost every client of paper writing companies sooner or later becomes involved in dispute process. Moreover, if you’re going to place orders on a regular and continuous basis, be prepared that someday you will have to initiate dispute with these guys regarding the quality of work, the missed deadline, the low marks received because of the company etc. Of course, it’s very stressful process and takes significant amount of time; therefore, let me provide you with some info that will prepare you to handle disputes more effectively.

Make sure you’re right!

If you’re a client of a certain paper writing company, you might find yourself dissatisfied with something. For example, you may find the quality of paper really poor or the assigned writer did not meet the deadline after you’ve sent the paper for revision. There’s an array of different situations in paper writing industry that may (and most probably will) result in a dispute. In short, dispute between a company and its client occurs, when the client demands compensation for poor service (full refund, to be exact) and the company does not provide it because of certain reasons (will dive deeper into that stuff soon). Therefore, in order to win this dispute, a client must prove that he is 100% right in this situation.

How does he/she do that? Let’s find out.

Collect as much info about the company as possible

Yep, that’s right, you gotta browse through all the webpages of the chosen company and collect all the relevant information regarding their Revision and Refund policies; also, make sure to check the FAQs and Terms of Service sections because in majority of cases, they address the process of Dispute in detail.

Provide the proof

You need a really solid proof. If the writer is late, you need to prove it with respective screenshots, if the paper’s quality is bad, you gotta show that it is either irrelevant to the topic or it contains multiple grammar mistakes. For plagiarism – provide report, for professor’s bad feedback – provide report. In other words, if you’re dissatisfied with something and want to initiate dispute, you gotta have solid reason for that along with evidence to prove it. Of course, the initial order should also have all the instructions you wanted to incorporate because if you just wanted to change smthn after the order was submitted, chances are your requests will be denied (and in such case, the company will be right, sorry).

Don’t rush with the refund!

I mean, refund is nice but think about the situation differently. When the order is in progress and something goes wrong, you still need the paper to be completed. Trust me, you don’t want to wait for refund (because nobody refunds money instantly) and place another order elsewhere. Therefore, try your best to complete the order and receive the paper you want. It might take some time and a lot of negotiations but in majority of cases, this will be more effective and more rewarding for you.

It may go really bad, though.

Yes, sometimes, it may really go haywire and make you frustrated or disappointed with the company’s service. Especially, when the company’s dispute procedure does not work for you, you’ve still got an option to resolve this dispute.If the situation is really hopeless and you just want to either prove you’re right and/or return money back to you, you might wanna contact your payment processor and initiate dispute there, as well. For example, PayPal is capable of handling disputes quite effectively. You just provide all the information about the problem and proof that the company was not capable of resolving it and let the payment processor (for example, PayPal) decide who’s right here. Still, I don’t recommend using this on regular basis, use it only as a last resort measure! You want to resolve everything directly with the company (trust me, it’s really faster and more effective than initiating PayPal dispute).


So, as you can see, the disputes may happen during your work with a certain paper writing company. However, you don’t have to stress a lot about them. Instead, try to be attentive and check the company’s terms of use and different policies, provide evidence that proves you’re right in this situation and be ready (though, I don’t recommend to) to escalate the dispute to chargeback or claim so that your payment processor will address the problem in your favor.

However, as I’ve said, try your best to resolve the dispute peacefully and get your paper done. Because it will be much more effective, trust me.

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