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3.1 out of 5.0
Owned by HeyTutor LLC
Years in operation 4
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes
  • A great database of professional tutors in many subjects
  • Based mainly on your location, so you may not be lucky to have excellent tutors in your area
  • You should pay at least 10 hours upfront, no 1-2 lessons options
  • No payment information and lack of any info overall
  • No direct communication with the support representatives
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It's not only about writing papers for you. Academic help services do provide tutoring services now, and I was curious about this particular one called HeyTutor. Is HeyTutor good? I will try to find out.

The overall design of the website looks fine to me. However, the site does have some issues with the character's encoding. I was finding wicked symbols in different places, and it does not add to the credibility of the service.

Moreover, the main page has no information on payment and prices. I was not able even to find information on how to create an account here.

Customer support

You can contact the customer support of HeyTutor online by sending them an email. No chat option is available. They also provide a phone number if you have some urgent questions.

I have also checked their Facebook page, but it looks like it was abandoned several months ago. Only 27 followers and no posts since August 2019. After I tried to find a tutor, they have sent me an email pretty fast, but I believe this is a simple automated reply.

My experience

I was curious, is HeyTutor legit? I wasn't really in need of tutoring. Moreover, they were not able to find any tutor in my area. Since they provide only private in-home tutoring service, it didn't work for me at all.

Online private lessons will be much more efficient as not everyone has time, and the possibility to invite a tutor at home. But if this is something you are looking for, HeyTutor may be the right solution if you are ready to pay.

Discounts and pricing

What is the cost of HeyTutor services? Pricing is the kind of information that you would like to know in the first place. But it looks like it's something HeyTutor is trying to hide. There are no rates, and pricing for an hour of tutoring service is available only after you find a tutor.

Moreover, you will be forced to pay at least 10 hours upfront. So, if you need just a couple of lessons, it is not an option for you. Each tutor has his rates, so it's impossible to name even the minimum price.

Tutors proficiency

As I was not able to test this service up, I am not able to evaluate the proficiency of tutors at HeyTutor. But I am sure they do hire professionals only.

It's also stated that the service does a Background check for each tutor they hire. As for HeyTutor glassdoor reviews, the comments are mixed, but most of the company employees are satisfied with the work conditions.

Other students' feedback

I guess it's time to see HeyTutor reviews online. What is the customer's opinion on the service? First of all, I have checked Trustpilot and HeyTutor's rating is 4 out of 5. Not bad, looks like most of the students are satisfied with the work of the service.

But not every HeyTutor review is all positive. Several customers stated that the company was not able to find them a proper tutor within months and refusing to return the money after all the waiting. Some customers lost thousands of dollars and still waiting for their refunds.

I have also searched for HeyTutor Reddit review and found some mentions. However, they were somehow neutral replies explaining the point of the service to a newcomer.

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Is heytutor legit? It was difficult to figure out since they provided only a private in-home tutoring service. However, I found many positive reviews from satisfied students.
What is heytutor rating? HeyTutor online rating is quite good, 4 out of 5 on Trustpilot, and 80% of positive reviews! I also checked out other websites, and ratings were high too.
Is heytutor fraud? No, it is a real service that offers private tutoring help on your subject. But according to some negative feedback, sometimes they cannot find an expert and customers lose money.
Is heytutor scam? This website does not look like a scam, but the found reviews make me a little nervous. Some students shared their experience of losing thousands of dollars (!) at this platform.
Is heytutor safe? This company does not provide a refund policy, which made me wary. However, they returned my payment due to the lack of available tutors in my area.


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    Xueying Wu says:

    My real experience with Heytutor is very disappointing. My first tutor constantly cancelled my lessons last minute. So I ended up receiving only one lesson a month instead of one per week. After five lessons, she completely cancelled my lessons. My second tutor made up excuses twice and did not even respond the third time, and still charged me $75! I called the company for a refund. Like many others' experience, I was told I did not qualify because I did not meet with the second tutor and also I should have reported to them sooner if I was unsatisfied with their service. Let me get this straight. Heytutor blamed a reasonable customer for coping with their poor behavioral tutors and refused to refund because the customer did not meet with the second tutor who did not even notify the customer to cancel!!! I will not waste any more of my time with this company. You can keep my money and at least improve your customer service!

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