Is it possible to "sabotage" your own paper while ordering it online?

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by Will Martins / Updated October 10, 2023

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The era when the Internet seemed scary and strange has gone; nowadays, it is the place of thousands of opportunities where you can pay for your bills and order a pizza simultaneously (double cheese makes life better, right?).

Still, when it comes to ordering your paper online, it may be difficult to manage your risks and finally make a decision. For sure, all you need to succeed is basically find a reliable service that will get your back, so you can trust the writers to do what they do best in life.

Nevertheless, even when you are 100% sure in the writer who creates a paper for you, how sure can you be that you did everything for this paper to turn out perfectly? From my own experience, I can guarantee that if you spend some time contemplating whether you included all the information when placing the order, you'll definitely be satisfied with the results.

So, here are the top 5 points that you should double-check before paying for anything:

Select the type of paper carefully!

The type of paper identifies what final product you'll get, whether it'll be an essay where you can express your own vision or an article review with all the key points being included. Even when you don't really get the difference between all the types of paper, I strongly recommend asking your professor twice in order for the writers to get it right. In the end, only quality matters, doesn't it?

Accurately choose the subject!

I know that sometimes, the subjects may seem interrelated and it's not that easy to define what sphere your paper really belongs to. Still, it is the key matter, and you should put yourself in writer's shoes. It's impossible to be professional in each and every subject, so the clearer you identify the realm, the better person will be assigned to accomplish your paper.

Here comes the topic!

I think everybody understands that the topic is basically the summary of the whole paper in one sentence, so make it short but outstanding. The topic is the guideline for the person to follow, it immediately captures attention if composed correctly.

Provide your instructions!

Usually, when ordering a paper online, there is a description section where you can provide all the necessary information about the paper. It can be anything you consider to be important for the assignment.

You can include your teacher's expectations, your own perception of the matter, some facts from your life, which can help express your position better. Don't be afraid to appear repetitive, emphasize the key points. By the way, if you have any requirements concerning the literature to be used, mentioning it here never hurt anyone.

Don't forget to add materials!

After all, the list of references always shows you as a true researcher who put some effort into this job. So, don't be lazy to provide the sources you already own if they can be of any help. You can also add the file you've received from your professor in case you forgot to include anything in the description. Re-read your assignment for the last time, maybe you had to provide some photos or videos? If so, attach them!

Format like a Pro!

We all know what pain the formatting can be. Who even remembers how to do a list of references or include in-text citations in hundreds of paper formats? Certainly, you can use your MS Word to create it for you, still, there is a chance of mistake.

That's why I advise you to mention the paper format the writer should follow. Eventually, you'll find all the semicolons and periods just in the right place.

All in all, please don't try to spoil your paper when you can receive a masterpiece just spending 10 minutes of your precious time. No, seriously, don't!

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