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1. Site overview

2.5 out of 5.0

myhomeworkapp main page

Looking for the best writing services for my Sociology assignment, I suddenly found MyHomeworkApp solution. The official website of the service had a usable and comprehensive interface. 

The pricing and all the other features were also clear. However, I had some doubts about whether it could help me with my academic assignments. 

Although the platform’s design was simple and not loaded with tons of data, the main goal of the myhomework app was not clear. Moreover, MyHomework app Reddit reviews were tricky and obscure. 

Is MyHomeworkApp legit? I didn’t find any precise answer to this question. If you need to find an extra MyHomework app review, get ready to spend at least one hour for these purposes. 

Still, I was feeling desperate with tons of academic tasks to do and decided to try this service. In this MyHomeworkApp review, I will share my experience of using the platform with all young learners. 

2. Customer support

Since there were no MyHomework app reviews found on Reddit, I decided to contact the support team to ask a couple of questions. 

Are there any professional writers? Who will make my essay for me? Unfortunately, there was no online chat available on the platform’s website. 

That is why I sent an email to the support agents to clarify certain aspects of using the app. However, I didn’t get a reply the same day. Furthermore, I didn’t get a reply even the next day. 

I received a message from MyHomeworkapp support team in a couple of days only. The entire communication with the platform’s support was very disappointing. 

In case you are not meeting the deadlines or need to get your papers done as soon as possible, you still need to wait for a few days to get the answers to your burning questions. 

3. My experience

Class details

The main thing that just blew my mind was the service itself. It is just an app for organizing your tasks, a calendar, and storage for various academic assignments! Actually, it is NOT a writing service but a digital homework planner. 

Although there are some teachers available, they don’t provide any assistance in creating essays for you. They could just advise you on scheduling and describe the basic principles of time management. 

In other words, it is a useless service for those who need some help with completing tasks from school or college. 

Looking for professional writers to compose or edit your essays? It is better to forget about using the MyHomework app. 

4. Order form 

To put it short, there is no order form available on the website. You will first need to sign up and choose the app’s version that suits your needs. There are two alternatives. 

The first one is the free version with ads, while the second one is a paid alternative. If you select the paid version, you will be transferred to the payments page. 

After making a purchase, you will have full access to the platform’s functions. By the way, free and paid versions are almost similar. 

5. Discounts and pricing

details about free and premium account offers paid and free versions. The paid alternative will cost you $4.99 per year. However, it is just about spending your money on nothing. You will not get any help with your tasks but can just arrange your assignments in a handy way. 

6. Revisions

The platform doesn’t offer any academic assistance. Ordering essays and getting reviews are not available. 

7. Final quality

The app will neither find writers for creating your essays nor find a teacher to complete any other types of academic tasks. Therefore, it leaves you helpless with all your homework. 

8. Writer’s proficiency

There are no writers or editors there. In case you are searching for professionals to get your tasks done, it is better to look for them somewhere else. 

9. People talking 

The secret truth is that the app is not popular among students. You can hardly find any of my homework app reviews on third-party websites. For example, such giants like TrustPilot and SiteJabber contain no reviews from students on using the service. 

The fact is that young learners who need assistance with completing their academic tasks are not likely to use this solution.

No reviews on myhomeworkapp at trustlipot

10. Loyalty program

The service has no loyalty program. You will not find any discounts or promo codes to make the price of using the app more affordable. You are just allowed to select either the free or paid platform’s version. 

11. Pros and Cons

I believe this my homework app review is the most detailed you can find online. The service is surely not the most demanding option among the students. It has some benefits when you just need a digital planner. Its main drawback is that it can’t help you with completing tasks. 


  • A handy organizer of your academic assignments


  • No professional writers
  • No experts in completing homework
  • No opportunity to get any help

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