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1. Site overview

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Hello and welcome!

Let’s make a quick yet comprehensive review of another paper writing service that is called To be honest, I did not have a chance to make an actual order with these guys because after checking all the pages of the website and having checked the samples of their work, I remained hesitant and unsure whether I wanted to pay money for their service.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m not a snob or hater here, I’m just being rational. So, let me share my thoughts and impressions about this website.

prescott papers homepageOf course, discussing a website’s design is a matter of taste and it’s up to everyone whether they like it or not. I mean, for me, the design of it is too simplistic and primitive but I gotta admit that it allows for quick and rather simple navigation between the webpages.

Look at the screenshot above and you’ll see that the website’s header contains links to all the information concerning the company, their working process etc. while also offering a direct link to make an order.

In total, there’s nothing eye-catching for me here and I cannot personally find the website user-friendly but it contains all the relevant info nonetheless. I wish they would have included the price calculator on the main page, though.

2. Support team

I had no possibility to speak with the support team representatives in chat, unfortunately. I’ve been trying to visit the website in different time periods but all that I’ve seen there was:
prescott paper support
However, it does not mean that their chat is the only form of contacting the Support. It is possible to send them an e-mail or send a ticket from the website. It’s not the most convenient form of communication for me but it gets the job done as long as it’s comfortable for you to communicate with the Support Team via e-mails.
prescott papers contact form
I was interested in getting a prescott papers discount for my first order because their prices are one of the highest you can get on the market. That’s why I’ve sent a corresponding ticket via the Contact form that you can see above. As a result, I got a reply from the Support Team in 6 minutes after my question, which is fine, I guess.
prescott papers email support

In fact, the reply was really helpful and the tone of message was friendly, which I liked. However, I doubt that many clients will wait for the Support’s reply in case they’ve got several questions. Obviously, this would take much more time compared to chat, which could have been faster and more comfortable for clients.  I cannot complain much about the Support Team itself though.

3. My experience

Just like I said in the beginning, I wanted to order a 3-pages paper with the deadline of one day. For me, the process of ordering was confusing and inconvenient, there was no possibility to access the Support Team in chat to get fast assistance and the price was just too much for me. Unfortunately, I’ve decided not to placing an order with them.

Furthermore, after checking the samples of the company works, I’ve become even more assured of the fact that I should complete that paper by myself that time.

4. Order form

So, let’s break it down a little bit and discuss the order form of these guys. I’ve gathered some screenshots to illustrate my words about inconvenience of order form provided by Prescott Papers.

First, instead of showing the detailed deadline lasting for certain period of time (for example, 12 hours or 3 days), it contains a calendar with current dates. You gotta choose a day, when you wanna get your paper and actually hope that you’ll get it by the time you actually need it.
prescott papers order form

Next, you have to choose the academic level of the paper, number of pages and number of sources in order to get the price of your order. The price will be high, I assure you (we’ll discuss the prices of these guys in further sections of this prescott papers review).  Still, if you’re willing to pay it, you’ll be asked to include all the necessary details about your order and proceed with the payment.

In short, the order form’s design and buttons’ layout makes it rather confusing and inconvenient to use. At least for me.

5. Prices and discounts

Prescott Papers offers one of the highest prices within the paper-writing market and the screenshot below clearly proves that. And despite the fact that the Support Team has offered me generous 20% discount for my first order, I did not find any discount policy to be mentioned across the pages of the site. So, it’s worth assuming that these guys don’t offer discounts on regular and continuous basis. 
Prescott papers prices

As you can see, the prices of the papers start with $39.50 per page if you’re willing to wait for 60 days to receive your paper. It’s not really bad that they are offering a really wide range of deadlines but I doubt that the majority of buyers will be willing to pay this price for such deadline. And it’s just the Undergraduate level, with increased academic complexity of the paper, the price will grow exponentially.

This is also complemented by the fact that Prescott Papers does not offer any extras to be added to your order. You cannot choose between expensive and cheap writers, you cannot order an abstract page or plagiarism report, the same goes for SMS notifications – you won’t be getting them, as well.

6. Revisions and refunds

First and foremost, the company offers no refunds. Like, the refund policy of these guys is written in three sentences and it does not even indicate a range of possible cases, when refund would be required. But no, Prescott Papers does not refund anything.
prescott papers refund

You can also see here that the revision process for every order may take at least 3 days, which I cannot find fair, especially when ordering a paper with short deadline. Like, my paper was supposed to be completed in 1 day and in case of revision and I had to wait for 3 days in this case for revised paper. Of course, it looks like these guys would have adjusted the revision deadline according to my request but this particular policy looks rather unattractive to me.

Anyway, you can send the paper for revision in 10 days after the deadline expiration. These guys will revise almost everything for free within this time period. What do I mean by saying “almost everything”? It’s because they don’t revise big papers like theses or dissertations for free. Here’s why:

not for revisionThat’s the explanation given by the company concerning the revision of the papers. Maybe that’s just me, but I wouldn’t place a big order with these guys if I had no possibility to revise it without making additional payments.

7. Writer`s proficiency

Cannot say much about the writer’s proficiency here because I did not have any wish to make an order here but I checked the samples of their papers published on the website. You can find one below.
prescott papers writers

Of course, I’m not the biggest specialist in psychiatry and obviously I’m no scholar to judge the paper’s content but I would be rather disappointed with paper quality similar to the one given in the sample above. Here we can see that the writing suffers from redundant words and phrases and continuous repetition of the same term over and over.

I get it that this term is closely related to the topic, but why not using abbreviations at least? That’s why the overall flow of the paper makes it difficult to read and understand.

It seems like the paper has been written by an ESL-writer, or an ENL, who was not really that good in writing. And obviously, it would make me really sad and disappointed if I had spent several hundred dollars on it.

8. People talking

Customers’ feedbacks that I’ve found online seemed suspicious to me. I mean, more than 90% are giving 5 out of 5 for service to these guys. Don’t get me wrong, I accept the fact that the Prescott Papers might be really that excellent in everything and the sample above was just a rare example of below-average writing. But I don’t believe that none of the company’s customers haven’t ever faced a single problem.

Here, the feedbacks you can find on Google:

prescott papers reviews
The same goes for TrustPilot:
sitejabber prescott papers review
And just minority of comments on Sitejabber actually complaints about the problems faced during the work with these guys.
sitejabber reviews about prescott papers

All in all, let us also take into account the fact that all the positive responses and reviews do not contain many words and just include some general words telling how good “They” were. In majority of cases, the reviewers avoid naming the service, which is also suspicious to me.

Okay, I gotta admit that I’m being to skeptical and even paranoid with my suspicions about the service. Maybe I’m not right and all these reviewers have really been enjoying the services of Prescott Papers. Maybe.

9. Pros and Cons

So, I hope you see now why I’ve decided not to use the service of Prescott Papers. It’s the combination of positive and negative impressions that I’ve got that really made me not to order here. Let’s summarize.


  • An array of positive feedback across the Internet. Everybody seems to be satisfied with the service and highly recommends it;
  • A wide range of pricing options depending on a deadline and academic level. In particular, your paper can have a deadline of less than 4 hours or more than 60 days;
  • Revisions can be made in 10 days after the order’s approval;


  • One of the highest prices on the market, be prepared to spend a lot;
  • The website functions with rather primitive, outdated and non-user-friendly design;
  • Writer’s writing quality is mediocre;
  • Support team available only on emails, their chat seems to be constantly off;
  • No refunds offered, no extras can be ordered, no loyalty program and no discount policy here;
  • If you order a dissertation, you cannot revise it for free according to their policy.

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