Useful Revision Tips to Make Your Paper Perfect

by Will Martins/ Updated November 14, 2018

Meeting expectations is not easy. When you are ordering essay online there are some chances that you will not receive exactly what you’ve expected. Writers do not always follow the initial instructions precisely enough, your professor might have some remarks or you will simply need to adjust the paper accordingly to your comments. Revisions are crucial aspect of writing, so before ordering essay online always check the revision policy of the company and make sure your rights are protected.

First, do your best to prevent the necessity of revision. As a client, the best you can do is to provide complete initial instructions. Collect all information possible: guidelines, rubrics, grading criteria’s, professor’s comments, examples, selected topics, required sources, formatting guidelines. Make sure the writer knows what you want to receive. Put yourself in writer’s shoes, you have to understand that sometimes due to miscommunication you can receive not exactly what you were hoping for.

collect an information

The revision will be possible only if there is no contradiction with the initial instructions. For example, if you have forgotten to mention that, the writer should write an essay on Brazil and the initial instructions stated: “choose any country”, you have to understand, that when after some time you will return asking to change your China essay, writing services will definitely ask you for additional payment to rewrite the paper with newly added instructions.

Here are some tips on how to handle a revision like a pro:

Check the revision policy on the website first

 Determine your rights. Usually, essay writing services offer from 1 to 3 free revisions. Double check Terms and Conditions make sure there are no hidden pitfalls.

Determine your rights

Check the deadlines within which you can claim for revision

Remember that you will not be able to return with your comments after 3 months and ask the writer to correct your paper for free. Be ready to submit your comments and concerns as soon as possible.

sorry I`m late

Keep control and do not lose your temper

There is absolutely no need for rudeness. By behaving aggressively, you cannot get far with the progress. Keep calm and communicate regarding your issues with the customer support. If you are working with the reputable and reliable company, they will make sure that your concerns will be heard and affected by the writer right away. Do not let the essay revision make you stressed and spread the negativity all around.

keep control

Be organized and clear

Get together all the information: professor’s remarks, groupmate feedback, your comments, and ideas. Make sure your revision message is not “I am not satisfied. Change it!”. Something that seems self-explanatory for you, might not be so clear from the other side. Remember, that you are also interested to receive the perfect paper as soon as possible and do not waste your time on communication with the support team.

I have won awards

Give the appropriate amount of time for writer

You have to be realistic. If you have a 10 page paper and you are asking the writer to change half of it in 30 minutes that is simply not possible. The more time you will give to the writer the better job he will do revising your paper.

ain`t nobody got time for that

To sum up: all essay writing services have to deal with revisions. Before ordering make sure you will not have to pay to revise the paper, even if there were no contradictions with the initial instructions.  Stay calm and make sure you are clear about what you want to see in the paper and you will receive a perfect paper you were hoping for.


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