Hey everyone! Let's talk about privacy and how can it be compromised during your cooperation with paper writing companies. Due to the fact that the paper writing companies work online, you have to share some of your personal information that is required for the company to make a paper for you. Correspondingly, this cooperation is associated with certain risks that I'd like to address here.

Risk of being spammed

First and foremost, even the most responsible and reliable paper writing companies will undoubtedly use the phone numbers and email offered by you to inform you about promotion campaigns, special offers, etc. Therefore, you might be prepared to be spammed sooner or later with emails or phone calls from the company.

The majority of people don't like this stuff, especially, when they've stopped using the paper writing service for some reason. Moreover, they will become infuriated by these emails if the experience with the company was not pleasant.

Risk of being contacted, when it's uncomfortable for you

Sure thing, if you give your personal details to the paper writing company when ordering a paper, you're accepting the risk of being contacted whenever it's possible. Of course, in the majority of cases, responsible paper writing companies will ask when it's comfortable for you to accept the phone calls, but in urgent cases (generally, when things go wrong with the order) you might be contacted at any time of the day. This includes nighttime, your private time with family or your spouse, etc. However, both these risks are really childish in comparison to the following ones that represent not some small inconveniences, but real problems.

Risk of being exposed!

And I mean, exposed, for real. There is a probability that your paper details will contact your full name, your contact details (including the address and phone number), will include details about your institution and your professor. Therefore, you directly risk of being exposed as the one ordering papers from some other company.

For example, even if the company assures the privacy of your data, you might be assigned an irresponsible (or not careful) writer that will contact your institution directly. Needless to say, what does it mean for you, right? So, even being careful with your details may not help prevent this from happening. Luckily, there are not so many idiotic writers who do this on regular basis.

Risk of being robbed!

Sure, only scammers do this stuff but I really want you to be informed about this stuff, as well. During the payment stage of any order, you'll be forwarded to the payment page that collects your credit card data and transfers it to the paper writing company. However, the companies cannot generally use this data for their own purposes.

And don't get me wrong, solid companies won't do that, but there is a probability that some companies may ask for your credit card details including full credit card number, your CVV, or your PIN code for the credit card. If you find someone asking that, never EVER give these details because you risk being directly robbed and left without any funds on your credit card.

There is a difference between payment verification that just asks a couple of details about credit cards (these may not be used for making payments if you ask me) and direct asking for full credit card details.


Of course, the last two risks are common for either scammers or irresponsible companies that cannot ensure the safety of their clients' data. Nonetheless, you will be asked to disclose your personal details if you want to get the paper done by the paper writing company.

Therefore, be prepared to be:

  • Contacted when it's uncomfortable for you;
  • Being spammed with promotional emails and special offers;
  • Risking of being exposed to your institution;
  • Risking of being scammed;

I know that these risks are unpleasant news for you. However, they are real, and accepting these risks may prepare you to protect your own data online and being anonymous while ordering the paper.