Seven things you need to learn while in college

by Will Martins/ Updated February 15, 2019

College is the most exciting time of our lives, which is meant to prepare us for the adult life full of responsibilities and challenges. Several years curved out of your life that gives you freedom, which you will not get again in your life. Use it wisely!

It is important to concentrate not only on things that will apply to your future job. You have to understand that the most crucial skills, which you will need in your everyday adult life it’s not the ones you received in class, it’s the ones you obtain through experiences, social life, and mistakes.


College is all about interactions with professors, group mates, supervisors, teammates, roommates, etc. It’s not always easy to find a common language and avoid conflicts. You need to spend time building relationships, learn to listen, formulate your arguments and ask questions. College is the time to make lifelong friends. Spend time socializing, share your ideas, and create your own network.


Finding the balance between learning, work, and social life is a tough task. The trend of today’s generation is “always being busy”. Stop being busy – be effective! Avoid chaos and remember that time is not replaceable. Take some time to do what you really love.  Defeat procrastination, prioritize your tasks and stay present in the moment.

Money managing

In conditions of a limited budget, you do not have other choices but to learn how to save and scrimp. Make sure you are living within your means. Budgeting is important, do not be lazy to plan your finances and it will definitely pay off.

Handling stress

College will not always be easy.  From time to time, you will be feeling overwhelmed. Chill! That is absolutely normal. Stress actually serves a burst of energy that motivates you and helps you to handle daily challenges. Learn to keep a stress level moderate and improve the way you respond to it.

Individual responsibility

You are an adult now. If you will not take care of yourself – no one will. Discipline yourself! You need to learn how to handle tough life choices and overcome obstacles on your own. If there is a way to solve a problem – there is no problem in the first place.


Is one of the key factors to success. There is nothing more powerful than confidence. It’s a muscle, which needs to be trained. Practice public speaking as much as you can. Learn to think and learn to speak! Transform yourself into a hero who is not afraid to live his life and ready for spectacular opportunities ahead.

Understanding yourself

It’s time to determine what you want to do and who you want to be. Concentrate on your independence and do not let anybody influence your choices. Discover your strengths and work on your weaknesses. Remember you do not have to be good in everything. Be yourself and concentrate on becoming the best version of yourself. Allow yourself to change and grow. One of the most important skills – learn how to sell yourself.

Things you actually need to learn in college differ from the ones you learn in class. College is not about being trained for a job it’s about preparing yourself to get into the real world. When you will look back, you will not remember which grade you’ve got, but you will remember how you stayed up all night with your friends creating memories. You are young! Enjoy it!

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