Student 101 (Introductory Course)

by Will Martins/ Updated October 18, 2018

What do we really know about students, their life, and daily struggles? From my own experience, I can definitely say that a lot of school graduates usually don’t understand what to wait for when it comes to college. A few of them tend to have false expectations based on Hollywood movies about these insane parties and overall fun (it is still the part of the college life, don’t get me wrong).

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Nonetheless, the life of a student usually revolves around studying. So, in order for you not to get in trouble and enjoy this time to the fullest, I would recommend you to follow some simple rules.

rules are fun

It’s better to study every now and then than do all the assignments the night before the deadline!

Who else ever thought that he had enough time to study when there were 3 essays, a course work, several projects, and the exam in two weeks? High five, I did that too! That’s just human nature to think that we have super powers to manage our time. In reality, you won’t be as stressed if you just try to do all the assignments in order of priority and during some period of time. In the end, you can leave some minor papers before the due date and go have a crazy night with friends. A little party never killed nobody, right?

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Cheating is your enemy!

There is nothing worse than losing the respect of your professor while cheating on the test or exam. You’ll never be treated the same way even if you decide to be the most diligent student afterwards. It is always better to be honest and open. At last, we should all take responsibilities for watching that very last episode of ‘Stranger Things’ on Netflix instead of going to the library.

N.B. if you get caught, please apologize to your teacher, reassure him that it won’t happen ever again, and stick to your word.

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Don’t forget to give yourself a break!

Studying is a constant time-consuming process, and usually it seems like there is no end in sight. And unfortunately, I should say that it really is what it seems. This is the main reason you have to distance yourself from all the assignments and have a rest from time to time. An evening watching the game or visiting your parents won’t cause as much harm as your stressed and tired mind will, so don’t be your own worst enemy, relax.

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Choose your direction and follow it!

Before selecting the subjects and participating in tons of social events, sit down and decide upon what you want to achieve, be it the best basketball player, an artist, or future PhD. After you’ve identified your priorities, write down what you truly need to become this person. It’ll help you concentrate on the subjects that will be the most pivotal in your life. Concerning all other subjects, just enjoy them and have fun. Life is not all about course books.

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Course mates or friends for life?

Many people will totally agree that the social interactions play crucial role in person’s life. Some people can turn out to be just passers-by, another will be helpful in certain situations, but only a few will become your true friends. Sometimes, forgetting about your errands and spending the evening with your fellows and group mates may be useful, as it will let you know more about the people you are surrounded by, including all the juicy gossips you are so interested in. The human being is a social creature after all.

best friends know

So, here was my own guide when in college. I’m not going to lie; life can seem pretty complicated and unfair, especially when you are a freshman. Don’t stress too much, drink a lot of water, have enough sleep, and you’ll survive!

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