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Studymoose Review

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Studymoose Review


  • Helpful support team


  • The prices are just too high for this quality of service
  • The most important extras like plagiarism report and SMS-notifications are not offered
  • No discounts
  • Your revision requests can be unjustly denied
Owned by Plan B Services LTD
Years in operation 6
Minimal price per page $14.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Hi, everyone! This time I want to offer you a comprehensive and detailed Studymoose review, as it is one of the most confusing custom essay writing services I have come across. Every single detail about the service was embarrassing, starting from the website name up to the quality of the delivered papers. Although my first impression of the company website was negative, I will do my best to stay unbiased, providing you with relevant and up-to-date facts only.

Yeah, Studymoose.com is the custom paper writing service that promises to give you a sample of a certain work depending on a topic and subject. What is more interesting, they emphasize that they don't tolerate cheating and they won't allow the buyers to submit the ordered papers as their own.

Is there a lot of useful information you can detect on the website? As mentioned in multiple Study moose reviews, the constant need to talk to the representatives of the customer support service is overwhelming. Browsing the website you will not find any data about the prices, policies, or other critical specifications. Therefore, be ready to talk to the agents a lot if you really decide to place an order here. 

It's really not comfortable. Also, why not having a price calculator to let people know about the prices for their service? Dunno. Anyway, let's move on to their Support Team.

Customer support

As I've said, I did not find any relevant information about anything, I was concerned about. That's why I decided to ask the Support Team about every detail of their service.

First and foremost, it's really good that the Support Agent was highly responsive until my last question, then she suddenly disappeared from the chat. Anyway, it really felt that she was trying to explain how everything works. I'd give it 3.5 out of 5, and I could have given them more if she did not disappear from the chat.

Studymoose customer support

There were three ways to stay in touch with the team, including a phone, email, and live chat. As it was specified in multiple Studymoose reviews, the phone line was always busy, and no one seemed to care about the emails. Therefore, right from the beginning, I knew that an online chat was a top choice for me.

Studygoose contacts

My experience

Is Studymoose reliable? I can't say so. I wanted to make an article review for my Sociology class. In the majority of cases, I try to do my homework on my own, but the article which I was to review was more than 50 pages of scholarly text. It was really hard to read.

The text contained all the analytical and statistical data from specialized research. I really did not have much time to review that by myself.

Therefore, I decided to place an order with Studymoose.com. The review was supposed to have 2 double-spaced pages and formatted according to MLA style. I chose the deadline - 10 days, which was enough for me.

What did I get? First of all, it is indispensable to mention that the delivery was delayed. Well, I did not pay much attention to this factor, as I knew the project was complicated and took a lot of time. Besides, I hoped that the quality of the paper would be impeccable and worth a wait. However, you can only imagine how disappointed I was to get a poorly structured paper with weird content. Talking about an article review, I did not mention or presuppose paraphrasing its parts. 

The so-called paper I got was a reiteration of the abstract with no facts from credible data sources, no relevant information, and other options that could make the essay an article review. Moreover, an array of grammar, punctuation, style, and formatting mistakes made me doubt the professionalism of the writer working on my project.  

Order form

Their order form does not seem to be concerned with unnecessary details. It does not contain the "Academic Level" field, it does not have any field for the promo code or discount code (because they don't have any discounts at all!), etc. The order form is simple and comfortable to use, but it really feels primitive and not involving all possible details of the order.

Moreover, I don't see any extras, offered additionally with the paper, like plagiarism report, SMS-notifications, etc. None of that. You'll only be offered to pay for the more expensive writer.

Discounts and pricing

The price and discount policies seem shadowy and doubtful. What do I mean by that? I mean that you cannot really know what the price of your paper is! So, you gotta include all the details of the order and keep your fingers crossed, so that your paper won't cost over 9000 billions of bitcoins.

In fact, the company does not offer a transparent pricing policy, which makes customers suspicious. According to multiple Studymoose.com reviews, the minimum price on the website starts from $18, which is more than average. However, the users will be uninformed and unaware of the approximate price of the assignment until they thrive with the ordering process. 

As for the discounts and special offers, there are none. Yes, you read it right. No price reduction options, no loyalty program, no other perks are available. 


Here's another screenshot of my chat with April from the Support Team.

Studymoose revisions

I don't know whether they truly believe that they are the only one service, offering free revisions, or they just simply trying to create an advantage out of air. It's not a benefit that you make free revisions, guys. Your first and top priority is to revise the paper as many times, as possible, so that the client approves the order.

And guess what? After delivering the paper, I immediately sent it back for revision because it was a completely wrong type of paper. I did not want them to paraphrase the article's abstract. I wanted an article review and response to the article's content, maybe some personal commentaries, etc. Now the fun begins.

After sending the paper for revision, the Support Team simply told me that these instructions were not mentioned initially, and I had to pay for revision. Obviously, I did not do that. You may wonder, is Sudymoose scam? I started thinking so because my paper had to be revised for free.

Final quality

Writing a Studymoose.com review, I tried to remain unbiased and honest, presenting only relevant and up-to-date information. However, I have to admit that it is one of the worst essay-writing services available on the market. The company does not care for its reputation, customer convenience, and academic success. Poor policies, low quality of the delivered papers, and a plethora of other factors make the service unreliable and irrelevant. 

Writer`s proficiency

That's what the website tells us about the writers:

Studymoose writers

That's what April from the Support Team told me about their writers:

Seems strange, right? From my own experience with these guys, I'd like to tell you that the writer was silent, never asking for any clarification (I wish he would have asked for it instead) and delivered the paper on time.

If we disregard the fact that the writer did a completely different job, it's worth mentioning that it was a decent level of writing and was delivered on time. Still, I feel that the writer was either from India or Kenya because the use of words was too simplistic.

People talking

Is Studymoose legit? Check the reviews, shown to us on the website. They seem to be automatically generated to me.

Studymoose reviews placed on the website

Studymoose generated reviews

Scamfighter gives them 2.5 out of 5, which is not a good sign, as well. I gotta agree with these guys in terms of this mark. I wouldn't rate it any higher, as well.

Studymoose Sitejabber review 1

Studymoose Sitejabber review 2

I couldn't find Studymoose Reddit reviews, but I've found a link to the review on EssayYoda. It was quite positive. I don't know whether it was a paid one, but it didn't seem to be true. I've already used the service and know about its quality.

Loyalty program

Studymoose apparently does not know about the loyalty programs and their importance for the returning clients. So, they don't have it. You just pay $13.90 per page for your first order and then pay not less than $18 for the rest of your life.

As you can see, April from the Support Team tried to justify this, but I don't see any objective reason why a paper writing company wouldn't have a loyalty program.

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Is studymoose scam? I think so because of the rejected free revision request. As I described above, I got a completely wrong type of paper and immediately sent it back for revision, but had to pay for it.
Is studymoose a good service? I did not get a paper that I needed, so I just spent money for nothing. The writer did not understand my instructions, but the support agent still demanded to pay for the free revision.
Is studymoose cheating? Well, it is a custom writing service that writes papers on different subjects. However, they emphasize that it is not allowed for students to submit completed papers as their own.
Is studymoose legit? To find the answer to this question, I usually look through student reviews. But Studymoose disappointed me with the lack of feedback on Trustpilot and Sitejabber, and Scamfighter gave them 2.5 out of 5.
Is studymoose reliable? No, it is not a reliable service. I ordered a simple review and gave them 10 days for it! But instead of a well-written paper, I got a paraphrased abstract from the article.

Comments (2)

monicaaugustemandl says:

at 2021-04-17 21:13:00


2.6 out of /5.0

Not really satisfied with this paper, I will have to make major revisions myself and I outlined more revisions which have not been met. Other two orders were perfect. Not satisfied with this order

sweetazngirl_42 says:

at 2021-06-02 09:13:00


3.5 out of /5.0

The paper is great and the support quality was alright. I feel like the supporters should be less rude to their customers. I asked and paid for a 10 page essay but they gave me 9 pages. Their argument was that 10 pages has a certain amount of words in it but that's not how it works when it comes to essays. Pages and words are different. If i asked for 10 pages I would assume I would get 10 physical pages. Not a certain amount of words that they think is worth 10 pages.

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2.5 out of 5.0