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Topessaywriting Review


  • Discounts for new customers and the loyalty program
  • 24/7 online support


  • The average quality of writing
  • Relatively high prices
  • A dull-looking website that is hard to navigate

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4.9 out of 5.0




Hello there! Today I want to discuss another writing service I have tried before and that I would definitely not recommend. I am presenting you with my Topessaywriting review.

Overall, the website does not look bad, but it seems dull at the same time. All these shades of brown and green don't appeal to me at all. There are no vibrant attention-grabbing elements, and you can hardly distinguish one section of the website from another. This makes it really hard to navigate through the website.

Is Topessaywriting scam? The service is legitimate, but the quality is not what you will be satisfied with.

Customer support

The service gives you several ways to contact the customer support team. You can call them, send them an email, or simply write them a message in the live chat.

Is Topessaywriting safe to use? I have decided to make sure and ask one of the customer support representatives in the chat. Lily replied relatively fast. The last messages took her 2 minutes to type, but this is fine, I still got my answer.

My experience

So, is Topessaywriting reliable? I was able to try it myself. I have ordered an essay on economics with a reasonable deadline of 3 days. The paper cost me around $72. To be honest, I was not impressed by what I got as a result.

It was written sloppily with a few grammatical errors that I have decided to revise by myself. This is not what I would like to receive after paying this amount of money. Topessaywriting should probably train their writer to proofread papers better, especially having three days to complete the paper.

Order form

The order form on Topessaywriting is standard for an average writing service. All the data needed to complete the paper can be added, and you can also check the "night calls allowed" field for the order that has a deadline of fewer than 48 hours.

A US writer is the default choice in this order form, and if you want a UK one, you will have to pay 10% more. No other extra options are available, and maybe it's for the better since the price is already high enough.

Discounts and pricing

Prices of Topessaywriting are slightly higher than the average writing service. They start from $12.99 for a page of a high school paper with a deadline of 14 days. The most expensive cost per page will be for a Doctoral level paper within 24 hours. Shorter periods like 8 and 6 hours are not available for a Ph.D. level writing.

And what about Topessaywriting discount code? The service has something to offer. A 13% discount is available for your first order with Topessaywriting. Moreover, they have a loyalty program that I will cover later.


Is legit service? Every legit writing company offers its customers the possibility to revise the received paper. And in our case, free revisions are allowed within two weeks after the paper delivery.

Of course, the comments should be reasonable and do not contradict the initial requirements. We all know that. So, that is a plus for Topessaywriting from me.

Final quality

The paper I have received was... fine. Nothing special. I believe I was waiting for more after paying $72 for three pages. But maybe I am spoiled by better and cheaper services I have already tried. Once again, the writer should have spent more time proofreading the paper as I ended up doing it myself.A

Writer's proficiency

The amount of information the service gives on their writers is limited. I guess it's due to the confidentiality policy they have. It's stated that all of the writers are native English-speaking degree holders from Bachelor to Ph.D. in different fields of studies.

People talking

So, what's about Topessaywriting reviews from other customers? The average rating on Trustpilot is 4.5 out of 5. And it's slightly less on Sitejabber, 3 out of 5. The feedback looks real, and the website's team tries to reply and address every review.

Kudos to them for the attention and efforts. I have also tried to find something on Reddit, but there are no mentions on the service.

Loyalty program

A loyalty program of Topessaywriting is something I would like to mention once again. They offer 5%, 10%, and 15% discounts after 5, 10, and 15 orders you make. Moreover, they have an affiliate program that allows you to earn a bonus per each customer you refer to the website.

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I decided to ask the support agent and received detailed information, so my answer is yes! The company guarantees complete confidentiality of personal data, so there is no reason to worry about it.

Having googled for Topessaywriting reviews, I found different ratings. On Trustpilot, it was 4.5 out of 5, as for SiteJabber, the rating was even lower 3 out of 5.

From my point of view, if the revision policy is available, then it is a legit service. At, you have two weeks to request as many free revisions as you need.

No, this writing company works, but you will be disappointed with the quality of the provided assistance. So my advice is to find another service and not waste time ordering from them.

The delivered paper was not worth those $72 I paid, and it even contained some grammar mistakes! So I had to proofread and edit by myself to submit it on time.

Comments (7)

SparkleDSmith says:

at 2021-02-03 07:56:00


3.0 out of /5.0

The writer disregarded my original instructions and the revision was horrible and late

SparkleDSmith says:

at 2021-02-03 07:56:00


3.0 out of /5.0

The writer disregarded my original instructions and the revision was horrible and late

Ethanfeldman28 says:

at 2021-03-03 11:02:00


3.0 out of /5.0

A TOP writer should be fluent in english. That is all.

itohan4ever says:

at 2021-05-21 07:58:00


2.6 out of /5.0

the paper quality was really poor, doesn't look like and undergraduate work that I ask for, add to do almost everything from the beginning myself has some paragraph was not flowing properly very hard to undersatnd what the write meant on most of the paper. Didn't receive what I wanted for the amount I paid, waste of money.

helpneeded says:

at 2021-05-30 07:58:00


2.8 out of /5.0

Horrible. First of all you can only see part of the paper when you approve. No way to see if theyve done everything correctly just the first few pages. And after you approve no refund. SO basically they do a bad job on end part of essay which u cant see without approving and then say oh u approved, no refund!

rosanielouis says:

at 2021-06-16 07:59:00


2.7 out of /5.0

My assignment came back to me with grade of 51 percent. The teacher commented that I did not understand the assignment. This is unacceptable because I submitted everything for this paper and there are questions that were not even answered.

poisonyvy64 says:

at 2021-06-28 23:02:00


3.0 out of /5.0

At the beginning everything looked perfect, but when the time to get my paper edited arrived, the document was not there on time. When finally got it, it was not done as I request it. I sent it back to get the corrections, and instead of fitting the 3 pages, they added cites that I did not ask for and ended up in 6 pages. When I found so many inconsistencies, I started to work on my paper to get it reduced at the best of my possibilities, and I submitted my work without the improvement that I could have gotten with a good service. Terrible. I am waiting to get my money back. The lst revision got to me 10 hours after the time promised, and two hours after my due time for submission.

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2.5 out of 5.0