There is one thing that I have learned over my college years, it is the art of procrastination. Procrastination affects all of us, it's just how the world works, and let me be honest with you ' I love doing it.

Sometimes starting a task seems almost impossible, we all get distracted and find things that are way more interesting for us at the moment. This article is not about fighting procrastination it is about making the most out of it and how it can help you to be more creative and productive.

Over the years "procrastination" has turned into a negative term with a bad reputation for being undisciplined and lazy. While you are avoiding doing assignments, you do something else instead. You are motivated by the desire to postpone working on the task and dedicate your attention to other things.

How procrastination can be good for you? Here are some main benefits of procrastination:

Procrastination is a way to increase your creativity

Procrastination is more complex than just laziness or bad time - management. When you distract yourself from the working process, it helps to restart your brain functions. You need some time to look at things from a different perspective and you will see how instead of the most obvious solutions you will come up with the most creative ones.

Procrastination motivates you to get more things done

By postponing working on the important tasks you still can be productive, relaxed, and boost your inspiration. Of course, the assignment you are currently procrastination on will not be completed, but other tasks on your to-list are probably getting cleared one by one. Finally, when you have no other choice but to return to the main assignment you will already have a lot of things done, which will ease your life in the future.

Procrastination helps you to manage your stress level

Sometimes we all need a break. It is important to get rid of the pressure, breathe a sigh of relief, and dedicate time to yourself. Procrastination can help you feel better and happier. Just give yourself some time and do not blame yourself for it.

Procrastination helps you to prioritize

When you are a natural procrastinator ' unnecessary tasks disappear, you always reevaluate whether this particular task is that important for you. Knowing that procrastination can actually be useful for you, here are some top web resources to procrastinate like a pro. Be careful, some of them highly addictive.

Ted Talks

Ted talks are all about ideas. You can find some useful tips that will help your research or your personal life. Spend your time watching something that can inspire you.


The website was designed for procrastination. Pictures, gifs, articles, etc. Be careful this stuff is highly addictive. Just keep scrolling and spend hours thinking, 'that is SO true'.

Free Rice

Charity website, which was created by the United Nations. By answering questions you can actually feed someone. Each correct answer brings you 10 rice grains, which you can donate to the World Food Program.

Astronomy Picture of the Day

Discover the space! This website is very plain and simple. The name speaks for itself each day it opens you a new photo from the cosmos with a brief explanation by a professional astronomer.