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by Will Martins / Updated October 06, 2023

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There is one thing that I have learned over my college years; it is the art of procrastination. Procrastination affects all of us, it's just how the world works, and let me be honest with you - I love doing it.

Sometimes starting a task seems almost impossible, we all get distracted and find things that are way more interesting for us at the moment. This article is not about fighting procrastination, it is about making the most out of it and how it can help you to be more creative and productive.

Over the years, "procrastination" has turned into a negative term with a bad reputation for being undisciplined and lazy. While you are avoiding doing assignments, you do something else instead. You are motivated by the desire to postpone working on the task and dedicate your attention to other things.

How can procrastination be good for you? Here are some main benefits of procrastination:

Procrastination is a way to increase your creativity

Procrastination is more complex than just laziness or poor time - management. When you distract yourself from the working process, it helps to restart your brain functions. You need some time to look at things from a different angle, and you will see how instead of the most obvious solutions, you will come up with the most creative ones.

Procrastination motivates you to get more things done

By postponing working on the important tasks, you still can be productive, relaxed and boost your inspiration. Of course, the assignment you are currently procrastinating on will not be completed, but high chances some other tasks on your to-do list will be completed one by one. Finally, when you have no other choice but to return to the main assignment, you will already have a lot of things done, which will ease your life in the future.

Procrastination helps you to manage your stress level

Sometimes we all need a break. It is important to get rid of the pressure, breathe a sigh of relief, and dedicate time to yourself. Procrastination can help you feel better and happier. Just give yourself some time and do not blame yourself for it.

So, what is the right way to procrastinate? Best guess, if you do it the right way, you'll be much better off coping with the routine tasks. 

Take a break when it is needed 

Recent studies proved that to be really productive, an individual requires lots of rest. Sure, being exhausted, you’ll hardly be able to stay focused on doing a pile of tasks. It is a well-known fact that each of us has our own time zone. You might be more productive in the morning hours, while some of your buddies might skyrocket their productivity at night. Forcing everyone into the same work or study schedule won’t be effective, so this is a reason good employers are starting to plan the workweek around the employees’ productivity. The same should go for colleges. Take some breaks with purpose when you feel like you are wasting time trying to focus on doing one more assigned paper or task that needs plenty of effort. This will help you to recharge and to dive straight into the work process afterward. 

Pay attention to distractions

You are ready to get to work and cope with the task in the blink of an eye, but wait! You've noticed some dust on the shelves, and it seems your chair isn’t comfortable anymore. Some other distractions like a car, the laundry, a shopping list, and the nutrition plan might also pop up in your head. Stop for a moment. It is a kind of coping mechanism to avoid fear. Researchers say we are seeking distractions because we shouldn’t be doing a specific task at the moment. Maybe, it will be an optimal solution to devote an hour to purchase a comfy chair instead of torturing yourself trying to find the right flow. Buying an ergonomic chair can drastically improve your productivity. You’ll easily tackle the problems, getting rid of distractions around you at the right time.

Undoubtedly, procrastination is a key to obtaining a result. Stop feeling bad due to delaying getting to work because of some distractions. Fixing everything as needed, you’ll not only feel more organized but be prepared to jumpstart completing the task. Procrastination is a kind of prep work vital for delving deeper into the details and being bound to success.

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