It Is Not so Easy to Write a Good Essay. Here Is Your Real Help!

by Will Martins/ Updated October 3, 2018

There are a few people who can confidently say that they love writing essays, as this type of paper may be quite tricky, especially when you don’t really understand what to write about and how to do it correctly. That’s why there is a high chance of failing if you assertive enough that you’ll manage to do it in one hour. So, take your time, postpone your activities, and prepare to work hard!

are you working hard

In case you don’t really know where to begin, please, I beg you, use my personal recommendations and you’ll get through this. So, before sitting down to start with the first sentence, I would advise you to do the preparatory work.

First, try to paraphrase the main question/ idea of the essay to realize whether you completely comprehend the topic of the paper. If you cannot understand what it should be about, you need to contact your professor or group mates for some assistance. Don’t try to write about something you don’t know, as it will be obvious from the very beginning. In this case, go to the library, bring your best friend, and search for something simple but extensive on the matter. Remember, no man is born wise or learned.

start an essay

If you are lucky enough to understand your subject, ask yourself what is your position on the matter. Are you going to be positive, negative, or neutral in regards to the subject of the paper? Do you have any arguments to prove your point of view? If you are determined that you know what to say, you are already halfway through your paper, congratulations!

essay should be like

However, the preparatory work is not over yet. You need to ask yourself another important question. Do you have a list of required literature or you need to compose it yourself? Try to think about the references as good friends that support your opinion and can prove you right. Besides, don’t underestimate in-text citations, they show you did a great job.


Your text should consist of three main parts: introduction, body, and conclusion. If you try to build your narration in correspondence with the question these parts should respond to, it’ll be a success, I promise!

1000 word essay

In fact, make a plan, so each paragraph contains some crucial thought. Try to nurture critical thinking, not only affirm your position but also present some opposite opinions. It is always better to take into consideration all points of view. This way your text will get volume.

have no plan

A lot of my friends have fear of the blank slate; I used to have it too. But don’t you worry; just start writing at least something according to your plan. It’s not necessarily should be complete sentences, you can write down some hints of ideas and go back to them later. Create the core of your paper, you’ll add the details afterwards, there’s no need to rush.

according to plan

After you’ve finished with the main ideas and thoughts, forget about your paper for a couple of hours. It’ll help you ‘fight’ this challenge with a clear mind. I guarantee you’ll find something new to add to complete your essay.

3000 word essay

Having completed the writing part, it’s just about time for you to become an editor! Re-read your assignment, check if all the key points were followed, correct the formatting if needed, don’t forget to use the spell checker. Moreover, you need to evaluate your text, is it logical enough, do you stick to your point, have you framed your thoughts accordingly? If you respond affirmatively to all these questions, my felicitations, you’re done! Nice job!

thus in an essay

It wasn’t that hard in the end, was it?

great success

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