Working full time while studying: Pros and Cons

by Will Martins/ Updated October 31, 2018

Hey everyone! Today we’re going to discuss another issue that is definitely worth considering due to the fact that it directly affects your life during your college/university years. In particular, in the following paragraphs I’ll talk about working on a full-time job, while studying. Just like with anything else in life, such work-life schedule has its pros and cons. Let’s talk about them in more detail.

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Advantage #1. Money

Obviously, having a regular salary as a compensation for your work helps a lot during your college years. First, you will be capable of supporting yourself better. Second, your college debts will decrease, as you’ll have a possibility to pay off them. Needless to tell that such debts really make you dependent and it’s really helpful to have a full-time job that pays well in order to decrease them.

Further, you’ll be capable of renting an apartment instead of living in a dorm. Of course, it’s another matter of discussion and it’s always up to you, whether you want to live in a dorm or you prefer renting an apartment. However, having a regular salary from full-time job provides you with a choice, where to live during your college years, which is already an advantage.

In other words, full-time job means having more money. And when you have it, you can make your life easier and more comfortable, if you spend wisely.

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Advantage #2. Work Experience

Don’t get me wrong, getting a degree of Bachelor or Master is definitely important for your career; however, work experience is even more important in comparison to having the degree. In simple words, you’ll have practical skills, while scholarly degree provides you with just theoretic information regarding your specialization. That’s why, it’s really beneficial to get your first job that is close to your desired specialty.

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Advantage #3. Making important connections

Despite the fact that it is really important to make contacts with your peers during your college studies, it’s much more valuable for you if you make contacts related to your career. For example, it may be your potential partner, investor or supplier, if you think of creating your own business. Otherwise, you might find valuable contacts that will help you advance in your career as a hired specialist. In other words, during your work full-time, you’ll be capable of meeting people that will affect your career directly. Moreover, it’s really challenging to do so in college, where you rarely can find such people around.

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Disadvantage #1. You’ll either be exhausted or forced to study longer.

The aforementioned advantages come with a great price. It will take a lot of energy and effort for you to study hard and work hard. Don’t forget that you’ll have to be a productive worker and successful student. Therefore, if you’re ready to have a really hellish schedule and have almost no rest between your work and studies, you might want to try working full-time, while studying. Sooner or later you’ll become exhausted and your productivity will decrease, unless you’re a super-human.

On the contrary, you might prioritize your work, which will mean that you’ll choose a longer and easier course schedule. It means that you’ll study longer in order to get your academic degree.

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Disadvantage #2. Not taking part in extracurricular activities

It’s not really the greatest disadvantage compared to the previous one, but it’s still a disadvantage. Because of your busy schedule filled with full-time work, you’ll not be capable of visiting students’ club, participate in sports events etc. In other words, you’ll not have time to have a full student’s life and enjoy the years of your studies.

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Disadvantage #3. You’ll have to make sacrifices

In particular, forget about free time that you can spend with your friends, family or your BFF, you can forget about your hobbies and activities that are not associated with either your work or your studies.

And the most dissatisfying thing about this is that you won’t want to do anything else with your free time apart sleeping. Therefore, be prepared to sacrifice your relationships with other people and sacrifice time for your interests if you want to work full-time and study.


As you can see, there are advantages and disadvantages to working on a full-time basis, while studying. It’s always up to you to decide, what is more important for you and invest your time and efforts to either your work or to your studies. I’d suggest you better find a part-time job that will still provide you with more than enough time for studies and enjoying your student’s life, while having some work experience and some extra money. But as I’ve said, it’s always up to you to decide.

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