Writer Assigned vs Bidding System

by Will Martins/ Updated January 15, 2019

Hi everyone! Today we’re going to describe and analyze two different types of paper writing companies. In fact, these are the only two types of paper companies that you can find online in majority of cases. I’m talking about the so-called “Writer Assigned” and “Bidding” systems. In order for you to decide, which one is better and more suitable for you, let’s analyze both of them. We’ll give a brief characteristic to them and discuss the advantages and disadvantages of them, as well. Hopefully, after reading this article, you’ll have more details to make your choice.


1.Writer assigned system

Basically, the major difference between both these systems lies within the process of choosing the most appropriate writer for your order. With Writer Assigned system, the paper writing company assigns the writer, while in Bidding system you’ll be asked to choose a writer by yourself among the list of the writers applied for your order.

  • Advantages

In short, with Writer Assigned system, all you have to do, is to pay for your order and wait for it to be delivered. Therefore, one of the major advantages of this system is that you won’t have to waste time choosing the writer. Additionally, you can also request the same writer to be assigned for your future orders, if you’re satisfied with his/her work. Secondly, due to the fact that the paper writing company is responsible for choosing the most appropriate and proficient writer for your paper, it goes without saying that the company will also be responsible for the quality of writing he/she delivers. In other words, you won’t feel responsible for choosing a bad writer.

Writer Assigned
  • Disadvantages

First, it’s more expensive, which is rather obvious. The writing company acts as a hiring manager for your order and it assumes that this stage of work needs to be compensated. That’s why you’ll probably pay more to a company with Writer Assigned system compared to the Bidding system.Secondly, you still won’t get the best writer. Each paper writing company has several hundreds of different writers; therefore, it’s a real challenge for the company to find the best writer for your order. As a result, the company will assign the writer who applied for your order first or who was simply online. And even taking into consideration the fact that such writers may do their job on an adequate level, it does not mean that they are the best writers for your order.

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2. Bidding System

As you might have already guessed, Bidding System allows you to choose the writer by yourself and negotiate the salary for the writer. This system works like this: after placing your order, you’ll be forwarded to the specific page, which shows the writers who might potentially complete your order. This list of writers is for you to check and figure out the writer that suits you best.

  • Advantages

First, it’s much cheaper. You negotiate the price with the writer directly, which means that the price of your order may be much smaller compared to the prices of companies with Writer Assigned system. Second, you’ll end up finding a better writer. It’s because you’ll be given a chance of checking the writers’ proficiency and the feedbacks of their previous clients. Therefore, after thorough check and analysis of writers’ skills and after negotiating the payment, you’ll most probably get a better writer for a smaller price.

  • Disadvantages

Firstly, it takes a lot of time to find a writer. If you want to find a writer, who has an okay level of writing and does not charge much money, you’ll have to spend considerable amounts of time in order to do this. In majority of cases, you’ll have to check several dozens of writers in order to choose the one that suits your needs and your wallet.Secondly, this system can be easily manipulated. The writers who work for long periods of time with the Bidding System already know how to get the orders. They place lower bids and they are contacting the clients first in order to grab their attention and assure them of their proficiency. There’s still probability for you not to find the best writer, while finding the first available writer instead.

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3. Summary

At the end of the day, it’s always up to you to decide, which system works for you best. Writer Assigned requires more money, while the Bidding System needs a lot of time and effort to find a writer by yourself. Therefore, it’s always up to you, whether you save a couple of bucks and try finding the writer for your order or spend more to get the writer assigned by the company.

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