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3.7 out of 5.0
  • Dozens of tutors are available for most classes
  • Hundreds of happy students and genuine positive Wyzant reviews
  • One-on-one sessions make for efficient communication and learning
  • Comfortable user experience across the web and mobile apps
  • Wyzant fees can be too high, depending on the course and tutor's experience
  • Some negative Wyzant tutors reviews suggest many employees aren't happy with the company
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If you've never heard of Wyzant, you must be living under a rock. Founded in 2005, this tutoring platform relies on the latest technology breakthroughs to revolutionize the learning experience for teachers and students.

Despite the underwhelming first impression, I changed my opinion by the time I started writing this Wyzant review. The website is beautiful in its simplicity, from tutor search to the filtering system. I must admit, the Google and Facebook login options made my day.

There are also iOS and Android Wyzant apps, and I made use of the latter. It helped me chat and plan a session with the tutor, though I preferred to take the study session on my laptop. Both apps were simple and intuitive, just the way I like them.

Customer support

With my luck, I missed a couple of chances to talk to Wyzant support agents. They work Central Time office hours, and I could never remember to open the chat window in time.

However, their chatbot was surprisingly helpful, and the FAQ section as a whole was informative. I created a couple of tickets and received answers within 24 hours both times.

My experience

At first, I was a little wary because I had read about Wyzant scams in some reviews, even if they were mostly by the tutors, not students. However, once I found my tutor and made a deposit, it was smooth sailing. I had no trouble with my credit card company, and there were no suspicious additional charges.

Is Wyzant safe? Considering they conduct background checks for their tutors and regularly delete suspicious accounts, I'm inclined to believe they are safe for students.

Discounts and pricing

The answer to the question "Is Wyzant legit?" should be obvious once you see their rates. No scammer would be as audacious as to ask for $165 per hour.

That was the highest offer I got for my needs, but it was way out of my price range. The lowest was only $35 per hour, but I did not like the tutor's profile, so I went with the one that offered one-on-one sessions for $55 per hour. I did not find any discount offers or coupons, so I had to pay the full price.

Tutor's proficiency

I have to agree with many Wyzant tutoring reviews and praises. I chose Ann with an MA and a Ph.D. in Literature. She offered mid-range hourly prices and was a great help throughout our weekly sessions.

I enjoyed her in-depth theoretical understanding and teaching experience. It took a couple of sessions to get me up to speed to be able to complete the assignment on my own.

Other students feedback

When I first did a Wyzant Reddit search, I was surprised to find so many threads by unhappy and outraged tutors. I switched to the Wyzant Glassdoor page and found similar sentiments. Many experienced tutors did not appreciate recent changes and were not afraid to express their ire.

On the bright side, most student reviews remain positive wherever you look. Reddit, Trustpilot, and SiteJabber host hundreds of honest reviews that made me believe Wyzant was a good fit for me.

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