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Edusson Review

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Edusson Review


  • Decent quality


  • Bad website design
  • Confusing by the order placing process
Owned by Boosta LTD
Years in operation 8
Minimal price per page $9.99
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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When it comes to choosing a perfect essay writing service, it really feels like a lottery because you never know which one will provide you with a decent paper. Personally, I did not expect much from such companies; however, the company I will be talking about has exceeded my expectations. In a bad way. The following review explains why.

The company is called Edusson.com and its website tells that it is the Leading Essay Writing Platform with more than a thousand experts willing to help everyone with their academic assignments. It also tells that their writing service is private, excellent in quality, and does not tolerate plagiarism.

Basically, these characteristics have already become an industry standard and go by default. Concerning the usability of the website, it should be noted that it only contains several buttons that do the same thing forward to the order page. You either enter your email to get the instructions for making an order or simply click a button Order Now instead.

In general, the website's design is rather minimalistic and mostly focuses on describing the process of placing an order. And again, we see a Try Now button that leads to the order placement page.

I hoped to find the company's prices, revision, and refund policies at the bottom of the page, where online companies tend to place their Terms of Use and FAQs.

Unfortunately, I have not found any information about the company's prices and refund and revision policies were listed in Terms of Use. So, I had to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the website and further read a long list of Terms of Use to get at least some information about the service.

In other words, I cannot describe the website as informative and comfortable to use. In short, it just contains certain buttons that do the same thing make you place an order with them.

Customer support

Should you choose to enter your email in the required form, be prepared to be bombarded with a series of emails coming from the company. First, they will send you the login details to access your account and process your orders. Then, they will start advertising their services without explaining anything that does not directly sell their service.

Obviously, they try their best to make a sale, but they won't tell you about their pricing, revision and refund policies. It felt rather suspicious that they wouldn't disclose such details so I asked the company's support team to clarify this.

My negotiation with the support team via the website's chat box was rather strange; the support team representative seemed to reply with pre-made templates and the overall impression after the conversation was like I was talking with a bot. Still, they provided some valuable info about their service. The support team representative explained what types of work they do and what are the prices for each of them.

So, despite the fact that the answers of the support team were not that descriptive, the information was clear at least. Paying $20 for each page written from scratch is rather expensive but I really hoped to get a decent quality of received paper for this price. I moved on to placing an order because I needed the paper anyway.

My experience

I decided to place an order for two pages with a 10-days deadline because I wanted my paper to be done by a professional. Because of my time schedule filled with work, I decided to pay for the writing service instead of spending time and writing it myself. I hoped to get a passing grade but instead, I got an F because the paper I submitted was plagiarized.

So, in total, I've wasted 10 days waiting for a paper and $53 to get a failing grade and be accused of plagiarism. But it's not only the eventual outcome of the order that disappoints. The process of placing the order is really focused on ripping people off.

Order form

As I said previously, the order form of the website does not really want to gather much information about the order and offer information about the price prior to paying. It simply asks for the order's details including the format, the deadline, the type of paper, etc. However, it remains unclear what exact factors affect the final price.

Afterward, the order form forwards you to the page where you have to find a writer according to your preference. The process is confusing and I was further overwhelmed with writers' messages asking me to choose them for the order. It seems that the only difference between the writers here is their bid, which is rather high.

Remember, the support team said that the price per page is $20? In reality, the prices are even higher.

Discounts and Loyalty Program

Having checked the real prices for the order, I've decided to ask the support team for a discount. I heard that some companies offer discounts for clients' first orders, but I was surprised that there were no discount policy and no loyalty program for the clients. I have not found this information anywhere on the website, but at least the support team told me about this.


Is Edusson legit? Let's take a look at the company's guarantees. As for the revisions, there are no relevant details concerning how many times you can send the order for revision and whether it is possible to revise the order after approval.

Obviously, I've figured that out via the chat with the support team. I did not find any relevant information on any of the website's pages.

So, it seems like anyone can get multiple revisions per order until the paper is completed accordingly. Anyway, I did not use any revisions because I thought there was nothing to revise.

Final quality

As I said, the content of the paper was fine and everything seemed okay before I submitted my paper to the university. Now imagine how big my eyes were out of surprise when I got my tutor's feedback telling that more than one-third of the paper was plagiarized and that was detected by Turnitin. Obviously, the paper was given a big F without any resubmission chance.

Writer's proficiency

Remember when I told you about the writers begging for giving them the opportunity to work on my order? That's what they have also been writing to me:

or this:

To be honest, now I see why did my paper become rejected and did not pass the required grading criteria. My writer plagiarized a significant portion of the paper but I don't think that I'd be getting a better grade with a paper written by one of those guys.

People talking

Now I know that I should have checked other people's Edusson reviews. Not only the customers are disappointed by the company's services, but their writers appear to be complaining too.

Is Edusson.com scam? I'm not the only one who has been scammed by these guys. Moreover, it's rather challenging to find any positive review of this service because when you do it feels like a paid advertisement instead of a live review. It is a pity but Edusson.com rating is quite low, only 3.5 stars on Trustpilot and 40% of reviews are negative. As for Sitejabber, a writing company got 3.2 stars.

Pros and Cons

I don't personally know why someone would argue that Edusson.com provides decent quality and offers fair prices. The only positive result I got from using this website is the strong assurance that I've got to do something on my own to get it done well.

At the same time, this website has its weaknesses almost everywhere: it has a really bad and uninformative design, it hides all the relevant information from the customers, it charges colossal prices and delivers a really bad quality of service. Its support team communicates like bots and does not provide extensive and valuable consultation. In other words, the whole platform is focused on gathering money and not providing real value to the clients.

If you wish to be their customer, be prepared to be confused by the order placing process, spammed by unnecessary messages and pray every time you send money to get a product that rarely stands up to the company's promise. If you ask me - Is Edusson reliable? I'll not be using their service anymore and I don't recommend you wasting your time and money on them, as well.

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Is edusson.com reliable? No! It's an awful service that spoiled my academic performance. I got F on a paper because one-third of the content was plagiarized, and my professor didn't give me a resubmission chance.
Is edusson.com legit? This service didn't provide clear information on its revision policy, so I turned to the support agent, who assured me that there were no limits for requesting free revisions. But I wouldn't trust this service.
What is edusson.com rating? Unfortunately, I checked the company's rating only after receiving my low grade. There are so many mad students! Trustpilot gives the company only 3.5 stars, as for Sitejabber, the rating was 3.2 stars!
Is edusson.com a good service? You know my sad story about the paper that brought me F. But the worst thing is that the writer plagiarized information not from credible sources but from a paper with the same topic.
Is edusson.com scam? I'm not the first student and not the last one who has been scammed by this service. How could they deliver a plagiarized paper? Guys, please, stay away from them and find a better company.

Comments (6)

fayeliu1927pan says:

at 2021-01-17 19:26:00


3.3 out of /5.0

The writer missed the deadline.....so was I . I lost my 15 credits for this subject. Caused my stress so far. The quality of the final paper still was not standard: total 175 participants which I noted for the writer 3 times, in th paper still was 170. Abstract did't state the findings.....I am so disappointed.

alana.brown.phs says:

at 2021-06-13 19:28:00


2.9 out of /5.0

The paper was NOT what I asked for. Not only am I without my assignment, I'm out 55 dollars as well.

xo.a3loom.xoxo says:

at 2021-04-30 18:37:00


2.9 out of /5.0

This is the worse website with no qualified writers and the service is very bad.

68prizediva says:

at 2021-12-05 14:23:00


2.5 out of /5.0

did not follow all directions

dr.emsaa says:

at 2022-02-20 17:42:00


3.0 out of /5.0

Poor writing, The writer didn't understand what is requested !

scottjferrarie says:

at 2022-03-06 14:52:00


1.6 out of /5.0

Support- asked me the same question multiple times and expected a digital copy of the book it was on? Now my service is 3 days overdue, paper still isn't completed and seems to be refusing to do any more revisions because they don't even have the book the paper is on......?????!!!!

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2.5 out of 5.0