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How to start studying?

If you feel the inner fear when it comes to studying and you immediately start thinking of different excuses when someone mentions essay or exam, this article is for you, my friend! In fact, it’s hard to believe but you can even enjoy the time spent hunching over the books; you just need to know […]

Top 3 things you should really worry about before graduation

Typically, it is rather complicated to study, and the years being a student are usually quite stressful. To begin with, you’re not only having constant assignments and tests, you regularly come across misunderstanding and judgment from both professors and your group mates, not to mention the pressure from the parents and relatives. Still, I am […]

Why can’t you write a good essay?

There are a few people who can confidently say that they love writing essays, as this type of paper may be quite tricky, especially when you don’t really understand what to write about and how to do it correctly. That’s why there is a high chance of failing if you assertive enough that you’ll manage […]

You missed the deadline! What can you do about it?

Imagine that you’ve missed the deadline, which is really unpleasant. Moreover, it’s risky to miss it, especially when you’ve got no resubmission opportunity. In other words, missing the deadline with your paper may (and most probably will) negatively affect your mark, which means that you might not even pass your course. Therefore, I don’t recommend […]

Should you pay more for an ENL writer?

In short, it’s worth the money to pay for an ENL writer, but it’s not required to get a decent paper. Additionally, it all depends on each and every different student and his writing abilities to figure out, whether he/she needs an ENL writer. Let me explain, why you won’t always need an ENL writer […]

3 easy steps to tell a scam company apart

I’m not gonna say that it’s that easy to distinguish a scam company from a legit service provider. However, the following three characteristics of online services should most probably warn you not to do business with them. Of course, even the companies that might fall under the criteria below will eventually be legit service providers. […]

List of fake review sites

Whenever you try to google the writing service and check on their reviews, there’s always a chance that you will come across one of those fake review sites that hiddenly promote the service you are searching for and compromise the competitors. NEVER TRUST THESE SERVICES! Their only purpose is to sell you a some bullcrap. […]

Should you buy extras from paper writing services?

The biggest percentage of paper writing companies offers a wide array of extras to be purchased with the paper itself. Should you buy them? It depends on specific extras that may either affect the quality of your paper or your experience of working with the company. I don’t really think that extras are crucial for […]

Is it safe to use custom paper writing services?

As a student, you always have to deal with an enormous number of assignments. In order to write a good essay, you need to conduct a research and outline your thoughts in a clear and convincing way. Not all of us are masters of composing a masterpiece that will grab reader’s attention and get you […]

How does the custom paper writing industry work?

Let me assure you that the paper writing industry is one of the fastest developing industries existing among other online services, especially taking into consideration its popularity among the users. Maybe you’ve been wondering how does this industry work and what is the process of providing the custom paper writing service actually is. As usually, […]

Choosing between Writer Assigned and Bidding systems

Hi everyone! Today we’re going to describe and analyze two different types of paper writing companies. In fact, these are the only two types of paper companies that you can find online in majority of cases. I’m talking about the so-called “Writer Assigned” and “Bidding” systems. In order for you to decide, which one is […]

The Dark Side of EduBirdie

Hello and welcome to the first issue of Academic Investigations. Today we are not going to review a website but discover all hidden rocks and dirty methods it uses to market itself. You might have heard of EduBirdie and Edusson scandal featured on most of the media worldwide: Truth to be told, all those news […]

Paper Writing Service Reddit

Do you love Reddit as much as I do? With subreddits on everything from the disappointing GOT finale to hardcore DIY and a healthy dose of humor, Reddit is the go-to website for a good time. But it can also be an invaluable source of helpful info shared by other students who struggle with the […]

Why Citing a paper?

Top 5 rules of citation everyone needs to follow For those of you who don’t know why do you need citations in your papers, let me explain this. In short, these are crucial indicators of your correct use of outside sources gathered and analyzed for the paper you need. In other words, citations are not […]

The Cheating is dead

Hey, hey, hey, everyone! It’s time to get a closer look on another attempt of TurnItIn to fight cheating that is caused by and indirectly stimulated by the development of various paper writing services. For those of you, who don’t know, TurnItIn is one of the leading companies providing plagiarism-detection solutions for both universities and […]

Working with writers directly

If you’re looking for a short answer to this question, then I won’t waste your time and tell you the following. No, it’s not worth it. The only case when it’s worth it is when you personally know the writer, trust him and his proficiency and are also assured that he will do the desired […]

Cheap Coursework Writing Service

If you are considering this option, the school hasn’t turned out the way you wanted it to be. You must be exhausted and overwhelmed, feeling miserable because the professors are giving you trouble. No matter how hard you try to do better, coursework remains an unsolvable puzzle for you.  Let me share my own thinking […]

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