What Is This Website All About?

WritingPaperSucks is the first uncensored paper writing review site on the Internet. I do my own research on different writing services, place some orders there and share my feedback with you. Unlike most of the fake paper review sites, I do actually go through all steps of order, read all Terms of Use and other policies and try to discover all hidden rocks most services have. It is your right to believe me or not, I do not claim 100% accuracy in my judgment. However, after reading my reviews you will be able to evaluate every writing service as critically, as possible and get custom discounts for my favourite writing services. So brace yourself and follow me in this journey!

Reasons Why I Am Doing This

Having your own blog or a website is mainstream. I always wanted to have a place I can share my unique experience that will be interesting to my readers. But what unique experience a college student may have? I don’t play for my college sport teams, don’t do rocket science in my free time, don’t pick up chicks on the parties. What I am really good at is procrastinating. But how can I share this delicious experience with you? Every person has his/her own means of killing time. No, that won’t work.

However, I can teach you how to save your time to either procrastinate or do something worthy. How can you do this? Simply by outsourcing your homework to someone who can do it. This may sound like I offer you to cheat, but have you thought how much time you waste writing some useless papers on subjects that you will never ever need in your life?

I know that some people will bring up the following arguments

Let me provide you with 3 counterarguments

This is insecure and I will get caught
This is totally secure and paper writing services take pride in keeping their customer incognito. There is no way your school finds out about using the writing service
If I don’t write my papers myself, I will become a bad specialist
Not writing your papers won’t ruin your career! College programs cannot keep up with the modern world needs. You have to learn in your own, much quicker pace, to fit this job market or open a business
I am a broken student and those services will rip me off
No, my dear padawan, the prices are not that high! Follow my blog to get more tips and tricks on how to save big bucks on using paper writing services. Some bonus content on how to earn while using paper writing services will be added shortly!

Best Essay Writing Sites

When I put a writing website to my list, I mean that I have actually used their service no matter the price or other repulsive issues they could have during the review. Check my list up, I will also be adding my own recommendations for the best dissertation writing services, resume writing services, and technical assignments (i.e. Physics, Chemistry, Finance, Accounting, Engineering, Computer Science, etc.).

My TOP-5 Writing Sites Coupons

While I am not stating that the rest of services are not worth checking, my TOP-5 list contains the best writing services I had a chance to work with on a long-term basis. Being a long-term customer there, I also got some promo discounts from their affiliate managers who allowed me to share them with ya’ll.


1. Superbpaper.com
Price from
$ 10
8 hours
2. Writepaperfor.me
Price from
$ 6.99
6 hours
3. Grademiners.org
Price from
$ 11.30
3 hours
4. Paperhelp.org
Price from
$ 10
3 hours
5. Speedypaper.com
Price from
$ 9
6 hours

If you have any questions regarding this or that service, please contact me at admin@writingpapersucks.com and I will come to your rescue within 24 hours!

Why Using Paper Writing Service Is Normal?

We live in the 21st century while most colleges and even state universities remained in their 20th century. Modern programs are not crafted well for the needs of the information age. Whatever you are being taught gets old in a couple of years (except some ready hardcore subjects, mostly technical, for the really smart people). Therefore, you either chase knowledge with you own pace, or let those old deans decide what you need to learn.


They say diploma matters. And the truth is, it doesn’t. Universities built their businesses on literally selling their diplomas to students without any value given. I am not talking about those fancy Ivy League schools, but if you take tuition fees for some mid-range school, it will cost you not less than $100k to get a Bachelor’s. The educational system still tries to engage you into a studentship. Many companies will not hire someone without a degree. Students have to go to college just because of this enormous social pressure the older generation puts on them.


Student debts grow really fast. People pay huge amounts of money just to receive a degree and after graduation they are left with an empty head and wallet. Do you really need this? By no means I discourage students to drop their schools, the social value of diplomas is still too high. What I offer is to simplify your student life for the sake of doing some real shit.


If schools charge you so much money for their programs, there’s nothing wrong with showing your balls and rebelling against unfair system by doing it in a way you want. By ordering an essay you receive a well-crafted piece of writing that will be a good foundation for your paper. You can edit this paper, add some of your thoughts on top and submit a polished piece of writing at no time.


Of course, you can sit all nights long on your research paper and pave your way to professor’s approval, but isn’t it so high-schoolish? End justifies the means. Think of buying a paper as if you are buying yourself some more time. Isn’t it cool to have more free hours in a day? With orderding your essay online it’s quite possible. Just make yourself some calculations and subtract the time you spend on your essay from 24 hours. You will be surprised how much time is lost for some useless writing drills.


Don’t forget my procrastinator mantra:

If you can achieve a good result by not doing anything, don’t do anything

Evaluation Framework For Custom Paper Writing Sites

To get credible results for every paper writing service I designed a simple framework that allows me to rank them:


By pricing I not only mean the cost per page offered by these services, but also the extras (upsells) and value  they deliver. A key word is value, which means that you get what you pay for and a bit more on top. Some services can charge you big bucks, but the value they deliver is low. For example, one service charges you $29.99 for an outline. Even if this outline is done well, the value of a service is not big because other services will charge you $10 to nothing for doing the same amount of work.


You should never trust the reviews paper writing services want you to see. Most of them are either fake or specifically written by customers who want to get a discount. Do your own research, compare facts and make up your own mind whether you can trust such service.

I always read “About Us” and FAQ sections on paper writing websites. They contain invaluable information and facts that can easily be checked. If support tells you lies about their service age or support office location, it’s enough to say that such service will try to feed you with more deceiving information as you proceed. Remember that fact checking is your bread and butter!


While evaluating quality I always base my grade on what I expect from the service and on what I actually get from them.

  • Be realistic about your expectations, you cannot get a PhD-level work for $5 per page. Always proofread your;
  • Proofread and edit your paper by yourself! Even the most knowledgeable writer is prone to mistakes;
  • Be clear about your paper details. The writer won’t be reading your mind, he will write your paper based on instructions at his/her hand.
  • Only after you comply with these 3 easy steps you can tell if the quality you received is good or not.

Good support is the key to your success. Bad support is the key to your failure. If the company has poor or not responsive support, you will waste a lot of  time during the problematic situations. If everything goes smoothly, then you should not even notice support’s presence on your order. As soon as things get tough, those will be your first friends to mitigate the conflict between you and writer.

Loyalty program

At first glance this may sound unimportant, but the more orders you place, the more money you spend. Having a good loyalty program is extremely important for people who know the price of money. There’s always a better place to spend those extra 15-20% you can save on your papers, right?

Do Not Let Paper Writing Service Scam You

Nowadays there’s a lot of scam on the Internet. Use checklist to find out if the service is legit:

The company has a 24/7 support and a constantly working LiveChat

The company offers Native Speakers or PhDs at unusually low prices

The site design looks like a high schooler’s project

The site does not have Money Back Guarantee on a landing page (or tries to hide all Disclaimers)

The company does not have links to trustworthy review sites (i.e. SiteJabber.com, TrustPilot.com)

Why Working With The Writer Directly Is A Losing Strategy?

Writing companies always hide personal information about the customers from writers. Experts who work on your assignments don’t even know your first name unless you decide to reveal it to them. When you are dealing with a writer directly, there is a high chance that he will know your personal information, email address, phone number, or a real name.  


The company charges its share for a good reason. They keep writers under control and make sure your name is not disclosed to the university. In addition, they have their quality control departments that pay attention to their customers’ needs.

Bad quality/late work/plagiarism

no one controls the quality of his writing

Losing your money

they ask you to pay in advance and will never refund you the money if something goes wrong

Bad quality/late work/plagiarism

no one controls the quality of his writing

These are the 3 main reasons why hiring freelancers or direct writers will not work for you. You can save more by working with them, but you risk losing way more in a long-term prospective.

Don’t Take Fake Reviews

Tips and Tricks On How To See The Truth

The purpose of fake reviews is to mislead the customer and show a service from the better side. Sometimes, these fake review sites are made to drown the competitors. Take all reviews you read (including mine!) with a pinch of salt and always trust what you see and not what “other people” say.

Let’s begin with trustworthy review sites, it will be easier for you to see the scam. TrustPilot and SiteJabber are two 100% legit review services. They fight effectively against fake reviews and you can expect more or less credible reviews.

Signs of a scammy review site:

They never leave detailed feedbacks or they never back reviews with facts. Those “reviewers” just tell you that their experience was good but they never back it up with facts

They are extremely positive on their top sites (i.e. the sites they get paid for) and extremely negative on the other sites (i.e. the competitors)

Their reviews are not personalized and seem robotic

They always use cheap hosting and do their sites on crappy platforms like WordPress (for example, https://writeyourpaper.org/)


They look like scam, read like scam, and they are a scam (my “favourite expert” reviewing site https://legitimate-writing-services.blogspot.com)

My Story

Being a broken student myself, I finally found a good part-time job by the end of my third year of studies. I had a dilemma – either to accept the job offer and compromise my grades, or reject a job offer and finish the studies at the 90th percentile.


Wait, but why should I compromise my career for the sake of getting a shitty piece of paper called diploma? Why should I give up work experience for the sake of fitting society’s expectations if I can take it all?


I started using the paper writing services by outsourcing the easiest papers I had, i.e. 1-2-page courseworks. Every time I received my paper written by someone else I proofread it carefully and did my own edits just to maintain the writing style my professors got used to. Some writing services were bad, some were awesome, and some were expensive. In my search of the best “money – quality – value” balance the idea to run a website about my endeavors came to my mind.

Plea For Your Contribution

I do hope you found my site useful and now you are ready to dive into buying your first paper to get free from your boring and useless college life. Everything changes and so do the writing services. In case you find that my reviews got outdated or you want to share your personal review, please contact me at admin@writingpapersucks.com. Your contribution is extremely important for me and the whole student community!

For more tips and tricks on using paper writing services, college lifehacks or useful articles go check my blog.

Finally, I will be extremely thankful if you spread a word about my blog on Reddit, FB or Twitter!