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Myassignmenthelp Review

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Myassignmenthelp Review


  • Ugly website's design
  • Slow and robotic support team
  • Awful paper quality
  • Unprofessional writers
  • Negative reputation online
Owned by Not Given
Years in operation 13
Minimal price per page $20.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Hello, everyone! It's time for Myassignmenthelp review - a custom paper writing service that can be shortly characterized with two letters. It's BS! Forgive me for this bold statement, but let me assure you that it's supported by evidence. Let's get started.

I wouldn't say I like the general design of the webpage; it's not user-friendly at all. If not mention the choice of colors and fonts, because every person has their preferences, I would say that the webpage is not easy to use. Several pop-up windows open simultaneously, there is a question mark "jumping" in one corner, the reviews are moving at the bottom of the page, and the buttons are uncomfortable. It only lacks music to irritate even more. After visiting the site, I was shocked that there are a lot of Myassignmenthelp.com reviews dedicated to their webpage and that almost none of them says how difficult it is to use the site.

Myassignmenthelp main page

Plus I couldn't find the calculator or any information about the price. I additionally looked through My Assignment Help reviews but there was no mention of where to look for a calculator, So, in their understanding, it should be a surprise for a customer. But we all know that pretty often when there is no visible and exact info about the prices or the system of price forming, it will be relatively high.

So, my recommendation to this service would be to hire a better web designer and do rebranding, ‘cause the website is not on a required level.

Client Assistance

If you want to communicate with the Support Team of this company, be prepared to dive into the abyss, where time does not exist at all. I mean, the Support Team does not really know what time is. I cannot understand why did it take so long for a Support Agent to reply to my simple questions.

Just look at the screenshot:

Myassignmenthelp support team 1

I've got several problems with this communication. Obviously, making a customer wait for 4 minutes to reply is not acceptable at all. Like, why should I wait for you guys to say something that has nothing to do with my question whatsoever?

Secondly, it really felt that I was speaking with either a robot or a person who does not know the language very well. Because the agent did not even bother to introduce herself and at least try to be somewhat friendly and helpful.

And, finally, these guys just love templates. No live answers, these guys work under the motto "TEMPLATES4LIFE". Do you think that this is how you communicate with the potential buyers? I doubt it.

Myassignmenthelp support team 2

As a result, instead of clarifying everything to me, she created even more confusion and misunderstanding. Is Myassignmenthelp reliable? I started having doubts by the end of the conversation. I really doubted whether I'd make an order with these guys.

Myassignmenthelp.com: My Paper Experience

I could have forgotten about their ugly web page or support team, who obviously had more interesting things to do than answer my questions if I received a perfectly written essay. But of course, it didn’t happen. Even though lots of Myassignmenthelp reviews say that the quality is amazing, and the service itself considers that the best proof of their reliability are numbers, it’s not like that. The best proof is what your Client gets. And I received a 2 page essay on Social Studies that was written either by a 5th-grade student or was translated from some other language, Maybe from the mother tongue of the writer. There were so many typos that for sure English isn’t their first language. And they had a 5-day deadline.

Submission Interface

I saw one Myassignmenthelp.com review saying that the order form is very easy, comfortable and bla-bla-bla. Well, yes, the order form itself seems minimalistic and does not really contain anything redundant. I mean, you leave your contact details, including info about the order and become left in a vacuum because you won't even know the price of the order. How do you like that, huh?

Myassignmenthelp order form

So, instead of being forwarded to the payment page, you'll be required to contact the support team (AGAIN) to figure out the price of the order. I don't need to remind you that it's inconvenient, right?

What I'd like to have when I place an order with a writing company is to include the relevant info, pay for the order, and forget about it before the deadline expires. What I don't wanna do is waste my time on this nonsense.

This also includes an enormous number of pop-ups and spamming emails that will really get you mad. Look at this screenshot and tell me if it's okay to have so many emails per such a period of time.

Myassignmenthelp spamming emails

Myassignmenthelp spamming pop-ups

Savings and Cost Structure

The support team told me that there's no fixed price for the order and that after placing it, I'll be getting a price. They did not lie! After half an hour waiting for a miracle, I've got the price for the order.

It was almost $27 for two pages, which is an average price you can get on a market for a paper of the University level. It's not bad. However, I had to wait for 30 minutes to get the price, which is not good at all.

Myassignmenthelp pricing

Their discount policy, however, remains a complete mystery for me. The support team promised a discount of 10%, but I cannot see a clear and comprehensive explanation of their discount policy and how many discounts they can offer.

In total, you have to wait to get the price, which is a real pain, especially for the first-timers willing to order a paper.

My Assignment Help Review: Amendments

Is Myassignmenthelp legit? They do everything possible to assure us that yes. They offer 31 days and an unlimited number of revisions since the paper's delivery.

Still, if you want to use their revisions, you won't have any refund in case you're not satisfied with the paper. Imagine what I did after I got my horrible paper? Asked for a refund, of course!

And guess what? The slow and robotic support team told me that I was only eligible for 50% credit stored on my account because the writer needed to be paid.

Don't get me wrong. I understand that the writer needs compensation for his efforts. But the product I received really showed me that the writers' efforts were ridiculous.

Hopefully, my bank agrees to reverse the transaction. It's not like I'm greedy for 27 bucks, it's a matter of principle - you either deliver the service adequately, or you don't deserve the payment.

Final Quality

It’s very hard for me to apply the word “quality” to the received essay. The language was poor and bad, the paperwork was obviously written by someone for whom English is not a mother tongue. Or maybe it was translated or generated by a robot. The bottom line is that it was not worth the money paid for it. 

But if you check out their web page it would look like their writers are the professors in Ivy League colleges. There is not any single negative My Assignment Help review, only 5 stars, only best quality: 

Myassignmenthelp reviews

My Assignment Help: Author's Competence

And again, how can we talk about a writer's proficiency, when I don’t even think my essay was written by an alive and educated person. Is Myassignmenthelp.com scam? Probably, yes. Another question, is My Assignment Help legit? I would say, no. For me it was very interesting to communicate with the writer who performed my essay, and I really wanted to, because I was curious to listen to the explanations regarding such bad quality. 

Myassignmenthelp Review: Web Reputation

MyAssignmentHelp reviews are different on the website and across the Internet. Sure, the reviews placed on the website will be expressing joy, happiness, and pleasure close to orgasmic like on the screenshot below.

Myassignmenthelp reviews placed on the website

I failed to find some Myassignmenthelp Reddit reviews. When I checked Sitejabber, I saw something like this:

Myassignmenthelp SiteJabber reviews 1

And this:

Myassignmenthelp Sitejabber reviews 2

You can google the My Assignment Help reviews by yourself if you don't believe me or the people in the pic above. The only positive reviews are placed on the website, which is strange, isn't it?

Loyalty Options

Do you want a joke? I saw one Myassignmenthelp review where the loyalty program was mentioned. At first, I didn’t understand how funny it was. But after receiving my essay I got it. Really, why on Earth would you like to order the second paperwork from their service, when the first one turned into a disaster? So, I see no point in their loyalty program.  But MyAssignmentHelp feels ambitious and offers a loyalty program that is represented in special offers and giving credit points for various actions.

This includes placing several orders in a row within a certain period of time:

Myassignmenthelp loyalty program

Also, you can get credit points for continuously placing orders. Look at the table below and see for yourself how really ambitious these guys are.

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Is myassignmenthelp.com safe? I doubt it despite the available free revisions and guarantees of complete confidentiality. I don't like its refund policy and find it unfair to students as the highest refund percentage is 50%!
What is myassignmenthelp.com rating? You can find high ratings only on their official website. I failed to read Reddit comments, but I visited Sitajabber and discovered many negative reviews and the rating 2.5 out of 5.
Is myassignmenthelp.com reliable? Probably, not. The provided essay was terrible, and free revisions wouldn't improve its quality. I was really upset, fortunately, my bank agreed to reverse the money transaction.
Is myassignmenthelp.com scam? It seems so. Having read a delivered paper, I had a feeling that it has been processed through an automatic paraphrasing tool. The writing was awful, with a mix of old words and awkward sentences.
Is myassignmenthelp.com legit? They do their best to make the impression of a legitimate service and even provide unlimited free revisions with 31 days! However, you won't get a full refund if you're not satisfied with the paper.

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Comments (7)

kathymw914 says:

at 2021-01-15 18:07:00


1.5 out of /5.0

I pay for a 12 page paper they give me an 8 page paper...The time befor this I pay for a 6 page paper they give me a 5 page paper telling me I have to pay extra for the 6th page. I'm starting to think they are a scam cuz the papers they write I've only gotten Mediocre grades on. Not impressed will be telling all my friends my experience cuz they were interested in using this site and was waiting for my experience on it.

Rebekahelltt says:

at 2021-04-13 18:58:00


0.5 out of /5.0

I submitted a editing/ proofreading with a deadline of 12 hours it was sent back the same way with some content changed, there was not professional editing done on this paper, I sent it back for revision than go a message saying I had to wait another 8 hours for revision. I asked could this be revised any sooner I was told that they would try to get the writer to upload as soon as possible but that did not happen it went over the 8 hours. I asked for my money back and was told I could get a credit on my next order. Needless to say I receive a zero on my paper and lost money.

aleemahperry says:

at 2021-04-29 23:37:00


0.7 out of /5.0

Make no sense to allow customers to designate how fast they need their paper if you can't deliver it within that time frame. I was told the order would be ready for sure as there was just some last minute touches and here I am writing this review 40 minutes after my deadline has passed. Still no paper. Opted out for a refund. ANd WOW it will take three days to return to me. Sorry to say, this service is crap. And to think this service came as a recommendation. I will have speak with him about this experience right away

abc123teach says:

at 2021-06-19 23:04:00


1.2 out of /5.0

was supposed to receive at 10:23 pm and didn't receive till after 11:30. Don't understand why it was only 2-3 pages edited from an original paper that was already written, just needed the language changed and new references that I provided. I did receive a 7 page paper written from scratch in less time, so I was confused. I use this service frequently and majority of the time it is great! Today I had to assignments submitted, one I got in good time (7 pages) in under 6 hours, and the 2-3 pages took longer than 6 hours.

savitachonkria says:

at 2022-01-13 15:24:00


1.2 out of /5.0

worst site. unproffessional work

apocalypticsea says:

at 2022-02-13 21:26:00


2.0 out of /5.0

I am disappointed in the lack of grammatical accuracy and correctness, but am pleased that the paper was finished ahead of schedule.

ttlu says:

at 2022-03-02 20:19:00


2.0 out of /5.0

this company does not work with you. I failed my class last semester due to the poor writing of a "professional" and thier refusal to follow the outline request that i sent them from my professor. Each re-do was worse than the previous one. I hate this company and will never use them again

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Leave your comment here

2.5 out of 5.0