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by Will Martins/ Updated November 16, 2018
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1. Site overview

3.0 out of 5.0

Hello, everyone! It’s time for Myassignmenthelp review – a custom paper writing service that can be shortly characterized with two letters. It’s BS! Forgive me for this bold statement, but let me assure you that it’s supported by evidence. Let’s get started. home page

First and foremost, I hate the design that really damages my eyes with the combination of orange, dark grey, and green colors. I don’t know who was their web designer, but they should have hired a better one.

Moreover, the buttons and layout of site’s pages are not only uncomfortable but also confusing.

For example, what do you think the “Answers” page tells us about? I thought that it was their super-original attempt to represent the FAQ section. And, oh, boy, I was wrong.

Instead, it was the list of different “answers” to various essay topics depending on the subject. I mean, it’s a nice idea to use this section as a means of promotion, but why not putting some thought to it and make a user-friendly design at least?

Additionally, you won’t find any price calculator here. You won’t find ANYTHING telling you about the prices of these guys. Instead, you’ve got some generic “free quote” form that is supposed to convert your inquiry to a paid order.

So, the website itself is uncomfortable to use, is uninformative and looks really ugly to me.

2. Support team

If you want to communicate with the Support Team of this company, be prepared to dive into the abyss, where time does not exist at all. I mean, the Support Team does not really know what time is. I cannot understand why did it take so long for a Support Agent to reply to my simple questions.

Just look at the screenshot:

my assignment help support

I’ve got several problems with this communication. Obviously, making a customer wait for 4 minutes to reply is not acceptable at all. Like, why should I wait for you guys to say something that has nothing to do with my question whatsoever?

Secondly, it really felt that I was speaking with either a robot or a person who does not know the language very well. Because the agent did not even bother to introduce herself and at least try to be somewhat friendly and helpful.

And, finally, these guys just love templates. No live answers, these guys work under the motto “TEMPLATES4LIFE”. Do you think that this is how you communicate with the potential buyers? I doubt it.

my assignment help support teamAs a result, instead of clarifying everything to me, she created even more confusion and misunderstanding. Is Myassignmenthelp reliable? I started having doubts by the end of the conversation. I really doubted whether I’d make an order with these guys.

3. My experience

Okay, I thought that the Support team and the website’s overall design and functionality were minor issues because I really hoped that their writers were somewhat decent. I’ve ordered 2 pages with the 5 days deadline about Social Studies. The paper I got by the end of the deadline was absolute garbage, and I did not get a refund for this.

4. Order form

The order form itself seems minimalistic and does not really contain anything redundant. I mean, you leave your contact details, include info about the order and…become left in a vacuum because you won’t even know the price of the order. How do you like that, huh?
my assignment help order form

So, instead of being forwarded to the payment page, you’ll be required to contact the support team (AGAIN) to figure out the price of the order. I don’t need to remind you that it’s inconvenient, right?

What I’d like to have when I place an order with a writing company is to include the relevant info, pay for the order, and forget about it before the deadline expires. What I don’t wanna do is waste my time on this nonsense.

This also includes an enormous number of pop-ups and spamming emails that will really get you mad. Look at this screenshot and tell me if it’s okay to have so many emails per such a period of time.

my assignment help webspamI’ve got seven rooting-tooting emails within one hour! The same number of pop-ups I’ve received while browsing through the website. And yes, my personal account on this website looks awful, as well.
myassignmenthelp free instant helpI’ve got seven rooting-tooting emails within one hour! The same number of pop-ups I’ve received while browsing through the website. And yes, my personal account on this website looks awful, as well.

5. Discounts and pricing

The support team told me that there’s no fixed price for the order and that after placing it, I’ll be getting a price. They did not lie! After half an hour waiting for a miracle, I’ve got the price for the order.

It was almost $27 for two pages, which is an average price you can get on a market for a paper of the University level. It’s not bad. However, I had to wait for 30 minutes to get the price, which is not good at all.
myassignmenthelp price

Their discount policy, however, remains a complete mystery for me. The support team promised a discount of 10%, but I cannot see a clear and comprehensive explanation of their discount policy and how many discounts they can offer.

In total, you have to wait to get the price, which is a real pain, especially for the first-timers willing to order a paper.

6. Revisions

Is Myassignmenthelp legit? They do everything possible to assure us that yes. They offer 31 days and an unlimited number of revisions since the paper’s delivery.

Still, if you want to use their revisions, you won’t have any refund in case you’re not satisfied with the paper. Imagine what I did after I got my horrible paper? Asked for a refund, of course!

And guess what? The slow and robotic support team told me that I was only eligible for 50% credit stored on my account because the writer needed to be paid.

Don’t get me wrong. I understand that the writer needs compensation for his efforts. But the product I received really showed me that the writers’ efforts were ridiculous.

Hopefully, my bank agrees to reverse the transaction. It’s not like I’m greedy for 27 bucks, it’s a matter of principle – you either deliver the service adequately, or you don’t deserve the payment.

7. Final quality

Imagine the quintessence of bad writing, performed by someone who does not know how to write properly in English. That’s what my paper looked like. All I really wanted to ask the writer after I got my paper is to quote Samuel L. Jackson’s phrase in “Pulp Fiction”: “English, Motherlover, Do You Speak It?”

Obviously, the website would characterize their writers differently:

Why our experts are the best

8. Writer`s proficiency

Is scam? Probably, yes. It really felt that the paper, I got, was not even completed by an alive and sane person. Instead, it felt like some other paper has been processed through an automatic paraphrasing tool and delivered to me. Also, I didn’t even have a chance to communicate with the writer.

9. People talking

MyAssignmentHelp reviews are different on the website and across the Internet. Sure, the reviews placed on the website, will be expressing joy, happiness, and pleasure close to orgasmic like on the screenshot below.
myassignmenthelp reviews
I failed to find some Myassignmenthelp Reddit reviews. When I checked Sitejabber, I saw something like this:
Sitejabber myassignmenthelp review
And this:
trustpilot myassignmenthelp review
You can google the My Assignment Help reviews by yourself if you don’t believe me or the people in the pic above. The only positive reviews are placed on the website, which is strange, isn’t it?

10. Loyalty program

It is really funny to see that these guys have got a loyalty program. I mean, why would you even place the second order after getting a complete BS instead of a paper? But MyAssignmentHelp feels ambitious and offers a loyalty program that is represented in special offers and giving credit points for various actions.

This includes placing several orders in a row within a certain period of time:

myassignmenthelp loyalty program
Also, you can get credit points for continuously placing orders. Look at the table below and see for yourself how really ambitious these guys are.

11. Pros and Cons

Frankly speaking, I don’t even know what pros to write. The service is a complete BS. There are only numerous cons: 

  • Ugly website’s design, I mean a combination of colors, fonts, etc. 
  • Slow and robotic support team.
  • Awful paper quality.
  • Unprofessional writers.
  • Negative reputation online. 

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