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Speedypaper Review


  • Delivered papers worth an A or B
  • Fast and helpful support
  • Accessible prices start at $9
  • Referral program


  • More than 1 revision may be needed to get your work done
  • Aggressive advertising and upselling
Owned by A Speedy Company LLC
Years in operation 5
Minimal price per page $9.00
Deadline 6 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Best service


4.9 out of 5.0




Hello and welcome! Today I am going to review an academic helper that lived up to my expectations. During my college years, it repeatedly saved my ass with the last-minute papers. Meet the speediest writing site ever - And your first question might be, "is Speedy Paper legit?" Absolutely! I have no doubt about it.

The website looks quite user-friendly. Unlike most of the sites I've used, SpeedyPaper is not cluttered with unnecessary information. What I really like about websites offering a helping hand to students is when they allow me to check prices as quickly as possible without having to interact with support or fill in a long order form.

Don't get me wrong, I am not against qualified help, but sometimes I don't want to have strings attached (i.e. leaving my personal info) and want to know whether a service is the best bang for the buck. The Calculator is exactly what helps me to check the price within a few mouse clicks.

The site also contains useful info if you hesitate on whether to use it or not:

  • How it works video (can be useful for newbies who've never ordered their papers before)
  • Samples (the quality more or less matches the one I got)
  • SpeedyPaper reviews from the outside resources (not those fakey reviews but the ones people leave on credible review sites)

On the whole, SP gets my "like" for not making customers' life more complicated. This is a conspicuous benefit. Simplicity is what I value in all things, and this site is not an exception.

Customer support

It's high time to speak about the support team in my Speedy Paper review. These guys are really fast as lightning. When I say fast, I really mean it. You know, I'm a bit impatient, so I have tardiness. I always want to get immediate replies and the solution to my academic problem. I was surprised by the way they reacted to some common situations. They'll never fail you offering an optimal solution. Just a few days ago, I agonized over a 10-page paper and decided to ask these guys to complete it for me. The deadline was 7 days.

WTF? My professor decided to change paper instructions. Most services charge additional fees for making some amendments to your order. I had a week before the next paycheck, so I could not afford to place a new order. I had no option but to ask their expert to make some changes. Can you imagine my relief when Steven allowed me to send the additional info for the paper without any extra charges.

Check out the speed with which I was given a reply! I've read in some Speedy Paper reviews that these guys are super fast but didn't believe it. I specifically made those screenshots to back up my words - the average speed of reply was around two minutes! The majority of services usually give replies in about 5 minutes, but these guys just surpassed my expectations.

Of course, this is the ultimate example of SP quick support, but in general, it takes around 3-4 minutes to get a reply. Some support agents are not that friendly, some reply with generic phrases, but if you compare their support with that of Google/Apple/Facebook, you will find yourself in support heaven.

My experience

This SpeedyPaper review won't be complete without sharing my experience with you. I have been using this service since the second year of studies when I got a side-hustle and was learning to code to get to the Java bootcamp. The first time I was quite skeptical about using such a type of service and decided to outsource them a simple philosophy paper, "How to reach understanding among people in the digitized world". The final result lived up to my expectations and helped me get an A. The paper was flawlessly written, with no errors or vague sentences.

I got really intrigued to delegate the most troublesome and voluminous papers and do what is meaningful to me. In total, I placed 18 orders during the course of 3 years, and SpeedyPaper deserves a fair share of my degree. Their writers easily crafted papers on the modular development of code, RAM technologies, search algorithms, and even self-driving cars. The range of topics they are ready to help is really impressive! So, there is no need to reinvent the wheel! Just reach out to their experts if you want to slack off and get more freedom while in college.

Out of curiosity, I also use some other services (there's always a place for perfection), but SpeedyPaper is like first love - it always stays in your heart.

Well, it's time to say a few words about the final quality. I've ordered a pile of papers from these guys, and every time, my grades weren't lower than Bs. Their experts did a great job when crafting my tricky assignments, which were aligned with my instructions. My papers were populated with strong evidence, and I liked it a lot. You know, every time when I felt stumped because of losing the train of thought, I reached out to this service because I knew it was my lifesaver.

Order form

I've discovered from some reviews that it takes just a couple of minutes to place an order, and it's true. The order form is intuitively simple and clear. There are 3 quick steps to fill out before you submit the payment details. Step 1 basically asks you for paper details/formatting/additional materials. Step 2 is all about customizing the price by setting the deadline, academic level, and type of work.

Lifehack: always place your orders in advance. This gives you some additional time for revisions as well as puts you on the safe side in case of emergencies. Moreover, it will help you save some bucks because such papers cost less.

I was really surprised to discover that the quality of urgent orders is almost the same as for the order with a 2-week deadline. So, if you are in a hurry, use this service with confidence but keep in mind that last-minute papers will cost more.

Step 3 offers you extra features for your choice: PRO/TOP/Preferred writer, progressive delivery, plagiarism report, summary and draft of your paper, abstract page, and Grammarly report. Let's review them one by one:

  • PRO/TOP/ Preferred writer - best writers they have, they are punctual, precise in following your details and deliver quality up to my standards (I always expect not less than a B from such writers. TOPs got me B+ and A- on two important capstone projects). If you are short of cash and still want your work above average, go for PRO. If the project is of utmost importance - a TOP writer is my pick. If you like a specific expert, you can hire a Preferred writer who has previously worked on your assignment.
  • Progressive delivery allows you to get your work on a draft-by-draft basis. By paying an additional 10% you put yourself on the safe side and have a better grip on your paper quality. This feature is very useful for papers longer than 10 pages because it allows you to react to paper discrepancies much quicker than if you had got a full paper at once.
  • A Plagiarism report costs $9.99 regardless of the number of pages (some other services charge more for papers over 10 pages long). Basically, this report shows you the level of online plagiarism (don't mistake it for plagiarism by paraphrasing or wrong citing, this report won't save you from those). I rarely use this feature myself, but it can be a dealbreaker for overly paranoid students who don't believe that their work is original.
  • Lifehack: if your academic life is at stake and you are scared of getting caught for plag - use It's a service designed by TurnItIn (with the only difference that it does not add papers to the database), and only it gives you close to 100% protection from plagiarism.

Discounts and pricing

SpeedyPaper offers liberal prices for an average student. They start as low as $9 per page for High School work and go up to $52 per Ph.D. 6-hour page of work.

According to their FAQ, each writer's payment is derived from several variables: academic level, the complexity of the paper, and deadline, but cannot be less than $9.

$9 is approximately the hourly wage of a McDonald's employee, but if you pick a high academic level or make it more urgent, the writer's wages will rise up to $15-20, which is a decent payment for a freelance writer. No doubt, experts who are paid well are more motivated to deliver better work.

To minimize costs, SpeedyPaper clearly states that they outsource their customer support to Ukraine. To complete a detailed review, I checked their support team, and this is my final verdict. I had no issues communicating with them (unlike that of Indian), and if it allowed Speedy to lower the customer prices and increase the writers' salaries, then SP gets my respect for such a thing. They also give great discounts to newbies and regular clients, and this one more benefit.


SpeedyPaper officially offers up to 3 free revisions, but in practice, they take as many revisions as necessary to leave you satisfied. Personally, I had 5 revisions maximum. The writer stuck at one question, and we had to do it step by step to get it done right. Lifehack: don't be lazy to type your detailed instructions and revision comments.

Some of my friends never leave instructions to writers hoping to get the cream of the crop, but it doesn't work this way. If you need an ideally crafted assignment, you need to communicate with support and writers to achieve the best results.

I even know some cases when Regular writers produced better results than PROs because one customer was detailed about his revisions, whereas the second customer could not properly explain what was wrong.

Writer's proficiency

According to the FAQ section, SpeedyPaper writers have at least a Bachelor's degree with a decent GPA. Good enough for me. If I want a better quality, I pick PRO/TOP/Preferred writers who usually have a Master or even Ph.D. degrees (have not ordered their papers yet, but Master level writers usually delivered quite solid research).

Lifehack: if you liked the writer's work, you can request him/her to be your preferred writer (Note that if you previously ordered a PRO writer, by asking for a Preferred writer, you will need to pay for this extra again). Such an approach helps you maintain the same quality of work during one course. In the long-term run, it also protects you from the professor's suspicion of using someone else's help.

People talking

There are tons of SpeedyPaper reviews online. They have really good reviews on credible sites like SiteJabber, IHateWritingEssays, and ScamFighter. I'm sure this service has nothing to sugarcoat because the quality of the delivered papers is really high.

There is, of course, some bad feedback, but what pleases me in this situation is that SP management quickly mitigates all conflicts with unsatisfied customers and even offers some hefty discounts.

Loyalty program

SpeedyPaper does not have an explicit loyalty program, but if you have many orders with them, you can easily ask for a lifetime discount or some free bundles. Usually, they offer 11-15% discounts. If you are placing a big order (over $500), you can negotiate an even better SpeedyPaper discount.


Is SpeedyPaper scam? Definitely not. They helped me cope with a pile of tricky papers at a reasonable rate. I think SpeedyPaper deserves student attention.
Is SpeedyPaper legit? Undoubtedly! They offer 3 free revisions to students, but I got even more. Their support team was so friendly and tried their best to provide a perfect paper.
Is SpeedyPaper safe? Having looked through their policies, I have no doubt about it. All conditions and rules are fair and clear, so you can feel protected on this website.
Is SpeedyPaper trustworthy? I found tons of positive reviews on reputable platforms, and my positive experience proves this service is worth its salt. They will help you deal with an academic workload in the blink of an eye.
Is SpeedyPaper a good service? My final verdict - yes. I recommend SpeedyPaper to all students who are searching for academic help because it is possible to get a good essay on time and not overpay for it.

Comments (10)

Jazy says:

at 2020-03-10 06:05:15


4.5 out of /5.0

Amazing work on a short notice. Very helpful in getting resultsFirst time will use again in the near future

Nevil445 says:

at 2020-04-27 07:30:53


4.3 out of /5.0

I am satisfied with the writer's work. The support agents was very useful.More than expected

margytedyrmon says:

at 2021-06-23 06:07:35


4.8 out of /5.0

Just what I was looking for. Very satisfied. Thank you!! Very helpful. I fell behind due to illness and SpeedyPaper saved my bacon!! The process was very easy. Caroline was with me through live chat and she was very helpful throughout the order process. Paper was returned well before the deadline. Very well written. Super satisfied!

shailnandini says:

at 2021-03-02 09:16:00


5.0 out of /5.0

Answers are answered very quick and a preview is provided well on time !! Happy with the paper quality definitely helped me forward ! Happy

rrullmann1 says:

at 2021-04-13 18:46:00


4.9 out of /5.0

Fast and efficient! Very happy. Will order again for sure!

wscott36 says:

at 2021-05-11 22:21:00


4.8 out of /5.0

I enjoyed the service and I have already recommend to many friends They always helpful and very polite

catalina_santos2002 says:

at 2021-05-27 14:06:00


5.0 out of /5.0

Rachel did a great job thank you so much I want Rachel from now on for my papers or proof reads Great

margytedyrmon says:

at 2021-06-05 13:17:00


5.0 out of /5.0

Just what I was looking for. Very satisfied. Thank you!! Very helpful. I fell behind due to illness and SpeedyPaper saved my bacon!! The process was very easy. Caroline was with me through live chat and she was very helpful throughout the order process. Paper was returned well before the deadline. Very well written. Super satisfied!

jabak73 says:

at 2021-06-29 19:36:00


4.9 out of /5.0

The support team are EXCELLENT! Hats off and thumbs up to all of them! This is my first experience, and as such, it is very enlightening.

maisheba86 says:

at 2021-04-28 19:18:00


4.0 out of /5.0

My instruction wasnt fully delivered and the writer failed to finish the work. I payed for pages to fulfill the word count but i got sorry answers of 300-500 word count.... come on.

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