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EduBirdie Review

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EduBirdie Review


  • Friendly and helpful customer support
  • Free plagiarism checker
  • Direct communication with a writer
  • Good quality papers
  • Helpful tools


  • No first-order discount
  • No clear price table
Owned by Boosta (13 Technology Ltd)
Years in operation 7
Minimal price per page $14.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Hello, fellas! I want you to make the most of your student life, and that's why today we gonna speak about one more writing service offering a helping hand to students. In my Edu birdie review, I'll discuss all the benefits and drawbacks of this website and will tell you whether they make student's life easier or tougher through the delivered services.

Evaluating a platform such as Edubirdie raises questions about its legitimacy, reliability, and safety. How can one truly ascertain the quality and dependability of its services? The most effective approach is to place an order and test the services firsthand. With this strategy in mind, I embarked on an investigation to assess whether the company delivers on its promises. I intended to see if the information on their website matched the actual experience students received. Is Edubirdie legit? Is it a reliable and trustworthy platform? Are safety guarantees fulfilled? I addressed these and many more questions in this comprehensive review.

The company is assertive in its assurance to potential clients, declaring its services legitimate. It, however, isn't a unique claim, as I've yet to encounter a service openly admitting to being fraudulent. Edubirdie offers a unique feature where students can bid on the best-suited experts to complete their papers.

They tout their website as a one-stop solution for learners seeking writing from scratch or editing services, painting an appealing picture for those needing academic assistance. Regarding safety concerns, the Edubirdie website explicitly states that privacy is a top priority for clients.

They pledge not to disclose personal information or share payment details with third parties. Though skepticism is natural, for this Edubirdie com review, I opted to trust them. Is Edubirdie legit? They try to assure their clients that yes. Frankly speaking, I've never actually found a service saying they were scammers. What about you?

Edubirdie main page

The Edubirdie website is designed with user-friendliness in mind, allowing for easy navigation. Despite this, I found the persistent pop-up window for live chat to be rather irritating, as I continually had to minimize it.

Is Edubirdie safe? The homepage features a variety of tools that are likely to be beneficial for students. Among them are a free essay writing tool, plagiarism checker, grammar checker, paraphrasing tool, and citation generator. In my Edubirdie plagiarism checker review, I found these tools innovative and supportive in enhancing writing skills and facilitating higher grades for students.

However, a notable omission from the site is a price table and a calculator. While these are common features on many writing platforms, their absence on Edubirdie's site does not significantly detract from the overall experience. I would still rate the site 4 out of 5 stars in my Edubirdie com reviews.

The question "Is Edubirdie reliable?" is a crucial one. To answer it, I closely examined the services offered, the quality of the writing, and the fulfillment of their promises. From customer support responsiveness to the writers' expertise, I scrutinized every aspect. While there were minor annoyances, like the constant pop-up chat window, the overall experience led me to believe that Edubirdie is reliable.

So, Edubirdie offers many services to aid students in their academic pursuits. It seems to live up to its promises, from a smooth user interface to valuable writing tools. Though it has some areas for improvement, the platform seems committed to providing a secure, user-friendly environment for students seeking help with their writing needs. This Edubirdie website review should be a valuable guide if you're considering trying out their services.

Edubirdie Review: Client Assistance

Does Edubirdie actually work? In exploring this question, I always begin my assessment of a writing service by examining the responsiveness and effectiveness of its support team. It's common knowledge that any reputable service offers live chat because it provides the fastest means of communication. It's an immediate way to resolve problems and receive answers to inquiries.

In my investigation of EduBirdie, I found that it extends several communication channels, most of which are quick and efficient. The live chat option appears to be the most beneficial, aligning with my preference for immediate responses. However, EduBirdie also offers mobile phone and email options, broadening the range of choices available to customers.

The phone line can be busy sometimes, leading to a delayed response, but if you choose to write an email, the reply will likely come promptly. Yet, live chat remains the top choice for impatient people like me, seeking an immediate answer.

Incorporating the Edubirdie price into my evaluation, I also explored how the cost of services compares to the quality offered. Despite finding various EduBirdie prices across different service tiers, the consensus was that the cost corresponds fairly with the value provided.

Some customers might feel apprehensive about using a service without hearing unbiased opinions. In that regard, an Edubirdie review Reddit search revealed various perspectives from real users. These Reddit reviews offer an unfiltered look into other customers' experiences, contributing further insights into the efficiency of the support team, the quality of the writing, and overall satisfaction.

Edubirdie seems to prioritize customer service, providing a range of communication methods that suit different preferences. Whether it's the immediacy of live chat or the accessibility of email, the platform strives to address customer inquiries promptly. Coupled with the general sentiment on Edubirdie prices found through various sources, including an Edubirdie review Reddit search, the platform appears to be concerted to balance cost, quality, and customer satisfaction. This multifaceted approach to client engagement solidifies its reputation as a responsive and reputable writing service.

Edubirdie customer support

To wrap up the work of their support team in my Edubirdie review, I have to admit that they do a really good job. Their agent helped me place an order and was fast in her replies. You know, I can be impatient a bit, so the speed of an answer really matters.

Edubirdie Review: My Paper Experience

What is Edubirdie? As described by many Edubirdie reviews, this website offers top-quality academic assistance, and I took it upon myself to examine it closely. I needed a three-page history Edubirdie essay, and with a five-day deadline looming, I placed an order with high hopes.

The ordering process was streamlined, leaving me with a sense of reassurance. True to their promise, my paper was delivered on time, even slightly ahead of schedule. Past experiences had left me skeptical, with some services delivering subpar work. The Edubirdie essay was not without flaws, as I did find some typos, but the overall quality of the provided assignment met my expectations.

The paper was rich in important details, bolstered by engaging examples, enhancing its quality and academic value. So, are Edubirdie scam claims true? During my investigation, I found no evidence to suggest fraudulent activity. My findings align with many satisfied customers in the broader context of Edubirdie review platforms.

Some reviews point out areas for improvement, such as minor errors in grammar or style, but the consensus leans toward satisfaction with the service. So, is Edubirdie worth trying? If you are skeptical or concerned about an Edubirdie scam, thoroughly reading various Edubirdie reviews may offer the assurance you need. I was glad I chose Edubirdie to help with my project

Is Edubirdie scam? Nope. As I've already told you that the quality of my paper was good. I liked the way Prof. Shady completed my paper. I think he did thorough research to complete the project and included only relevant information from valid sources. If you need a history paper, he would be a good choice.

Edubirdie Review: Submission Interface

It is high time to tell in my Edubirdie.com review whether it is easy to place an order on their website. Their order form is simple and intuitive. It includes four steps: placing an order, choosing the writer, checking order, and adding funds to the balance.

Once you specify your requirements, you can pick the writer to do your paper. There are three categories of EduBirdie's writers:

  • All writers - mean that an experienced and verified specialist will complete your paper. They say that choosing this category, 100% of their specialists will see the placed order.
  • Then goes a Premium category for the additional 10%. They will be writers with Bachelor's degrees, or higher, and those having over 90% success rate. Their support manager Sierra recommended me to choose a Premium writer to complete my paper, and I agreed. I read in some Edubirdie.com reviews that this category was much better. Ok, I trusted them, and that was the right decision.
  • Platinum - this is the most expensive category. You'll have to pay +20% to price to ask for their assistance. You know, I actually never order papers from the most expensive category, because I think it is just a way to earn more bucks.

Is Edubirdie good? It seems so because they care for their clients, and if students are confused about picking the right category, the service will do this for them for an additional $9,99.

After submitting my paper's details, I was flooded with bids from various writers. It left me slightly overwhelmed as, within a minute, I had received five different offers. In such scenarios, navigating the best option can seem daunting, but Edu Birdie has a handy feature for this situation. At the top of the webpage, you'll find a button labeled 'Help me to choose a writer.'

The best part? It's a free service! I was relieved to discover this, particularly as I'd narrowly avoided paying an unnecessary $9.99 on the previous page. Upon clicking the 'help' button, I was swiftly contacted by a support agent from the platform. They kindly assisted me in navigating through the sea of bids and recommended a suitable writer for my assignment.

Is edubirdie.com reliable? Yes, sure. I really liked the fact that I could directly talk to the writer and clarify all the issues. At the right corner, you'll see a bidding chat. I used it to discuss paper details with the Prof.

Is edubirdie.com reliable? Yes, sure. I really liked the fact that I could directly talk to the writer and clarify all the issues. At the right corner, you'll see a bidding chat. I used it to discuss paper details with the Prof.

Edubirdie Review: Edubirdie Price: Savings and Cost Structure

Let's talk about prices on Edubirdie. You know, this website differs from the majority of other writing services that have a clear price table. It is a platform where, after providing all the paper details, you start getting bids from writers.

If you ask me - Is Edubirdie.com safe? I'll tell you, yes, but it will better work for students who need papers that are not impressive in length.

Their support manager told me their prices start from $13,99. It is a mediocre price on the market. Their writers offered the following bids for a three-page history essay - $43,10, $58,60, $46,40, etc. I chose the writer with one of the lowest bids.

Is Edubirdie cheating? No, their prices are quite fear for the quality services. Some writing services offer higher prices, but the quality of the provided papers is worse, for sure.

Edubirdie Essay: Amendments

The service offers such Freebies as unlimited revisions, title, preference page, and formatting. One more perk is their Edubirdie plagiarism tool that you can use for free too. According to the Edu birdie reviews, taking advantage of the extras is easy and will not require much effort. The only thing you should do is contact the representatives of the support team and request the necessary assistance.

Edubirdie Review: Final Quality

Is Edubirdie scam? Nope. As I've told above, the quality of my paper was good. I liked the way Prof. Shady completed my paper. I think he did thorough research to complete my essay. If you need a history paper, he will be a good choice.

Is Edubirdie legit? Yes, no doubt it is. The paper I received was well-structured and coherent, containing relevant information and facts taken from credible data sources. As it was a history paper, accuracy and attention to detail were significant, and the writer did well with these aspects. The content was excellent, and I received a high grade for the work, which was also prominent.

Edubirdie Review: Author's Competence

Before you place an order and start searching for extra information about the platform, you should acknowledge that it offers a bidding system. Well, it means two things: first, the cost of your assignment may be slightly different from what you expected to get, and second, you can select the most professional and highly-rated writer to accomplish your project.

Is Edubirdie legit? Believe it or not, my assignment was delivered right within the specified deadline. Although I decided to pay extra for a top-quality writer, I never regretted my choice; as a result, it was 100% worth the cost. It seemed that most writers employed at the service were proficient and qualified. I had no problems with grammar, punctuation, or other aspects of the writing, as the scholar working on my project was a native English-speaking professional attentive to details.

Is Edubirdie.com trustworthy? Yes, because you have a chance to talk to the person who will be doing an assignment. It is a big plus!

Edubirdie.com Review: Web Reputation

I checked Edubirdie reviews online and found out that students really love this service. The reputable rating platform Sitejabber gives 4.66 out of 5 stars to this writing service. Most writers are thankful for the top-quality papers delivered within the specified period of time. Unfortunately, it is also inevitable to mention a few negative Edu Birdie reviews and Sitejabber users have written, but in most instances, customers are dissatisfied with the typos and inaccuracies in the text. According to them, it takes extra time to get free revisions, which may be complicated for urgent assignments.

Edubirdie trustpilot review

Edubirdie sitejabber review

As for some Edubirdie Reddit reviews, they are mainly positive. Thus, after reading tons of comments about the advantages of the service, and personal experience getting professional assistance with a college project, I can tell that Edubirdie is one of the most reliable and reputable custom essay writing platforms out there. The quality of the delivered papers and provided services exceeds the prices. Besides, safety, anonymity, timeliness, and 24/7 support are guaranteed. 

Edubirdie Review: Loyalty Options

In some Edubirdie reviews, I've read that this service offers no loyalty program, but it isn't actually true. I talked to Sierra, and she told me that I would get 10% off the next order. So, if you are going to be their returning client, you'll get a pleasant bonus - a discount on the next orders. Just talk to their support manager to clarify the issues.

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Is edubirdie.com trustworthy? Yes! I like that customers can talk to the persons who will be doing their assignments and then keep in touch with the chosen writers during the writing process.
Is edubirdie.com good? I got a well-written paper from them, and the writer seemed to do in-depth research to compose a paper for me. So if you need a history paper, I recommend choosing Prof. Shady.
Is edubirdie.com safe? The company claims that customer safety and confidentiality of the provided personal data is their priority. They also don't share payment details with any third parties, and privacy policy confirms this.
Is edubirdie.com scam? It's not a scam service, but Sitejabber gives only 4 out of 5 stars to it, and you can find negative reviews there. On Trustpilot, the situation is better, and its rating is 4.5 stars.
Is edubirdie.com legit? Customers can request as many free revisions as they need, and the writer will polish a paper to their complete satisfaction. But I didn't test it, as my paper was good.

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julana-moon says:

at 2021-01-15 21:17:00


4.6 out of /5.0

I am very glad to choose edubirdie at first place to do my research.The writers work is so clear and understandable. Im thankful for helping me completing the research I will surely use them in future. The support is so helpful.They reply very fast when ever I have questions . I think their work deserves to be recommended to other people who is lost in writing, so for sure they are a great site.

synofdareaper says:

at 2021-06-05 15:16:00


2.0 out of /5.0

Despite my request, the follow-ups and the inputs, I don't find the language standard appropriate for the audience. I have requested many times to avoid graphs, and I still find lots of them in the paper. Overall I believe that my requests and inputs have been ignored. The submission of such paper to my mentor would definitely result in a fail grade. As mentioned, my inputs related to the paper correction have been totally ignored. I am sorry to say that I did not enjoy the experience, I wouldn't recommend to anybody and that it has been a waste of money.

maroc_gangster says:

at 2021-05-27 16:21:00


3.5 out of /5.0

it would have been nice if both checklists were completed. Because this was part of the exam. And now I do not know if I could get a good grade, since the checklists contribute 50% of the total grade!

kkimkljones says:

at 2021-06-19 16:22:00


4.7 out of /5.0

I have never used a service before but desperately needed the help so I tried these guys. I truly am happy with the work that was completed and will refer to friends. Thanks so much for saving me!

sophialynnehuang says:

at 2022-01-18 21:05:00


3.5 out of /5.0

essay was not so greatly written for a top writer. weird structure and not so much research. not very sophisticated.

martin_137 says:

at 2022-02-21 11:27:00


4.3 out of /5.0

The paper still needs adjustments, but it is a good starting point

jamessadler54 says:

at 2022-03-07 16:39:00


4.6 out of /5.0

Outlines not done properly, however, the fact I didn't have to write this makes me a happy person and it was done a day earlier than they said.

amirlacount says:

at 2022-03-28 22:02:00


4.5 out of /5.0

The author did great work and it was done within a timely manner. I gave four stars for the overall experience because the writer did not follow directions on the initial paper before revisions had to be made.

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