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by Will Martins / Updated March 04, 2024

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Academic writing has never been easy, but when it comes to debate creation, the struggle seems unreal. If you have never had any experience working on a similar type of assignment, you may get confused even when getting started. What should a student start with? What are the structure and formatting requirements to consider? How many words should the debate consist of? Keep reading to find the answers to all these questions, and make sure you can thrive with the assignment with flying colors.

What is a debate speech?

Understanding the definition of the debate speech and discovering its basic features and distinctive characteristics may draw you closer to the achievement of the desired result. Thus, before you search for information on how to write a speech for a debate, you should start with a definition.

A debate speech is a consistent, well-structured, and coherent argument on a certain topic presented in a formal setting. If you are convinced that persuasion is the only goal of debate, you are mistaken, as the text is also aimed to express a certain point of view, convince the readers of its relevance, and provide sufficient argumentation to encourage the audience to change their perspective.

To structure a debate, you need to consider a few important elements. Be concise and clear, convincing the audience to focus on the most critical aspects. The presentation of the debate is limited in time, so it is critical to keep the paper short and informative.

Key elements of a debate speech

Is this the first time you work on the debate speech? A little understanding of the paper specifications may result in a low-quality essay and a complete waste of time. Therefore, analyzing a debate speech example and following its peculiarities may contribute to the outcomes of your work.

Flawless structure, excellent formatting, convincing appeal, and a plethora of other aspects may influence the efficiency of the debate writing. In the vast majority of instances, a debate consists of numerous elements.

  • Opening statement. This is the very beginning of the debate that is aimed at presenting the key arguments. The tone of discussion and overall theme of the message is revealed here. Although the debate can hardly be called a traditional type of academic writing, the introductory part should be logical and concise, containing an enticing hook and a meaningful thesis statement.
  • Rebuttals. This is the next step of work, where the author should present the opposing ideas, emphasizing their weaknesses and downsides.
  • Summary. Once the debate introduction and rebuttals are finished, it is inevitable to come up with detailed information about the presented arguments. Explain your perspective on the matter and specify its advantages to leave a long-lasting impression on the audience.
  • Evidence. Include as many facts, examples, and evidence in the debate as possible so that the speech sounds much more convincing.
  • Reasoning. Before you search for effective ways how to end a debate, you need to include the reasoning section in the paper. Stay logical to keep the persuasive aspect of your speech.
  • Appeal. Ethos, pathos, and logos added to the speech can keep the audience more engaged and interested. Therefore, if you are still convinced about how to make a debate stand out, you should consider this aspect. Including a relevant appeal to the text will keep your points more relatable and meaningful.

How to prepare for a debate speech

A debate speech creation is a time-consuming process that requires sufficient preparation, topic analysis, and research. Striving to succeed with the undertaking, you need to deal with a few most prominent pre-writing aspects.

Understanding the format and structure of a debate

Are you concerned about how to start a debate? Before you even dive into the writing process, you should deal with the basics. Understanding the format, structure, and other elements of a debate can lead to a simplified process of writing and more influential results. Analyze various types of debate, including the parliamentary, policy, and Lincoln-Douglas before you discover effective ways how to write an introduction for a debate and succeed with its content.

Formulating a clear proposition or argument

Have you selected the topic you are most interested in? It is the best option for those who do not know how to start a debate speech. Find your stance so that you have an opportunity to get enough information to prove your point of view.

Researching the topic and gathering evidence

The moment you are done with the choice of the topic, you can proceed to another process. Reading numerous debate introduction examples and analyzing some of the most convincing papers may help you introduce your evidence in the best possible way. Take your time to research the topic and collect up-to-date information that will keep your message reasonable and persuasive.

Anticipating and addressing counterarguments

If you are focused on writing a flawless debate that will leave none of the readers indifferent, you need to mention not only arguments but counterarguments and opposing points of view. When you write a debate conclusion, emphasize the prominence of the discussed matter and show the reasons why the opposing points of view are meaningless. It will strengthen your arguments and will contribute to the quality of the message.

Using persuasive language and rhetorical devices to deliver the message

Even if you manage to create an impeccable paper, you need to practice to deliver the message. Read the text a few times and choose the most appealing and interesting way to convey it. Simple words, corresponding gestures, and relevant information are critical for the achievement of the desired results.

How to present a debate speech

Are you done with the guidelines on how to write an intro for a debate? Next, you need to proceed to the paper presentation. The quality of the debate speech is critical, so this is the aspect to pay attention to. Follow a few fundamental tips that will give you a hint on how to write a debate speech worth appreciation.

Appealing information

The first and most important step to creating an influential debate is presenting an enticing introduction. There are different tips and tricks to use to present the proposition, but the appeal to logic is a must.

Meaningful problem

Do you start the debate with the rhetoric question? Then, you need to add evidence and proper reasoning to discuss the problem.

Reasonable arguments

Make sure you present the arguments in a logical and concise way. To add to the relevance of your message, use credible information only.


Address counterarguments and present their refutation, which will contribute to the relevance of your debate. Focus on the advocacy for the presented perspective and evidence that proves its prominence.


A strong conclusion sums up the key aspects specified in the text and encourages readers to take certain actions.

How to present a debate speech: tips and tricks to consider

Following all the recommendations, you have an opportunity to come up with an influential and consistent paper. However, there are also elements that can add to the process, making it much simpler and stress-free.

  • Use concise and clear language
  • Emphasize the most prominent aspects
  • Use gestures and body language as you present the debate speech
  • Create a debate speech checklist

How to end a debate speech

Once you know how to make an introduction for a debate that will keep the audience interested in the paper, you need to discover ways to make readers excited about the topic and its further analysis. A flawless conclusion is indispensable for a strong and influential message. Do you lack ideas on how to close a debate? Check out the following aspects to thrive with the undertaking.

Sum up the key points

A conclusion is a brief summary of the core ideas that should encourage the audience to act in a certain way. Highlight your attitude towards the analyzed question and add a call for action.

Add a powerful quote

Quoting a scientist, writer, or any other influential person at the end of your work can contribute to the relevance of the whole message, making it much more convincing.

Reiterate an introduction

The simplest way to end the paper is to recollect how to introduce a debate. Read the opening passage once again and restate it, adding a few words emphasizing your point of view on the matter.

Debate speech topics

Working on the paper is not complicated if you follow a consistent and appreciated debate speech template. Additionally, by analyzing a few sample papers, you have an opportunity to get more inspired for the right choice of the debate topic. Focus on the options mentioned below and consider the aspect you would love to discuss.

  1. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  2. Ten reasons why plastic bags should be banned.
  3. Standardized testing and its downsides
  4. Drug legalization: is it reasonable and safe?
  5. Websites that should be blocked at school
  6. Why should public prayer be allowed at schools and colleges
  7. Legalization of human cloning
  8. The prominence of the universal basic income for all people
  9. Tenure for all the teachers and reasons to implement it
  10. After-school job: how is it possible to provide students with the desired aspect?
  11. Boarding schools: should it be obligatory?
  12. Climate change as the biggest threat to humanity
  13. Drug testing for athletes: the prominence of the undertaking
  14. Different approaches to the necessity of the school uniform
  15. People and their right to own guns

How to get help working on debate speech

Writing a debate speech worth the highest grade is a challenging process that will require much of your time, effort, and skills. Fortunately, if you lack any of the aspects, you can always get the assignment accomplished by professionals.

Due to the growing popularity of similar services, there are lots of academic writing platforms to write a debate that will be relevant, up-to-date, convincing, and flawless. Although the choice of the service to rely on may be complicated, the struggle is real. Take your time to read numerous paper writing service reviews and single out the platforms that are the most trusted. The anonymity of the experience and top-quality papers delivered to the customers are the key factors to start with. Besides, it is indispensable to consider an array of other specifications.

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Once you know how to write a debate paper, you can dive into the process and provide your arguments to convince people of your point of view. Flawless structure, reasonable information, attention to detail, and a plethora of other little aspects can influence the overall quality of the debate speech. Follow the recommendations and debate steps to simplify the process of the paper creation, and make sure you write a good debate worth appreciating.

Besides, do not forget about a chance to get the paper accomplished by professionals, which will save you a lot of precious time. Choose the most outstanding service and get the assignment done within a specified deadline.


A debate speech typically includes an introduction, where you state your position and provide a brief overview of your argument. Then, there are the main points, where you present your arguments supported by evidence and examples. Finally, you conclude by summarizing your key points and reinforcing your position.

Start with a strong opening that grabs the audience's attention and clearly states your position. Follow up with well-organized main points, each supported by evidence and reasoning. Make sure to anticipate counterarguments and address them effectively. End with a powerful conclusion that reinforces your position and leaves a lasting impression on the audience.

Thoroughly research your topic to gather relevant evidence and examples to support your arguments. Use reputable sources such as academic journals, books, and credible websites. Additionally, consider the credibility of your sources and cross-reference information to ensure accuracy. Finally, make sure to cite your sources properly to avoid plagiarism and enhance the credibility of your speech.

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