So, you don't want to write the paper on your own, right? Apparently, you also don't want to pay much for it, as well. At the same time, you expect the paper to get you at least a passing grade, do you? Sounds rather challenging to make this happen, to be honest. However, that's doable. Let's figure out how you can do that.

Its`s not for everyone

Guys, I'm sorry, but your paper may not be going to be cheap if you want it to be of adequate quality. Especially, when it comes to Admission papers, to research papers in complicated studies like Engineering, Chemistry, Biology or to Sociology or Psychology papers requiring to use specialized soft (like SPSS, which is a pain, trust me). Therefore, if your paper is really complex and requires A LOT of specialized work, you won't be capable of significantly decreasing the price of your paper.

Nonetheless, the following tips will decrease the price for your order anyways, though, not all the papers will become more affordable as a result.

Longer deadlines=decreased price

In particular, the deadline of your order won't directly affect the quality of writing (if the writer is capable, of course); however, the deadline affects price more than significantly. For example, for 14-day deadline you might be asked to pay somewhat close to $10-11 per page. However, for 24-hours deadline, this price will be at least twice bigger! Therefore, if it's possible for you and your assignment, choose the longest deadline possible and save your money.

You won`t need extras, as well

We have to save money and plan our budget, right? So, we've got to refuse ordering any sorts of extras that we don't really need. This goes for better writer (Regular writer should do an okay job, if the website is good), this goes for plagiarism report, for VIP service and for Abstract page (you can do it yourself and save a dozen bucks).

As you can see, extras are only needed if you've got corresponding budget. If not, better use the default order parameters that will be the cheapest for you.

Make sure there`re no revisions

What do I mean by that? I mean that you might be needed to revise the paper after delivery or after approval. In majority of cases, such revisions are free for a certain period of time; however, if you're going to send the paper for revision, for example, in one month after delivery, you'll be asked to pay for it. Therefore, we don't want unnecessary revisions.

I know that revisions cannot be predicted, especially, when your professor dislikes something about the paper. However, there's still something we can do to ensure the minimum probability of revisions.

First, include all the relevant details about the paper. And I mean, all the details that will affect your grade. Secondly, try including a sample of work. This can be an example of your friend or some other student, doesn't really matter. Of course, don't try to plagiarize. Just show the writer what is needed to be done and how's the paper should look like.

Chances are, the writer will do his job adequately from the first time and you forget about that assignment.


So, let's summarize the previously mentioned tips that can help you get a better paper for a lower price.

First, choose longer deadlines.

Second, avoid ordering extras.

Third, make sure you forward all the paper details to the writer to avoid revisions.

These thigs will significantly decrease the price of your paper and will allow you to save some cash.

Of course, not always you can follow these tips and they may not make an expensive paper much cheaper. As I've said, ordering a good paper (especially if the topic is tough) requires investments. Still, I believe in majority of cases, your average order can use these three tips anyway. Just try and see for yourself which ones work for you best!