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by Will Martins / Updated October 06, 2023

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So, you don't want to write the paper on your own, right? But apparently, you are also unwilling to pay through the nose to get it done. At the same time, you expect the paper to get you at least a passing grade, do you? Sounds rather challenging to make this happen, to be honest. However, that's doable. Let's figure out how you can do that.

It's not for everyone

Guys, I'm sorry, but your paper won’t cost little if you want it to be of high quality. Especially when it comes to Admission and research papers in complicated studies like Engineering, Chemistry, Biology, Sociology, or Psychology papers where a student needs to apply specialized soft (like SPSS, which is a pain, trust me). Therefore, if your paper is really complex and requires A LOT of specific work, it will be almost impossible to decrease the price significantly.

Nonetheless, the following tips will help you pay less for your order anyways and get an immaculately done paper.

Longer deadlines = lower prices

In particular, the deadline of your order won't directly affect the quality of writing (if the writer is knowledgeable, of course); however, the deadline affects price more than significantly. For example, for a 14-day deadline, you might be asked to pay around $10-11 per page. As for a 24-hours deadline, this price will skyrocket significantly! An optimal solution will be to order an assignment you need at the drop of a hat, but not to wait till the last night. This will help you save your money and have peace of mind that everything goes smoothly.

You won`t need extras, as well

We have to save money and plan our budget, right? So, better avoid ordering any extras you don't really need. This goes for an advanced writer (a regular writer will do an okay job if the website is safe and reputable), a plagiarism report, for VIP service, and for an abstract page (you can do it yourself and save a dozen bucks).

As you can see, extras are only needed if you're not on a budget. Otherwise, it is better to pick the standard order parameters. This will help you to cut the costs. 

Make sure there`re no revisions

What do I mean by that? I mean that you might need to revise the paper after delivery or approval. In the majority of cases, such revisions are free for a fixed period of time; however, if you're going to send the paper for revision, for example, in a month after delivery, you'll be asked to pay extra. 

I know that revisions cannot be predicted, especially when your professor dislikes something about the paper. However, there's still something we can do to ensure the minimum probability of revisions.

First, include all the relevant information about the paper. I mean, all the details that will affect your grade. Secondly, try to add a sample of work. This can be an example of your friend or some other students, doesn't really matter. Of course, don't try to plagiarize. Just show the writer what needs to be done and how the paper should look like.

Chances are, the writer will have a better understanding of how to craft your paper, so no revisions will be needed.


So, let's summarize the previously mentioned tips that can help you get a masterly completed paper for a lower price.

First, choose longer deadlines.

Second, avoid ordering unnecessary extras.

Third, make sure you forward all the paper details to the writer to avoid revisions.

These things will significantly decrease the price of your paper and will allow you to save some cash.

Of course, it’s not always possible to follow these tips. As I've already mentioned, ordering a superior-quality paper (especially if the topic is tricky) requires investment. Still, in the majority of cases, these tips will work well. Just try and see for yourself which one will help you to save some bucks!

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