I'm not gonna say that it's that easy to distinguish a scam company from a legit service provider. However, the following three characteristics of online services should most probably warn you not to do business with them.

Of course, even the companies that might fall under the criteria below will eventually be legit service providers. Also take into account the fact that the following criteria is applicable for almost all types of online services including the paper writing companies, as well.

So, I'm just giving you my own suggestions and recommendations and it's always up to you to decide whether you want to deal with them or not. Even the feedbacks on Sitejabber and Trustpilot rarely tell the truth about the company, but these three features will most probably show you who's a scammer and who's not.

Awfully designed website with no relevant information

First things first - the website itself. The majority of scammers don't even bother creating even an image of a legit service, they just create the most generic and worst looking websites from standard templates available for free.

Their main priority is to gather money from people and disappear; so, they won't bother creating any type of webpages or other content aside from the "order form" that will just charge your credit card. This means that if a website does not introduce the company's service in detail, it might be a scam company.

This includes the depiction of the service and the order process, this also includes the information about the company (like their contact info, location, etc.). Another important thing is the legal information about the company. This includes their Terms of Service, their Privacy Policy, Money Back Guarantee, etc. If none of this is present on the website, I suggest you don't use it.

No Support Team

I get it, not all the companies can provide you with 24/7 support and address all your questions, concerns, and problems any time you want to. However, if a company does not have any means of communication with the company's representatives, it's most probably a scam. It's simple, scammers don't want to talk to you and resolve your problems.

Therefore, make sure that a company you're going to work with, has a Support Team. Most preferably the one that will be accessible online or via phone 24/7. However, even the Support Teams that work on a scheduled basis will also do (it's still okay than having no support at all).

Also, don't forget that many online companies tend to outsource their Support Teams. So, don't be surprised if you hear a non-native speaker answering your phone. As long as they are reachable, friendly, and helpful, there's nothing wrong with outsourcing the Support Team elsewhere (still, the support team consisting of native speakers is a great plus for every company in terms of reliability).

No Guarantees

No refund policy? No revision policy? Not any guarantee that your order will be completed? Forget about using such a service then. The company's website should exactly guarantee that the order will be completed in full according to its instructions; otherwise, the company guarantees a refund.

The same goes for double payments or various payment issues that charge your credit card more than they should have. For all these cases, legit companies have Money Back Guarantee. Scammers don't. The same goes for revisions. The scammers won't bother revising or somehow correcting your order.

For example, if we take a paper writing scammer, it will most probably deliver you a plagiarized paper that has been already submitted several times. Further, this scammer will ignore your revision requests. And won't refund the money back to you, of course.


All in all, we've figured out 3 easy steps to tell a scam company apart.

First, check their web site's design and information about the company. If there are no sufficient data about the service and the company, it's a red flag already.

Second, check whether the company has a Support Team available to address your questions. Preferably the one working on a 24/7 basis, but any responsive and helpful support team will do. If there's none, it's a second red flag.

Finally, check their guarantees. If they don't guarantee the quality of your order and don't guarantee any refunds or compensations for the poor work, it's another red flag.

In total, three red flags will most probably indicate the scammer. Still, it does not mean that a company that has the info, the support, and the guarantees might not be a scammer. Therefore, please be extra attentive in choosing the online service you need or check our reviews here on the website, where we can recommend you a couple of decent writing services.