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by Will Martins / Updated February 28, 2024

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Academic writing is one of the most challenging and demanding assignments for college students. The number of learners using Course Hero for the completion of projects is continuously growing, which makes the service even more popular. But how safe is it? Is it legal? What are the ethical implications of using the tool?

First of all, it is indispensable to mention that Course Hero is a completely safe and legal service that aims to facilitate online learning for college students. It grants unlimited access to the most diverse learning resources. At the same time, people keep debating if the use of an effective instrument can be viewed as cheating or not.

The main problem here is that a considerable number of learners abuse the service, just copying the AI-generated texts and submitting the projects the way they are. No matter if you are following some guidelines or not, such papers will be flagged as plagiarized and will affect your academic success.

How can using Course Hero aid your education? Keep reading for more information about the service, its functions, and the peculiarities of its use.

Is using Course Hero cheating?

The number of college students using Course Hero is continuously growing. It is undeniably a convenient and effective tool that provides learners with indispensable assistance. Still, there are lots of students who consider it unethical to take advantage of the platform, as it can be considered plagiarism.

In a nutshell, using Course Hero is safe and is not considered cheating, but only if the learner uses the platform for ideas and inspiration. Otherwise, there is a risk of being blamed for plagiarism. Students should realize that the way they use similar online platforms can predetermine the results they get. Follow simple guidelines and tips that will make you using Course Hero safe and risk-free.

When is Course Hero considered cheating?

Using Course Hero and similar studying instruments to contribute to your academic success is not cheating. Instead, it is a great way to contribute to your studying patterns, get extra educational resources, and come up with more consistent and coherent papers. Still, there might be instances when the use of the same tools can be treated as academic dishonesty that will affect student’s reputation and grades. What are the instances learners should be aware of

Paying someone to accomplish your project

By browsing the Course Hero page, you will find a chance to hire professional tutors to explain some concepts, expand your vision, and become more skilled in certain areas. Using Course Hero to improve your academic success cannot be considered cheating, but hiring its writers for the completion of your custom projects can. If you pay the tutor to deal with your paper, it will be considered unethical academic behavior.

Using the service irrespective of the school banning

Understanding all the features and specifications of the platform, and striving to prevent learners from potential misuse of materials, schools frequently ban the use of Course Hero and similar services. Consequently, learners who take advantage of the platform, irrespective of the restrictions, violate school rules and can be accused of cheating.

Copying the content

Using Course Hero for inspiration, a lot of students manage to improve their academic scores and become much more competitive. However, learners who copy the AI-generated content risk being blamed for cheating. Therefore, it is fundamental to remember that the use of Course Hero is completely ethical when it serves as a supplementary learning platform.

When using Course Hero is not considered cheating?

Using Course Hero is not always considered cheating and plagiarism. There are lots of instances when you will not be blamed for dishonest and unfair behavior taking advantage of the service. What is the right way to use the platform? How is it possible to avoid any cheating allegations?

The service is not banned by the school

Using Course Hero for guidelines and constructions will not be called cheating if the service is not banned by the school. Make sure you can legally use the platform and stick to the requirements to avoid unwanted outcomes.

Get alternative points of view

Striving to create consistent and top-quality academic papers, a lot of students use Course Hero for alternative perspectives on a specific matter. Can it be considered an unfair advantage? Absolutely not, as it is an extra source of information only.

Benefit from explanations

There is no way the use of Course Hero can be viewed as an unethical behavior if you request extra explanations from the online tutors. Get a subscription and ask as many questions as you need to accomplish your project.

What is the most reliable AI content detector?

As it has already been mentioned, students who use Course Hero should not worry about being blamed for cheating. However, it is indispensable to use the resources in compliance with certain rules and regulations, especially if you strive to avoid any morality and integrity issues.

Even though Course Hero is a 100% safe online tool, there is always a risk of its misuse. Plagiarism detection is one of the most critical concerts for learners who use Course Hero. What is the most beneficial and effective AI detector to be aware of? How can you single out the one?

Browse the market

There are lots of online AI-detection tools available on the market these days. Take your time to analyze some of the most advantageous solutions and single out the ones you can rely on.

Read reviews

Analyzing the feedback of previous customers can help you make the right choice. Focus on the reviews and testimonials that confirm that the AI-detection platform has a low false positive rate and is accurate.

Find out the most reliable one

Due to the increasing number of students using AI-based platforms to generate their academic content, the number of detecting tools is also increasing. The choice of the most accurate and transparent one can be complicated, but such solutions as Turnitin will always stand out from the crowd.

Does Course Hero give correct answers?

The use of Course Hero can help learners get the right answers to their questions. There are lots of professional and experienced tutors who are working on the projects, providing students with the most relevant data. Although the platform can offer great learning assistance, there is always a risk of getting wrong answers that will lead to unwanted results. Thus, if you want to take advantage of the platform, you need to be cautious and attentive, double-checking the provided facts and arguments.

Can you get caught cheating on Course Hero?

Do you use Course Hero trying to improve your college grades? Chances are you risk getting caught cheating, which will make you no good. Although the service is 100% legal and can be taken advantage of as an academic tool, there are instances when it can question your honesty.

Does it mean using Course Hero is a risky undertaking? Well, at this point, it is indispensable to keep in mind the information mentioned above. There are instances when taking advantage of the tool will have nothing to do with violating education ethics, while in other cases, it will be considered plagiarism.

Surfing the web, you will come across a multitude of effective AI detectors and plagiarism instruments that will notify the teachers that the paper was simply copied from Course Hero. If you use Course Hero to generate papers, chances are you will fail. Nonetheless, if you strive to use the service for inspiration and ideas, you will enhance the quality of your work and will avoid any negative outcomes.

How do teachers know you copied from Course Hero?

If you have always been convinced that the use of Course Hero is 100% safe, you have been mistaken. There are instances when you can be accused of breaking college rules by taking advantage of the platform. Understanding the ways teachers know that you used the platform for the completion of your homework can help you eliminate critical risks and avoid unwanted situations. So, how do instructors know you use Course Hero?

Check the structure of the paper

Are you convinced you are following the ethical guidelines when you change the content of the paper created by Course Hero a bit? Do not forget about the structure and formatting style, which can help teachers understand that the text was not custom-created.

Due to the growing popularity of Course Hero among college learners, instructors are aware of the font size, styles, and other specifications provided by the service, which simplifies their work and helps them detect plagiarism and AI-generated content quickly.

Detect plagiarism

Irrespective of how useful and beneficial the content creation tool can be, it mustn’t be used for the completion of academic projects without thorough editing and proofreading. The instances of plagiarism are very common in assignments generated by Course Hero.

Instructors can use Turnitin and similar AI detectors to find out that the majority of the submitted text was automatically generated online.

Test the quality of the papers

There is no way to deny that Course Hero is one of the most effective services that helps students deal with their challenging academic projects. While using the service for information and ideas is beneficial, taking advantage of it as a ready-made paper is a mere downside. In the overwhelming majority of instances, such papers feature low quality and tons of mistakes. Therefore, it is easy for teachers to understand that the text is not custom-created but generated by Course Hero.

Additionally, it is critical to remember that you are not the only student who uses the service, so chances are your fellow learners will submit the same papers with identical information and similar sources. It will not take a lot of time and effort to understand that the content is generated by Course Hero.

There are a few other ways to detect integrity violations, but these are the fundamental ones that define the use of online tools in your academic projects. Make sure you follow guidelines and writing tips that will guarantee the creation of impeccable papers without being blamed for using some online tools.

Is Course Hero legit?

Are you unsure of the use of Course Hero? As specified on the company’s website, it is a 100% legit company that provides its users with legal services and homework solutions. Although the platform uses artificial intelligence and its functions to provide necessary assistance, it can still be taken advantage of as a personal learning instrument. At the same time, if you care about the rules of academic and moral integrity, you should stick to certain rules and guidelines on how to use the platform.

Impeccable design and easy-to-navigate website, top-notch customer support team, and a plethora of other features keep Course Hero appreciated. The representatives of the support group are always ready to provide students with the necessary information and answer the most complicated questions. Reasonable and affordable prices also matter.

Browsing the web, you can find a lot of alternative services offering similar functions, but Course Hero is a time-tested and trusted one to rely on. Check out its specifications to make sure it can be used as a flawless instrument aiding your homework completion.

Using custom essay writing services instead of Course Hero

Following the information specified above, it is possible to conclude that students should be exceptionally cautious and attentive when using Course Hero. Although it is a beneficial and effective tool that aids the academic process, its misuse can trigger a lot of problems. Is there a better solution? Browsing the online market, you can come across a multitude of top-rated custom essay writing platforms that guarantee the creation of unique content fast and at reasonable costs. Check this out here: the essay services review to make sure these are the options you have been searching for.

These platforms are much more reliable and time-tested, as they meet the individual requirements and preferences of the customers. At the same time, dealing with the wrong one can result in low-quality, plagiarized papers with tons of mistakes. Take your time to browse the web and detect the most reliable and reputable custom paper creation services, like, that stand out with the professionalism of the writers, excellence of service, timely submission of projects, and a multitude of other features. Essay Pro is another great solution to consider, as it is characterized by maximum flexibility and customer orientation. These are, undeniably, the services that can replace Course Hero and advance your academic success to a new level.


There are lots of online services that help a student conduct their academic projects. Course Hero is one of the most effective and competitive ones that guarantees flawless ideas and tons of inspiration. Take your time to browse the service and find out its core peculiarities if you want to take maximum advantage of the platform without the risk of being blamed for cheating.

Follow the guidelines and tips to avoid misconduct and violation of college rules. If used properly, Course Hero can be of great help, contributing to your academic success.


Course Hero provides a valuable solution for students facing challenges in completing college projects. With access to a wealth of information and resources, it serves as a comprehensive platform to enhance academic performance and succeed in coursework.

Course Hero serves as an effective tool for generating high-quality texts by offering a vast repository of study materials, including lecture notes, study guides, and practice exams. With access to expert tutors and educators, students can gain valuable insights and guidance to excel in their academic pursuits.

Course Hero offers a range of resources and tools tailored to meet the diverse needs of students, making it an indispensable asset for academic success. Whether struggling with project completion or lacking information on a topic, Course Hero provides the necessary support to thrive academically.

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