In short, it's worth the money to pay for an ENL writer, but it's not required to get a decent paper. Additionally, it all depends on each and every different student and his writing abilities to figure out, whether he/she needs an ENL writer. Let me explain, why you won't always need an ENL writer and why are the services of ENL writers not for everyone.

What is 'ENL' and why it's being sold?

For those of you who don't know, ENL stands for English Native Language and refers to people who perfectly know the English language (because they're native speakers, obviously). Various writing platforms always try to employ the maximum amount of these writers because they assume that their writing will be the best in comparison to ESL (English Second Language) writers. Moreover, the native speakers need to be paid much more than ESLs because of various reasons (for example, native speakers live in more 'expensive' countries). Therefore, if you're going to have your paper to be written by an ENL writer, be prepared to pay a lot.

If you're an ESL, you probably won't need it

Don't get me wrong, I know, you want to have the best marks on your essays; however, let's be realists. If you're an ESL student and someday you submit a paper that has been written by an ENL writer, your professor will become suspicious, at least. Especially, when he/she knows how you speak and write. And with every paper writing company, you don't wanna raise suspicion about yourself.

Therefore, please be reasonable and realistic and try to find the writer that has a similar writing style and not the one that is better/more complicated/sophisticated, etc. In other words, if you're an ESL student and you regularly pay for ENL writers' services, you probably waste money and raise too much suspicion about yourself.

Use it if you don't want to fail completely!

This means the following: if you're incapable of writing an ideal paper that will most probably bring you a high mark, go for an ENL writer. If you're an ENL student yourself or if it's the paper that defines your total mark for the course, also don't hesitate and pay the needed price for it. Of course, also make sure that the writer is informed about your writing style (providing him/her with the samples is a good idea) so that he can incorporate it in his writing.

In total, if you're desperate and you really want to get a passing/high mark, it's worth paying more for an ENL writer. Otherwise, you might end up like Dr. Zoidberg in the gif below.

Don't forget that you might not get an ENL anyway

Remember, I told you before that it's really hard for paper writing companies to hire ENL writers? Therefore, in the majority of cases among 100 writers employed by these companies, there are only 1-2 ENL writers. Of course, this number is approximate and average, but there's really a shortage of ENL writers faced by the companies nowadays.

Therefore, even if you need an ENL writer, you might not get one (sorry) because there's no free ENL writer left for your paper. Chances are, your paper will be written by an adequate and proficient ESL, who will do the job fine. However, why paying for an ENL in such a case? And also don't forget about scammers that will assure you that your paper will be only written by American writers and it only costs $10 per page (which is ridiculously cheap to employ an ENL, trust me). So, be extra cautious with this extra.


All in all, it won't be harmful to you to spend extra cash and order an ENL writer to work on your paper. However, it's not always needed to do. It's only needed to pay for this if your paper is really complex and requires perfect grammar. If it defines your total mark or represents great importance. Otherwise, I'd suggest you spend your precious money on something else.