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AllAssignmentHelp review


  • Database of free samples
  • Generous first-order discount
  • Fast support
  • Divided order payments


  • Controversial online reputation
  • No price table
  • Unclear loyalty program
Owned by Not Given
Years in operation 9
Minimal price per page $9.00
Deadline 12 hours
Revision policy No
Refund policy No

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Hello, everybody! Let's talk about one more writing service AllAssignmentHelp, or is it not just an academic help company but a platform to earn some cash?

The service encourages its customers to send a referral link to friends and lets them earn 10% every time their friends order a paper.

Allassignmenthelp main page

Is AllAssignmentHelp legit? They try to assure clients that yes. I have found a lot of All Assignment Help reviews on the Internet, and they were quite controversial, so I decided to check it myself.

I needed a paper and gave this service a try. The website looked user-friendly, and I started filling in an order form.

Customer support

While the customer support agents at Allassignmenthelp.com are friendly and polite, they take a very long time to answer questions. In addition, they are not always willing to provide legal information when requested.

While the online chat feature is helpful, the slow response time and lack of transparency can frustrate customers who need immediate assistance or legal clarity on the services provided. Keep reading my All Assignment Help review; you will understand why support agents are reluctant to reveal some details.

My experience

I want to share my experience in this All Assignment Help review so that other customers have an opportunity to succeed with their college assignments stress-free.

I've ordered a research paper on the Economy, and I got it on time. Although I did not know the final cost of the project until I placed an order, the result exceeded my expectations. A 5-page assignment delivered in five days cost $60, with the discount included.

The company delivered my research paper on time, which was a significant advantage. The paper was well-structured and coherent, but the topic was not completely revealed. I mean, it was a mediocre-quality text about the impact of the lockdown on the economic situation in the world. I got a B-grade instead of an A, which was sad. You know, when you pay for the paper, you always want to get the highest grade, but it didn't happen this time.

Is AllAssignmentHelp safe? I think that yes, but I speak just about my experience. I got my assignment, and it was quite good. I had no time to read it carefully, so I just looked it through. I didn't get the highest grade; that is the reason why I was a bit disappointed.

Order form

The order form on Allassignmenthelp.com is relatively standard and straightforward. Customers must provide details about the topic, length, and desired deadline to order a paper. There is also an option to upload any additional materials or instructions for the writer. To order a paper, customers must take the following actions:

  1. Fill out the order form with details about the assignment.
  2. Select the desired level of writer expertise.
  3. Choose the desired deadline for the project.
  4. Provide payment information.

Wait for the writer to be assigned and begin working on the project.

Allassignmenthelp order form

As you can see, the procedure is simple enough that you don't have to search hundreds of Allassignmenthelp.com reviews to find out the truth. However, this aspect is unlikely to please you, and you will soon discover why.

Discounts and pricing

The first thing I saw on the website of the writing service was a huge banner with a discount offer. Wow! You know that I am crazy about discounts. I provided my email and got a 30% discount. If you want to have some additional discounts, look for AllAssignmentHelp coupon on the Internet.

Now let's speak about prices. Clients know the total cost of their paper only after placing an order and providing instructions.

My paper cost $60, and it was an ok price for me. I think that prices for assignments are mediocre. I really liked the fact that I could pay in parts for my order. I did the first payment $30 and the rest I paid after the paper completion.


I asked the support manager of the writing service about some free revisions.

Final quality

Is AllAssignmentHelp safe? I think that yes, but I speak just about my experience. I got my assignment, and it was mediocre. I had no time to carefully read it, so I just looked it through. I didn't get the highest grade, that is the reason why I was a bit disappointed.

Writer's proficiency

I was disappointed with the quality of the work completed by the writer on Allassignmenthelp.com. The writer did not adequately address the topic and did not have the necessary expertise in the subject matter. The grammar and sentence structure were also subpar, making it difficult to understand the arguments presented in the paper. When I wrote this Allassignmenthelp review, I was very upset. Has my simple paper become so difficult for top academic experts?

Overall, I was left with the impression that the writer was not an expert in the academic field and did not have the experience necessary to complete a high-quality paper. It felt like my paper was written by someone who knew nothing about the academic industry. So this is why I found so many negative Allassignmenthelp reviews. People do not understand why they have to pay for the work of amateurs.

People talking

So, what is AllAssignmentHelp rating? I checked Sitejabber, and it gave four stars to the service. There were more than two controversial hundred reviews about the company. AllAssignmentHelp reviews on Trustpilot were controversial too. There were both positive and negative reviews of the company. It made me think twice before ordering a paper. You know, I decided to place an order and to check everything.

Allassignmenthelp reviews

I was surprised to find that representatives from Allassignmenthelp.com do not seem to pay attention to negative reviews. Despite numerous complaints from students about the quality of their work, the company does not appear to be trying to address these concerns.

What is more concerning is that the representatives from Allassignmenthelp.com do not seem to be taking steps to resolve disputes or claims made by students dissatisfied with their work. This lack of responsiveness and attention to customer needs can be incredibly frustrating and disappointing for those who rely on these services to succeed academically.

Loyalty program

Unfortunately, Allassignmenthelp.com does not offer any bonuses or discounts related to customer loyalty. While some writing services provide promotions or discounts for returning customers, this is not the case with this company.

This fact can disappoint customers who frequently use the service and expect to be rewarded for their loyalty. That is why my Allassignmenthelp.com review can be called negative. I don't understand why the company doesn't do at least something to attract new students. Their pricing and service quality are so low that you shouldn't visit their website!

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Is allassignmenthelp legit? As I have already told, one-third of the reviews on Sitjebber were negative! As for Trustpilot, the situation was controversial too, and the students split into two groups that praised and criticized.
Is allassignmenthelp scam? Fortunately not, as they did not disappear with my money. They wrote my paper, but it was not as perfect as they promised and contained mistakes and typos.
Is allassignmenthelp reliable? I try to maintain good academic performance, but this service only spoiled it. That is why I cannot call this company reliable and will not use it again.
Is allassignmenthelp safe? From my perspective, it is a safe service. They wrote my paper, and I did not fail my subject, but it did not bring the promised high grade.
Is allassignmenthelp trustworthy? It depends on what paper you want to get from these guys. If the essay of mediocre quality with some mistakes is okay for you, then feel free to order there!

Comments (7)

327404726 says:

at 2021-01-11 22:13:00


3.3 out of /5.0

I'm really upset with this site as they just to finish the job and made a lot mistakes.

amajd.kinder.77 says:

at 2021-03-18 16:54:00


2.7 out of /5.0

i asked for prowriter and paid 25% more and all i got is a high school studnet, blindly filling pages, copy pasting only unable to reach the manager only through emails which take time and time to them is money. they never gave me any phone number to track or talk to anyone and even thier facebook, twitter all fake and non existing accounts. Very bad services I regret working with you. It is a website to steal student's money, they promise with a pro writers and all what you get is an elemantry school writer. When you ask for a revision they send a new draft with the same mistakes with no revision just to pass the deadline and take your money with no refund back

ronaldfarrar1 says:

at 2021-05-21 07:14:00


3.2 out of /5.0

The support was very slow considering the problem that I had This was my first time using you guys, I wish I had a better exsprience and I understand things happen, but I think that your support staff need to really listen to the client. My problem really wasn't a big issue some one just drop the ball. Yes Finally had a proper not understanding the citations

sa1234k says:

at 2021-06-14 14:36:00


3.1 out of /5.0

I lke that I can chat with someone because I am struggling with navigating how to work within the website but am finding it challenging in getting a back and forth communication with my editor which is what i need

benan.kh says:

at 2021-12-21 20:26:00


1.2 out of /5.0

They need to keep eye on their work, what I mean here do not trust them and read their work carefully, because when you ask them to correct some parts of your essay they will change word or phrase or just by adding or deleting one sentence. revise the paper 100 times and keep return to your instruction to make sure that they did all that you want. also, there work not professionalas they say and the quality of work not high and not as you expect. the writer maybe not professional in specific major.

ribslive says:

at 2022-01-08 14:32:00


3.5 out of /5.0

First time using site and not a good experiance at all. wont be coming back

201214895 says:

at 2022-03-04 19:34:00


2.6 out of /5.0

Writers should be aware of the content they put and use sources that actually exist

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2.5 out of 5.0