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AssignmentGeek Review

3.2 out of 5.0

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AssignmentGeek Review


  • Loyalty program
  • Free extra services


  • Low-quality service
  • Inconvenient order form
Owned by Cyber Jam Limited
Years in operation 8
Minimal price per page $15.79
Deadline 12 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Assignment Geek with a bright and animated design. Well, too bright, I would say. Pink, blue, purple, orange. Was someone trying to draw a rainbow? I usually prefer calmer styles, so for me, their design was distracting, and it was hard to concentrate at first. Like most writing companies, they are proud of the writing team and guarantee excellent results to students.

Assignmentgeek main page

I checked Assignment Geek reviews and noticed the lack of negative comments. All students praise this company and give 5 stars, which is rather suspicious.

Is this writing service really great? Is Assignment Geek legit? I will tell you what I think about the company and its writers in my Assignment Geek review.

Client helpdesk

I found all the necessary information on the website but decided to contact the support team to get a discount (I did not notice it in the "Prices" section). It was a pleasure to chat with an agent. She was friendly and did not make me wait for an answer.

My ordering story

Those Assignment Geek reviews gave me hope for a reliable and professional writing service. I was so enthusiastic and immediately placed an order.

Is Assignment Geek scam? No, I received my essay and even a day earlier than the set deadline.

But I would better wait for another day and receive the paperwork of better quality. There were typos, misspellings, and grammar mistakes. As a reliable source of information, the writer decided to use Wikipedia, so the structure and general level of the paper were satisfactory, maybe for high school students but definitely not for college.  

Assignmentgeek.com review: paper ordering

When I see the order forms like Assignment Geek has I always have a feeling that they want to collect my personal data. You have to create your account or continue with your Google. 

Assignmentgeek order form

They don’t have a price calculator on their webpage so practically feeling in the ordering form is the only way to find out the price you'll have to pay. And if it’s too high and exceeds your budget. You can change your mind and continue looking for another writing service but you have already wasted your time on creating an account, filling in the form, and have provided your personal data. And if you want to continue with this service anyway, but just want to make some changes in your order to make it cheaper, you’ll have to fill out the form from the very beginning. 

Besides, in the last step, you can select "the best expert in my field." I do not know its cost, but $38 was added to my paper's price.

Fee discounts and pricing

As I wrote above, there is no possibility to find out the price of a paper before placing an order. This platform does not have a price calculator and only provides. But that’s not all, to make it even worse they indicate the price not for a page but for 100 words. It’s super uncomfortable because to understand an approximate lowest price you will also have to train your math skills. 

Assignmentgeek pricing

I would like to give more information about their prices, but as you know, the order form is awful and makes it impossible.

Speaking of additional services, they do not have them and offer a free title page, reference, simple outline, abstract, and plagiarism report.

There is a discount for the new customers that you can find in the "Prices" section. But this promo code will give only 5% off on your order.

Assignmentgeek.com: revision requests

The revision policy is clear and without pitfalls. At Assignment Geek, you can request a free revision within 10 calendar days since the paper sample was submitted to you.

If your writer is busy with another order, then a new specialist will be assigned to you. In case of a paid revision, you can request another writer to work on the revision.

Assignmentgeek: outcome quality

Is Assignment Geek reliable? After reading a written essay, my answer is "No." I was not satisfied with the final quality of my work, I didn’t expect it to be so poor, especially considering the fact that the topic wasn’t difficult at all. Plus, they didn’t provide me with the promised free revision, even though any of their free revision rules were violated. 

Author's competence

Well, I think it’s obvious what my opinion is about the writer’s proficiency. It is not enough to provide the services, at least the writer that was fulfilling my order didn’t have enough knowledge in my field to do it. I don’t know whether all writers of this service are the same or it was just my “lucky” day, but when thinking of all those positive  Assignment Geek reviews, I think that maybe they were written by the service itself, and that’s the only topic they are ready to show their proficiency in.

Assignment Geek: customer reviews

When I started searching for AssignmentGeek reviews, I decided to visit my favorite feedback platforms like SiteJabber and Trustpilot. They contain only 35 Assignment Geek reviews, but the company's ratings are high, from 4.7 to 4.9.

I was shocked and placed the order without a doubt. However, having received a poor-written paper, I have one question, "Did real students leave those comments?"

Regulars' benefits

You participate in the loyalty program automatically by placing an order at this company. It is based on the quantity of earned points, and each point corresponds each paid USD:

  • If, at the time of placing a new Order, the Customer has over 750 points, he/she is eligible for a 5% Loyalty Program discount applied automatically;
  • If, at the time of placing a new Order, the Customer has over 1500 points, he/she is eligible for a 10% Loyalty Program discount applied automatically;
  • If, at the time of placing a new Order, the Customer has over 3000 points, he/she is eligible for a 15% Loyalty Program discount applied automatically.

In case of a refund the number of points will be automatically recalculated. 

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Is assignmentgeek scam? I got a paper from them, but the first thought after reading it was, What did I pay for? The essay structure was weak, and almost every paragraph contained a grammar error.
Is assignmentgeek legit? AssignmentGeek sets a 10-day limit for requesting one free revision, but there are many conditions that you should know before ordering. In any case, be ready to edit a paper on your own.
Is assignmentgeek reliable? Definitely not! I was disappointed with my paper and could not get that miserable free revision! At first, the support agent ignored me, and then he simply refused with stupid arguments.
Is assignmentgeek safe? This writing company does not have problems protecting customer personal data, and I did not get spam from them. But do not count on many free revisions, as you have only one!
Is assignmentgeek trustworthy? I would not order from them again and do not understand the students' reasons to praise this service. Did they get professional help at Assignment Geek? I do not believe them!

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Comments (17)

Mr_AHarris1 says:

at 2021-01-25 19:33:00


3.0 out of /5.0

i felt as though the extra 25 dollars i spent for a pro writer was for nothing and any ohand writer could have done just as good. I was recommended by a friend that spoke highly of this this sight an said id get an a for the price i pay. Knowing my teacher i don't believe ill receive that. I am hoping for at best a B probably will rely on my own skills in the future

krofide says:

at 2021-02-19 17:08:00


2.9 out of /5.0

Not at all satisfied since the quality of writing remain same after several revisions Keep repeating same messages - automated massages that does not appear real to situations. No recommendations for others to order for a paper in Finance


at 2021-05-12 21:23:00


3.3 out of /5.0

Never was able to submit one by the hours I paid for and my class is closed now Not at all I will never use this service again and will not be referring anyone

cutie.pie020 says:

at 2021-06-06 17:10:00


0.5 out of /5.0

To hell this service. The writer wrote a shitty paper and then didn't even try to revise it. Waste of money Terrible. I ask for help on a revision and they really did nothing. They obviously didn't check the revision because it was shit. He literally copied and pasted what I said over his piece of shit paper. Then added two headers to make it look longer. What a fucking joke. Is there a 0? No I will not use this website again or recommend this service

theaviator818 says:

at 2021-06-21 21:14:00


3.7 out of /5.0

Last time I am using this service

kendrick.moore45 says:

at 2021-12-09 21:38:00


2.8 out of /5.0

Did not do what I said. Rewrote paper 3 times after already providing paper for revision. Only thing i needed for them to do was show edits as stated description.

arasaras_001 says:

at 2022-02-03 21:28:00


2.1 out of /5.0

i'm really disappointed, when I ask for pro writer i thought i will not ask for revision but i ask 3 times and still not fix, i have to fix it by my self, wasting my time and money, the website become more worst

khideptrai says:

at 2022-03-20 09:59:00


2.3 out of /5.0

Multiple sources were not correct or even cited properly. Mutliple requests for revision ignored clearly identified grammar, spelling, and context problems. This paper was not anywhere near the "Top" level quality of previous papers. Customer Support does not seem to have any quality assurance verification of the paper before it is returned to the customer. Greatly disappointed with this service and hope my decision to make use of it for other papers will not be regretted. I am already starting to make time to write the papers on my own given that this paper required so much scrutiny. I would have failed on the improper use and citing of sources alone!

justaliens says:

at 2022-04-04 19:38:00


2.5 out of /5.0

i looked on plagiarism checkers and it said no plagiarism detected, but when i examined the paper, it was in APA when i specifically asked for MLA very disappointed

kara00 says:

at 2023-05-02 08:34:00


0.8 out of /5.0

They did write a paper, but it's clear that all of this is automatically generated. This is not a real person who writes it.

lori.44 says:

at 2023-03-31 22:52:00


2.3 out of /5.0

I was giving it one more chance and am super bummed that the writer didn't understand the instructions or how to construct a professional powerpoint. Many many many revisions, paying 250.00 for this, it should be amazing with minimal revisions. I would like a refund or a partial refund, this was ridiculous.

ali12salah says:

at 2023-07-02 16:22:00


0.8 out of /5.0

There is only one reference, im really disappointed, im an old customer and this is the worst paper I got from you guys.

hmelod61 says:

at 2023-06-27 16:41:00


1.5 out of /5.0

Writer did not follow the directions well.

sherise7437 says:

at 2023-06-29 20:00:00


2.8 out of /5.0

the customer support is excellent however I paid for 3 assignments all with the word documents on how to do the assignments all 3 was done wrong time after time I can believe this

ortiz0068 says:

at 2023-07-16 14:50:00


0.5 out of /5.0

This was the worst paper I have ever read. Most of the sentences and paragraphs I reviewed were difficult to understand because the grammar and syntax were abysmal. I was very disappointed to have paid so much and gotten so little. I'm going to end up rewriting most of it. I will never be purchasing a paper from here nor will I be recommending it to my friends. I advise all busy college students to save their money and instead but their papers at literally anywhere else. The customer support was automated and also pretty awful.

Rebekahe says:

at 2023-07-15 13:37:00


3.0 out of /5.0

I asked for sub headings to be used and they were not used

sopheadary says:

at 2023-08-01 12:09:00


1.7 out of /5.0

I got a very bad experience with the assignment geek. they work very careless in writing. their English is very poor and they don't think of any broad idea. i waste much money and time but what i got is useless paper.

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2.5 out of 5.0