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by Will Martins/ Updated December 13, 2018
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1. Site overview

3.0 out of 5.0

Hello, and welcome!

Today we’re going to review another custom paper writing service with its benefits and drawbacks. I have to admit that there is an array of issues that make this service not that great compared to its competitors. It’s called Bid4Papers, and my impressions regarding this company are highly mixed, to be honest.

bid4papers home page review

Basically, the website itself does not contain anything eye-catching and aesthetically pleasing. However, at the same time, I like the fact that the website tries its best to explain how does this service work and what are its major advantages.

Still, the contents of the website are less concerned about providing you the details of the order process, especially when you face certain problems with revisions, payments, refunds, etc.

All in all, from the main page of the website, you can access such sections as prices, FAQs, the description of how does Bid4Papers work and two more sections that have really pissed me off. Let me tell you why.

First, it’s the “Latest orders” section that only provides the feedbacks of the clients about orders (I thought that this section would be more focused on providing at least partial samples of their work). Instead, we can see there something close to this:

bid4papers writers commentsSecondly, it’s the “Support” that does not really provide any kind of support to a potential client; it just tells about how the company’s Support Team works. Like, both these sections make no sense to me whatsoever.

2. Support team

As we already started discussing the company’s support team in the previous section of this Bid4papers review, let’s keep on analyzing them. In short, you shouldn’t expect too much from these guys.

It’s because you cannot access immediate assistance through chat. You cannot call them because they don’t have any phone number – all you can do is to write them a ticket and wait for approximately 7-10 minutes for a response. Like, I don’t mind using this option to provide support, but I’m against making it the only channel of communication with the buyers.

bid4papers support chat

As you can see, I was wondering whether it was possible for me to send a paper for revision after approval. I was also asking about any bonus or loyalty program for long-term buyers. The support team’s response came 9 minutes after my question (by that time, I forgot about my questions and the fact that I have asked anything).

Secondly, instead of just providing a short reply to my questions, the Support Agent decided to overload my brain with unnecessary information that I was not interested in. Like, you see all this info about stuff that is not even closely related to my question. In total, the support’s reply should have looked like this:

bid4papers sales department chatThat’s what kind of an answer I was looking for – fast, short, and comprehensive. Instead, these guys take a long time to reply and provide you with really redundant and irrelevant info.

3. My experience

Is Bid4papers scam? I was looking for a short and easy paper about the effects of yoga on the human body and mind. It should have had three pages and should have been delivered in 4 days. I’ve paid $60 for this. What’s interesting about the prices of this company – they tend to pay their writers significantly less than you pay to the company.

My writer was supposed to work for $6 per page, and he coped with my order, I gotta admit that. However, there was no point in paying $60 to the company because I’ve wasted my time to place the order and to find a writer by myself.

I admit that the company hired the writer and offered him a possibility to work, but the price difference is too much for me. If it were a little bit lower, I would have ordered the plagiarism report, but I’ve decided not doing it.

chat with dib4papers writer

4. Order form

Cannot say anything special about the order form of this company. It just asks you to include your contact details, characteristics of your order that are limited to the deadline, number of pages, and style of referencing.
bid4papers order form

As you can see in the screenshot above, there are four stages in the order placing process. First, you include the instructions, second, you choose a writer, third you pay for the service and further you’re allowed to track its progress. Additionally, in terms of extra services, the company does not have much to offer.

They just can assign the writer for you and spare you from choosing a writer on your own. However, be prepared to pay extra for this. For example, my three pages would cost $80 with an automatically assigned writer; however, if I were to choose the writer on my own, the paper would cost only $60. The difference matters, right?

Another extra feature of this service is to mark your order as “Featured” for $4.95. This status means that your order will be somehow highlighted in the list of orders shown to the writers so that the best writers would place their bids faster. Don’t think that it’s a useful extra feature anyway.

bid4papers orderTherefore, I’ve decided to choose the writer on my own and work with him further on my paper.bid4papers writers to complete the orderNext, you’re asked to pay using PayPal. You can also pay with the credit cards that you generally use for various online purchases. You’ll have to register PayPal anyway because all the payments of these guys are being processed through this payment system.

I understand that it does not make much time and effort to register a PayPal account, but I believe that this limitation would scare off some buyers, as well.

5. Prices and discounts

As you might have noticed, Bid4Papers does not offer any type of discount or any other form of price deduction that would either attract potential buyers or stimulate making further purchases. The complete absence of referral program or some loyalty program also makes me highly biased towards the company.

It seems like these guys are living in the Middle Ages because they don’t realize the realities of contemporary digital business. Or maybe I’m just complaining too much. Whatever. The prices of these guys are also a great mystery for me. You won’t get any minimum or maximum price for a particular order depending on its complexity and its deadline. You just get something like this:

bid4papers prices

Obviously, these are not the highest prices on the market; however, I don’t really understand how they are being calculated. It also seems like there are no limits to the price changes because they are highly dependent on the writers’ bids that are not regulated by the company.

Or they are regulated, and we won’t know about it. So, I don’t like the fact that the company’s price policy is somewhat shadowy.

6. Revisions

Is Bid4papers legit? Remember my conversation with the support about the revisions after approval? Let me remind you, these are impossible and you will have to place a new order if you want to amend something after you release the money to the writer.

However, while the order is still in progress, you can send as many revision requests as you want. Eventually, there was no need for revisions. The writer did an above-average work, which was fine by me.

7. Final quality

The paper was about yoga, as you might remember. It was ok for me. Additionally, my professor has given it a B, which was also fine for me. I didn’t have to write the paper myself.
Like, you can check the quality by yourself because the writers can provide you with the preview of their writing before getting assigned to your order.

bid4papers writers bidObviously, the paper has not been written by an ENL. Of course, there were some minor mistakes and typos, especially when taken into account the punctuation, but anyway, it was ok for me.

8. Writer`s proficiency

As you can see in the screenshots mentioned below, the writers here are working under nicknames and refuse using their real names, which is fine, I guess.
bid4papers writers chat preview

Despite the fact that the writer was rather slow in his responses and his actions, he was still very much eager to start working on my order, which I liked. And eventually, he provided a paper of the satisfying quality. 

At the same time, I still don’t understand why did I have to pay that much. I mean, the writer here gets $6 per page, which means he gets $18 for my paper. The order costs $60. Here’s the question in this regard: “where did the rest $42 go?”

9. People talking

I started looking for Bid4papers reviews. People don’t talk much about these guys. I could find just one review on Sitejabber, but I can’t judge work of the company by the only one feedback. Scamfighter evaluates them as 2.5 out of 5, which is not a good mark.

bid4papers review at scamfighter This website does not have TrustPilot account, which is already a red flag for me.
bid4papers reviews ata awriterSo, this situation can be explained in two ways. There’s either not many buyers working with this service or the experiences of the buyers are that bad so they don’t want to share them. Lack of continuous flow of feedbacks and reviews is not a good thing anyway because it shows that the company is either delivering a bad service or is not capable of gathering buyers (which may be explained by the bad quality).

10. Pros and Cons


    • Possibility to choose a writer and check his writing skills before paying for the order.


      • Website’s content is more focused on stimulating the buyers to make purchases instead of providing as much information about the company and the service as possible.
      • The support team that is slow and not really helpful.
      • Rare and mostly negative reviews online.
      • The pricing policy is shadowy, and you cannot calculate the price of your order beforehand.
      • No revisions after approval, no refunds at all.
      • No loyalty program and no discounts.
      • Extras that make little sense but cost a lot.

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