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  • Updated: March 12, 2024
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  • Author: Will Martins

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CheapestEssay Review


  • Affordable prices


  • Poor paper quality
  • No paper extras
  • Plagiarism
  • Fake CheapestEssay reviews
Years in operation 8
Minimal price per page $6.53
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy yes

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I love companies that try to position themselves as a lifesaver for students but, in reality, only make their problems worse. My CheapestEssay review will be completely honest as I didn't find even a hint of legal information or the owner of this company. CheapestEssay is positioned as the top British writing service. At the same time, the company is allegedly based in Columbus, OH, which looks ridiculous. So is CheapestEssay legit? Let me get started, and I'll tell you all the details.

Customer care

Support agents are one of the main issues I want to discuss in this CheapestEssay review. When I opened this website, they started bombarding me with messages like, "Hi. Do you need paper? Is there anything I can help you with? Why don't you answer me? Should I call 911? Can I perform the academic demon-summoning ritual? Do you mind if I eat ice cream because I'm hot?"

I understand that the goal of these guys is to get me to place the order as quickly as possible. But why bother me as soon as I opened the website? Also, I contacted these guys via online chat and hotline, and they weren't as talkative as they were at first. Moreover, support agents did their best to avoid direct answers to questions about the brand owners, the main office, and the refund policy.

Cheapestessay.com review: my impressions

I ordered a classic 2-page college argumentative essay and asked the writer to describe why education should be free. I also asked an expert to describe the potential advantages and disadvantages of such a step for any state. I was sure that the expert would cope with such a mission and my CheapestEssay review would be short. But I was wrong. The writer gave just two reasons why education should be free. In addition, the only mentioned drawback was concerning the financial aspect of the state.

CheapestEssay Order form

Also, I wouldn't say I liked that the entering sentence was clichéd. And I didn't see a clear thesis statement. Body paragraphs looked like a bomb had dropped on them. In addition, the writer copied four sentences from Wikipedia. Finally, I don't understand why the company hires such amateurs. Surely these guys have come up with nothing smarter than paying for a couple hundred fake CheapestEssay reviews instead of hiring professionals.

Cheapestessay.com: purchase form

In general, the order form looks ok. But it won't affect my CheapestEssay review. The company has not added any extra options or the ability to choose a writer. I don't understand why these guys wasted eight years instead of making the website attractive to students.

Pricing & discount deals

The company's pricing policy is acceptable because the cost of one page is £6.53. Given the automatic discount of 20%, this looks attractive. But the quality of service is so poor that even a 100% discount would not make me place a new order here. These guys should work on the quality of services and not on increasing their discounts. Then my CheapestEssay review would be less negative.

Cheapestessay: revision policy

The company provides free revisions. At the same time, the quality of such services is so low that you will not notice the difference. The writer spent two days improving my essay, but I saw no significant changes. That is why my CheapestEssay review is like a George Carlin stand-up show.

Final verdict

As a result, the writer improved only the introductory paragraph. The rest of my essay was terrible. I don't understand who writes positive CheapestEssay reviews! You should be ashamed if you think this company writes good papers! Even a child could handle my essay better!

Writer's expertise

If you compare the skills of the writers of this company with macaques, then they are professionals. But if the comparison is between people, I would not be so categorical. Moreover, I'm not sure that the experts hired by the company are real writers. Their formulations and arguments are at the level of a ten-year-old child. That is why I would not recommend this writing service to you.

Cheapest Essay: public opinion

I found hundreds of positive CheapestEssay reviews, which surprised me. But then I started to analyze sites like SiteJabber, TrustPilot, and Reviews.io. At this stage, I realized that the company tried to manipulate the reviews but failed. Moreover, people are dissatisfied with the unprofessionalism of the writers, the complicated procedure for the return of money, and missed deadlines. Generally, the company has a mixed reputation, so you should be careful.

CheapestEssay Reviews

Member benefits

I didn't find any loyalty program or CheapestEssay reviews covering this aspect. Most likely, the company has relied on affordable prices and automatic discounts. However, this strategy proved to be a failure.


Is CheapestEssay a scam? No. However, this terrible writing service can hardly provide you with polished papers.
Is Cheapest Essay legit? I'm not sure about this. The thing is, I didn't find any legit information, so you have to be careful.
Is CheapestEssay trustworthy? No. I would have more confidence in a man who asked me to put my hand in a hornet's nest.
Is CheapestEssay a good service? No. This company cannot provide you with quality academic services, so find an alternative.

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