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Custom-Writing.org Review

2.5 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: November 21, 2023
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

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Custom-Writing.org Review


  • User-friendly website with easy navigation;
  • offers discounts for first-time customers.


  • Mediocre paper quality;
  • questionable customer support;
  • lack of useful paper extras;
  • unclear refund procedure.
Owned by CoStudy OU
Years in operation 17
Minimal price per page $12.00
Deadline 1 hours
Revision policy yes
Refund policy yes

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I stumbled upon custom writing.org in my quest for a reliable academic aid, and their offerings appeared comprehensive at first glance. They boast a range of services, covering everything from essays to complex dissertations, which seemed promising for a student juggling multiple deadlines.

Deciding to test their services, I navigated their user-friendly website, enticed by the guarantees of original content and a professional writing team. Yet, my encounter was far from the excellence they promised. As I delved deeper, the initial sheen of their well-designed website began to tarnish, revealing a service that didn't quite live up to its assurances.

Customer support

My first real interaction with custom writing org was engaging with its customer support. Expecting the 24/7 assistance they advertised, I was met with lengthy wait times and responses that lacked the promptness and professionalism I anticipated. Despite their claims of round-the-clock availability, my attempts to reach them by phone repeatedly hit dead ends. I resorted to their live chat, where the conversation with the representative was underwhelming.

They directed me towards filling out forms rather than providing immediate assistance. Even when I read through custom-writing.org reviews, hoping my experience was an anomaly, I discovered a pattern of similar grievances. The lack of direct and efficient support when facing academic pressures can be disheartening, and unfortunately, this was the case here.

My experience

I approached customwriting.org with a specific need: a 2-page college essay on environmental economics, a subject requiring a strong grasp of theory and an ability to relate it to current ecological challenges. I provided a detailed brief, emphasizing critical analysis and contemporary relevance, expecting that they claimed professional and academic writers would handle the task with expertise.

My disappointment was palpable when I received the work. The essay lacked depth, and it was clear that the writer did not align with the rigorous academic standards necessary for my assignments. Errors in basic concepts and a lack of engagement with recent research showed that the customer's academic needs were not at the forefront of their service delivery.

Order form

Navigating custom-writing.org reviews, I hoped to find reassurance before submitting my order. While the reviews were mixed, I proceeded, giving the writing service the benefit of the doubt. The order form process was straightforward, but that was the only aspect that met my expectations.

As I filled out the form for my essay, I noted the absence of a field for detailed instructions, which should be integral to any writing service. The lack of customizability within the order form was a red flag I unfortunately overlooked. This rigidity in their process might explain why the final essay I received did not reflect the nuanced approach required for my topic.

Discounts and pricing

The basic price is $12 per page. When I initially considered custom-writing.org for my essay, the potential savings highlighted by the custom-writing.org discount code were quite appealing. The website offered a 15% discount for first-time users, which seemed generous.

However, as I examined their pricing structure more closely, I realized that even with the discount, the rates were steep compared to other services. The costs skyrocketed for a Ph.D.-level essay with a short deadline, and the value for money came into question when the final product did not meet expectations. The discount felt like a small consolation, given the overall expense and the quality of the paper delivered.


Upon receiving my paper, I immediately knew that revisions were necessary. The custom-writing.org rate for their services implies a certain standard of quality, which my paper did not meet. I revisited their website, this time to request revisions. The process was more complicated than I anticipated, with no clear guidance on invoking my right to unlimited revisions.

The response times were slow, and the revised version of the paper was only marginally improved, with many of the initial issues unaddressed. This experience highlighted that while the site promotes customer satisfaction, the actual effort to achieve it seems lacking.

Final quality

The final quality of my paper from customwriting.org was underwhelming. The writers seemed to have missed the mark on the critical aspects of the assignment, notably in the areas of argumentative depth and subject matter expertise.

The formatting, which is fundamental to any academic paper, was not up to par, with inconsistencies in citation styles and overall structure. This lack of attention to detail compromised the paper's integrity, making it evident that the writers tasked with my paper lacked the necessary proficiency in academic writing standards.

Writer's proficiency

Expecting the best custom writing.org experience, I was eager to see the expertise of their writers firsthand, especially based on the positive reviews on custom writing.org I had come across. However, the proficiency of the writer assigned to my paper was questionable.

The writing lacked the analytical rigor and the advanced understanding of the topic I anticipated. It became clear that the glowing reviews might not always reflect the individual capabilities of their writers, and one's experience could vary greatly depending on the writer's specific academic skills and writing competence.

People talking

When discussing the custom-writing.org team, one expects a group of professionals capable of producing high-quality academic work. Yet, the conversation among students and online communities tells a different story. Many questions, "Is custom writing.org legit?" given the disparity between the service's promises and the actual output.

In my case, the team did not demonstrate the level of expertise or commitment I was led to expect. This disconnect has understandably sparked debates on forums and review sites, where students share experiences of inadequate writing and poor service, fueling doubts about the legitimacy of the team's qualifications and the service as a whole.

Loyalty program

The loyalty program is often a highlight when considering long-term services, which made me wonder, is there a custom-writing.org scam? The promise of cumulative discounts is enticing, suggesting that continued service use would be financially beneficial. However, given the issues with the paper quality and customer service, the loyalty program loses its luster.


Is Custom-writing.org a scam? No. Custom-writing.org is not a scam; it provides legitimate writing services, although the quality and service may vary.
Is Custom-writing.org legit? Yes, Custom-writing.org is a legitimate service that has been operational for several years.
Is Custom-writing.org safe? Custom-writing.org seems to be safe, offering secure payment methods and confidentiality guarantees.
Is Custom-writing.org cheap? Custom-writing.org is not necessarily cheap; prices range based on deadlines and academic levels and may be high for urgent needs.
Is Custom-writing.org trustworthy? Custom-writing.org has mixed reviews regarding trustworthiness due to quality inconsistencies and customer service issues.
Is Custom-writing.org a good service? Custom-writing.org offers a comprehensive service, but its effectiveness is variable, and it may not always be a reliable option for high-quality academic writing needs.

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2.5 out of 5.0