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Hartle 1998 Review

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  • Updated: December 14, 2023
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

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Hartle 1998 Review


  • 10% first-order discount
  • Rates as low as $10 per page


  • Poor research and writing performance
  • Fake Hartle 1998 reviews on Reddit
  • Unclear website owner and foundation date
  • Ambiguous revision and refund terms
Owned by N/A
Years in operation 2
Minimal price per page $10.00
Deadline 4 hours
Revision policy yes
Refund policy yes

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Let's start this Hartle 1998 review with a simple fact: the number 1998 does not stand for the company's foundation date. The website entered the academic writing market in 2021. And though the footer promises the Jamie Hartle company is based in the US, I have my doubts. My concerns are mainly based on other lies I'll uncover for you. 

Client helpdesk

The live chat bombarded me with stock messages, but when I tried contacting the support agent about fake claims in Hartle 1998 reviews, they weren't too forthcoming with answers. Instead, they continued to push me into placing the order, promising excellent writing and low rates. All my chats with the support team were pretty much useless.

My ordering story

Before writing this Hartle 1998 review, I ordered a persuasive piece about the benefits of vaccination. I wanted the writer to juxtapose the issues caused by the Covid pandemic with the proven effects of vaccination for other infectious diseases. And I made it clear I wanted the writer to argue in favor of the vaccination, though not mandatory shots.

Hartle1998.com review: paper ordering

The order form was one of the biggest surprises I encountered while working on my Hartle 1998 review. Although most fields were standard (i.e., number of pages, topic, deadline, formatting style, etc.), the writer choice gave me pause. Before that, I didn't realize most of the writers were not native English speakers. The website wanted me to pay 30% extra for an ENL writer, which would cost almost $100.

On the bright side, Hartle1998 didn't play coy with the pricing and let me watch the order total adjust as I played around with different parameters. And I didn't have to register before placing the order, which is always a good thing in my books. 

Fee discounts and pricing

High schoolers' prices start at $10 per page, though they rise to $33 per page on the shortest (4-hour) deadline. For college students, the cheapest rate is around $13, though it may be higher, depending on the year you're in. 

As some Hartle 1998 reviews mentioned, the company offers occasional deals. I got lucky and found a discount code for 10%, which brought my order total from $76 to $68.40, which seemed like a reasonable price for a 4-page essay on a 5-day deadline. 

Hartle 1998: revision requests

The Terms and Conditions promise a free revision if you request it within 48 hours of the deadline. Unfortunately, you can only get free corrections if you don't make any changes to the order or the paper, and you need to set a new deadline, which tells me the revision process is pretty lengthy. By the way, none of the handful of Hartle 1998 reviews I read mentioned successful revisions. 

Outcome quality

I'm not sure I can be objective with my Hartle 1998 review because the writer did not deliver what I ordered. I wanted a persuasive piece in favor of vaccination but got the opposite. Moreover, some of the writer's arguments were nonsense, resembling conspiracy rants more than academic research. Besides, the essay lacked the parallels between existing vaccines and anti-Covid treatment, which was a critical aspect of the paper. Basically, I paid $70 for a piece I'd never be able to use. 

Hartle1998: author's competence

As mentioned in this Hartle 1998 review, I chose the "Best Available" writer option, so I'm not sure how Advanced or ENL writers would fare. The person working on my essay was not a native English speaker, judging by their word choice, phrasing, and sentence structure. Although they tried to make the paper look smarter by adding thesaurus synonyms, it made the piece completely unreadable.

Customer reviews

There were five Hartle 1998 reviews on Trustpilot and none on SiteJabber. At the same time, the company claimed to be the best writing service according to Reddit reviews. A quick search produced a couple of doctored posts and enough complaints to make me doubt them further. The company's reputation is not as good as it wants you to believe, so I recommend you double-check every review.

Hartle1998.com: regulars' benefits

I kept my eyes peeled for offers when researching for this Hartle 1998 review, but I saw no mention of special offers or deals for regular customers. As I'm not going back for more subpar essays, I don't care either way.


Is Hartle 1998 a Scam? No, but it's an incredibly shady company with fake reviews and false claims.
Is Hartle 1998 Legit? Unclear. I couldn't find the company name beyond Jamie Hartle, supposedly registered in the US, though I have my doubts.
Is Hartle 1998 Trustworthy? No. The website is full of bald-faced lies, including customer reviews on Reddit and elsewhere.
Is Hartle 1998 a Good Service? No. You may get a passable paper, especially if you're ready to pay extra for an Advanced or ENL writer. But the chances of getting a good grade are slim.

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