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by Will Martins / Updated September 17, 2022

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A lot of learners struggle with composing a study paper intro. Even though it seems like a simple task, it forces undergraduates to work hard to compose a catchy opening that can make others keep exploring an academic document. If you don't know how to write an introduction for a research paper, you're at the proper place. In the post beneath, you will discover how to craft an opening of outstanding quality. Besides, you will find a research introduction sample to get the ball rolling.

What’s an Introduction in a Research Paper?

Indeed, the intro is the initial and the most influential part of any educational task. It helps people comprehend the main paper's idea and what they will find out. Furthermore, the introduction paragraph for research paper can deliver additional facts regarding your study and its importance for a certain area. Also, there is one more vital thing to mention. It helps catch the readers' engagement. In essence, it forces them to examine a paper in more detail. Therefore, a properly composed intro can help you compose a study paper of impeccable quality that will be scored with a top grade.

Key Ingredients of a Good Introduction 

A top-tier introduction of a research paper ought to imply certain components. These components help boost the overall quality of academic tasks submitted by scholars. In case you desire to craft an analysis assignment of impeccable quality, its intro should imply the subsequent elements:

Attention Hook

Remember, it's vital to grab readers' engagement if you don't know how to start a research paper intro. These days, people have access to a limitless amount of data on the Internet. They can freely find any information with a few clicks. Meanwhile, people don't have plenty of time to explore your document in more detail. If you don't want people to skip reading your paper, you need to hook their awareness from the start. To do so, you need to use an attention grabber. It can be a fascinating fact, statistics, or a famous person's quote.

Problem Estimation

Readers should clearly understand a problem reviewed in an analysis paper. Otherwise, chances are high that they will skip reading it. Consequently, it's recommended to provide thorough background data first to help readers comprehend the investigation goal. Be succinct when sharing data to help people comprehend a problem and its value for a certain niche. It's a key to writing a research paper introduction of top quality.

Strong Thesis Statement

A striking statement is a key aspect of a fine introduction to research paper. It is a fragment of a document that describes the outcomes of your scholarly document. It has to imply succinct data about your findings.

How to Write a Striking Intro for Your Research Project

Do you desire to compose a top-notch introduction for research paper but don't comprehend how to do it? Keep exploring the post and discover how to compose a striking intro step by step.

Draw Attention

First of all, it's needed to draw the awareness of readers. It's required to state an intriguing fact in your project. The fact, quote, or statistics need to grab readers' engagement and force them to keep exploring your document. Feel free to find a research paper introduction sample and analyze it to discover how to attract attention and force people to delve deeper into a document.

Present Your Subject

Next, you need to state the subject to help people scrutinize a reviewed concern. Feel free to share valuable details to help understand the value of a reviewed problem and its impact on a distinct audience. Share crucial information about a reviewed topic by using one or two sentences.

Describe Background

Readers need to have plenty of facts to comprehend a concern of a conducted investigation. Since the introduction paragraph for a research paper shouldn't be the largest component, you have to convey it briefly. Keep it as short as possible and frame the central subjects to tell more about a problem.

Share Thesis Statement

It is a fundamental element of each introduction paragraph format for research paper. In a nutshell, it is the closing element. It notes the main point or claim in your analysis. Usually, it is short, but many scholars struggle to compose a striking thesis. Fortunately, there are a lot of online tools for generating a professional-grade thesis statement.

Specify Objectives

It is a non-essential part that can be integrated. In case a prepared thesis statement can hardly define all the purposes, feel free to specify them in more detail.

Outline Your Paper

If your paper implies a lot of chapters, it's also recommended to recap it at the end of the intro chapter. Feel free to map out your document and note what you will write about in your investigation.

Example of a Catchy Introduction in a Research Paper

One of the finest ways to comprehend how to compose an introduction to a research paper is to read a sample. Feel free to read the sample below to clear out any possible uncertainty you may have.

Research Paper Introduction Example

The rise of social media adoption increased the dependence of teenagers on feedback from strangers. The fast-paced social media spread leaves no chance for the younger generation to avoid it. Most of them have active accounts on the most popular social media platforms. Today, youngsters spend many hours browsing the Internet and exploding posts published by others. The ability to communicate and get feedback from many strangers simultaneously creates a dependence on others' opinions on the Internet. To keep their profiles popular, they are forced to create and publish content of perfect quality under their personal profiles. The goal of the essay is to explore the problem in more detail. In this essay, I will define the key aspects of the growing popularity of social media and its impact on teenagers.

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