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by Will Martins/ Updated December 5, 2019
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1. Site overview

3.1 out of 5.0

Hi guys and straight to the point! This site looks cozy. It is really hard to explain but I wanted to wear pajamas, drink cacao and eat marshmallows while looking at their simple but catchy design. Things I don’t normally do. Moreover, it seems that my iwriter review starts with thoughts about mum’s cooking! I guess it’s due to their soft colors and relaxing pictures.


Is iwriter legit? They are characterized as a service for writing original content for websites. It sounds legit. However, address, office hours and contact form, links to facebook and twitter make them a bit shady.

The Home page offers features for both customers and writers, explains how everything works here in 5 easy steps, depicts their main statistics, most prolific and highest rated writers.

Navigation is a bit crude. The upper toolbar doesn’t work and I had trouble scrolling and closing samples. 3.5 out of 5 (for coziness).

2. Customer support

Customer support here is quite simple. They don’t provide 24/7 support and have office hours 9 am – 5 pm ET. Nothing remarkable and yet it wasn’t so bad! Naturally, they have answered me after a while. Support team seemed to be skilled. Answers were precise and helpful. Again, 3.5 out of 5 for not having live chat.

3. My experience

After signing up, I have placed an order for an article. I have done it only once and everything was quite OK. Well, that article wasn’t rocket science either. Please mind that you have to add funds first. Is iwriter scam? I don’t think so, because I have obtained what I wanted. 

4. Order form

An order form has two steps and the first step is a video about using step 2. An order form is quite common and user-friendly. You can select among articles, rewrites or eBooks/Kindle. As you see, options are limited. Nevertheless, you can choose different languages. It wasn’t helpful for me, though. I needed English.

Notably, you can select a writer’s level: standard-premium-elite-elite plus. Naturally, the final price depends on the word count and the writer’s level. I have paid $ 7.8 for a 700-word premium article.

5. Discounts and pricing

The pricing policy is very clear and they offer different prices for articles, rewrites and Kindle/eBooks. Let’s take articles as examples. The word count ranges from 150 to 6000 words and the prices vary:

  • from $ 1.4 to $ 46.5 for a one-star standard writer’s level;
  • from $ 3 to $ 99 for a two-star premium writer’s level;
  • from $ 4.7 to $ 132 for a three-star elite writer’s level;
  • from $ 13 to $ 435 for a four-star premium writer’s level.

iwriter discounts

There is no standard level for rewrites and there aren’t standard and premium levels for Kindle/eBooks. Naturally, prices and word count are higher. Frankly, the pricing policy is transparent as well as formidable here. For instance, a 35000-word elite plus eBook may cost you $ 3805!

One more thing. They only use PayPal which isn’t always convenient and a bit suspicious. It sucks! For example, a textbroker vs iwriter duel demonstrates the prevalence of the first one if we talk about payment methods.

6. Revisions

Their motto is ‘You never pay a dime until you’re 100 % satisfied with the content we write for you.’ You can monitor the progress and you have 3 days for approval. Otherwise, you are charged automatically. If you are not happy with their work, don’t approve it and send it for a revision.

7. Final quality

I have sent the article for a revision once to make it more or less agreeable. There is nothing to add.

8. Writer’s proficiency

A premium writer’s article was neither outrageous nor ingenious. It was just passable. A simple article that I have checked to make sure it was ok. It was quite OK. Elite writers are obviously better and you can pick one of them.

9. People talking

As I see it, iwriter reviews are mostly about issues that deal with writers rather than clients. I don’t think all written statements are true, but writers present a definitely negative attitude towards this site job opportunities.

iwriter reviews

As for iwriter reddit shows both negative and positive feedback. There will always be someone for and against such services like this one. I guess it’s quite common, isn’t it?

10. Loyalty program

Unfortunately, the loyalty program hasn’t been detected! It is probably because of the low initial prices of standard and premium levels. I assume the most popular ones.

11. Pros and Cons

This platform is more likely to be the bridge between customers and writers. My verdict is that this service is appropriate for some limited types of assignments. It’s quite good at writing articles. Nevertheless, we can find better iwriter alternatives for various assignments.


  • cozy design
  • agreeable service
  • reasonable prices
  • on-time delivery
  • free choice of performers.


  • terrible navigation
  • lack of payment methods
  • absence of live chat. 

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