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Megaessays Review

2.8 out of 5.0

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Megaessays Review


  • Extensive storage of different papers if you're in need of some additional information or reference for your own work


  • Too primitive website's design and confusing functionality
  • Doubtful credibility of their writers so that you should think twice if you want to cite their papers in your own work
  • Slowest support team ever, as it needs 24 hours to reply to you
  • In total, you pay for references that you could have gotten for free elsewhere
Owned by Not Given
Years in operation 20
Minimal price per page $20.00
Deadline 0 hours
Revision policy No
Refund policy No

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Megaessays.com, established with a mission to serve the academic needs of students, positions itself as a reliable writing service provider in the competitive market of essay writing services. The company's goal appears to be providing accessible and comprehensive essay writing solutions, targeting students who need assistance with their academic writing tasks. Megaessays aims to be a one-stop solution for students' academic writing needs.

User Experience

My experience with Megaessay started with navigating their website to order a paper. The interface was somewhat user-friendly, but I encountered a few glitches. The interaction with support agents was a mixed experience; while they were responsive, they sometimes lacked clear communication skills.

Megaessays.com: Paper Quality

I downloaded a 5-page research paper from Mega Essay, focusing on mindfulness, meditation, and personal growth. Unfortunately, the final product was disappointing. The paper lacked depth, with superficial analysis and several factual inaccuracies. It also contained numerous grammatical errors and failed to adhere to the specified academic style. The writer seemed to have a limited understanding of the subject matter, resulting in a subpar paper that did not meet the basic requirements of a well-researched academic piece.

Price to Quality Ratio

Considering the minimal monthly price at Megaessays.com is $19.95, the quality of the papers is awful. The price, which might be considered moderate in the market, did not reflect the level of quality expected at this price point. The paper's shortcomings in research depth, accuracy, and writing quality made the cost seem unjustified.

Megaessays.com: Discounts

During my experience with Mega Essays, I encountered no substantial discount offers. The absence of discounts or special offers for first-time users or bulk orders was noticeable. This lack of discounts could be a significant drawback for students who are often on a tight budget.

Checkout Process

It's not like they have any type of order form; they just have three options to pay for the subscription: you can pay for 30-day, 90- or 180-day access to their papers. That's it. Like anything else on this website, the ordering process is minimalistic and too straightforward. By the way, there's no discount program and no loyalty program. You just pay and get access to someone else's papers.

Writer`s proficiency

Is megaessays safe? Can you trust their experts? The writers' proficiency here seems rather doubtful because there's no possibility to check their academic level and overall credibility before checking the paper. So basically, you must waste time browsing this paper storage, hoping to find something you can paraphrase safely.

Moreover, it's not like you take the scholarly articles from academic journals that have been verified and that contain some new interesting information concerning your topic. In other words, you cannot cite their papers in your work because they are not credible sources.

People Talking

Is Megaessays legit? In my comprehensive analysis of Mega Essays account feedback, I scoured numerous platforms like Reddit, Quora, Sitejabber, and TrustPilot, along with other review aggregators. The overwhelming consensus in the reviews was predominantly negative. A common thread among the dissatisfied customers was the poor quality of the papers received.

Megaessays.com: Guarantees and Customer Support

Addressing the query, "What is Megaessays.com?" it appears that Megaessays.com positions itself as a professional academic writing service. However, the guarantees offered by the company are vague, and the effectiveness of their customer support is questionable.

Megaessays.com: Loyalty Program

In my exploration of Megaessays.com reviews and my own Megaessays review, I found no evidence of a structured loyalty program. The absence of a loyalty program is a notable gap, especially for a service targeting repeat business from students.


Are Megaessays.com scam claims true? The myriad issues, ranging from poor quality writing lack of effective customer support, to the absence of a loyalty program, culminate in a service that falls short of expectations. So, you should find an alternative.


Is Megaessays.com a scam? While not a scam in the traditional sense, the service quality is significantly lacking.
Is Megaessays.com legit? Despite being a legitimate company, the effectiveness and quality of their services are questionable.
Is Megaessays.com safe? The safety of the service, in terms of transaction security and product quality, is debatable.
Is Megaessays.com trustworthy? Based on the overwhelming negative feedback, their trustworthiness is highly questionable.
Is Megaessays.com a good service? Given the numerous issues and dissatisfied customers, it does not qualify as a good service.

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Comments (4)

vladisi says:

at 2023-11-16 17:46:00


1.7 out of /5.0

The quality of the text was faraway from the TOP-writing. There were not enough arguments, very general ideas poorly connected with my topic. The only one positive moment is the flow of writing, nothing more. There were a lot of revisions, but most of them contained changes in the couple of sentences without additional proofs and references, which could explain and support the arguments of the writer. The support team work awful: they ignored my compliance, provided wrong information and asked me for additional payments many times, despite I have payed extra already. They can not guarantee that the writer made all necessary revisions and changes. They didn't remember their own promise. Only one positive moment is the speed of answers - they answered within the 5 minutes. But a lot of the times the answers didn't contain relative information about the topic - just something. The final problem was the pdf conversion. Couple of authors tried to cheat and put wrong page numbers in the text. So I have asked the support team many times to provide the writing with the correct citations and references. But all the time they have problems with 'convector' and I couldn't see sources names and page numbers in writing. I don't recommend this service.

misha.rani75 says:

at 2023-11-26 23:10:00


0.8 out of /5.0

not much happy with the service provided this time

bmcdermott9 says:

at 2023-12-06 16:34:00


1.0 out of /5.0

I have had too many papers come back from the professor that were poor quality or not completed. 0.00 for grades are unacceptable.

Adam.bo says:

at 2023-12-16 17:05:00


1.3 out of /5.0

I'm having to completely restructure the paper. The sentences don't make sense, it was clearly written by someone who doesn't speak english well. There are too many phrases and filler words, but it's even hard to restructure the sentences because I can't understand what point they are trying to make. I may have to toss this and start from scratch.

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2.5 out of 5.0