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Mypaperwriter.com Review

2.5 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: November 21, 2023
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

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Mypaperwriter.com Review


  • A comprehensive range of services offered;
  • well-designed website interface.


  • High prices with a non-transparent pricing system;
  • quality of work does not match the cost;
  • inefficient revision process that fails to improve paper quality significantly;
  • customer support response can be slow and not adequately resolution-focused.
Owned by Webdolphin LTD
Years in operation 10
Minimal price per page $17.55
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy yes
Refund policy yes

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When I embarked on my Mypaperwriter review, I expected a service to ease my academic burden. However, what unfolded was a series of disappointments. Established in 2013, Mypaperwriter.com professes over a decade of writing assistance, yet its service quality does not mirror this experience. Navigating through their platform to gather information for this review, I encountered a well-designed website, but that's where the positives ended.

Customer Support

My interaction with Mypaperwriter.com's customer support was less than satisfactory. When I contacted them regarding an impending deadline for my order, their response lacked promptness and was not as helpful as I had hoped. The urgency of my situation seemed to elude the support agents, and the resolution did not align with the swift action required in deadline-sensitive scenarios.

Moreover, the toll-free number is only available to clients from the US and Canada, leaving international customers like me at a disadvantage. This experience was disheartening, to say the least, and contributed significantly to the negative aspects of this Mypaperwriter.com review.

My Experience

I decided to test Mypaperwriter.com with a 3-page college-level essay on Computer Science and asked the writer to describe the lithography process for M3 chips at factories in Taiwan. I sent detailed requirements, expecting their proclaimed team of experts to handle the scientific nuances easily.

However, the writer assigned to my work failed to meet the academic rigor my topic demanded. The paper lacked depth, and the arguments were superficial at best. The referencing style was incorrect, and despite several revisions, the work did not meet my expectations. It felt the writer was not specialized in the subject area, which led to a subpar paper.

Order Form

Approaching the order form, I was wary of the Mypaperwriter scam whispers I had encountered online. The process required my personal information upfront, which already set a tone of discomfort. As I progressed, I noticed the lack of transparency regarding the pool of writers and their qualifications. The order form did not provide an insight into the writers' expertise, which should be a fundamental right for all customers. This opaqueness in selecting a writer for my project was unsettling.

Discounts and Pricing

In my Mypaperwriter prices review, I need to be candid – affordability is not their strong suit. The minimum price is $17.55 per page. For a two-page college essay with a one-week deadline, the bill was a steep $70.08. This price point could be justifiable if the quality matched, but in my case, it certainly did not.

The company does offer discounts, but these are contingent on you ordering a substantial number of pages, which seems more like a commitment than a benefit. In essence, for a service that positions itself within a competitive market, Mypaperwriter.com's pricing strategy does not align with the mediocre quality it delivers, casting doubt on the company's value proposition.


"Is Mypaperwriter reliable?" This question lingered in my mind as I navigated the revision process. After receiving a paper that required substantial edits, I expected the revisions to be timely and thorough. Instead, the turnaround time was slow, and the revisions were marginal, failing to address the core issues of content depth and analytical insight. After several revisions, the paper still had typos and grammatical mistakes, indicating a lack of attention to detail. For a service that promises high-quality output, the time and effort it took to attain a barely acceptable paper version was disappointing.

Final Quality

The final quality of the paper I received after using this writing service was underwhelming. Despite the glowing reviews on Mypaperwriter that I had seen, my essay was riddled with issues. The analysis lacked depth, the structure was disjointed, and it seemed the writer had only a superficial understanding of the topic. Evidently, the essay would not stand up to the scrutiny of academic standards. If this writing service upholds these standards, students should tread cautiously before entrusting their academic work.

Writer's Proficiency

Addressing the concern: is Mypaperwriter.com fraud or not? Based on my review, I would not go as far as to label it a fraud, but their writers' proficiency is questionable. The essay I received was a testament to this. It lacked the expertise and the academic rigor that one would expect from a professional service. The issues persisted after several revisions, suggesting a systemic problem with the writer's proficiency levels at Mypaperwriter.com. This review is a caution for students seeking assistance to manage their expectations or seek services elsewhere.

People Talking

Is Mypaperwriter.com a good service? The conversations I've encountered paint a mixed picture when determining if it is a good service. At the same time, some users may have had a satisfactory experience, and a significant number express discontent. This "Is My Paper Writer legit?" question often pops up in forums and discussions. From my experience, the service operates legally, but legitimacy in academic assistance also hinges on quality and reliability, which seems to be lacking based on my engagement.

Loyalty Program

Delving into the loyalty aspects of Mypaperwriter.com paper writing services, they attempt to attract customers with a tiered discount system. However, the question, "Is Mypaperwriter cheating?" arises when considering the high threshold for these discounts to kick in, which may not be practical for all students. These loyalty discounts are only beneficial if you plan to order a large volume of pages, which might not be the case for every student.


Is Mypaperwriter.com a scam? No, Mypaperwriter.com is not a scam. It is a legitimate service offering academic writing for various levels and purposes. However, the quality and value for money can be areas of concern.
Is Mypaperwriter.com legit? Yes, Mypaperwriter.com is a legitimate online academic writing service. They offer a broad spectrum of writing services and have operated for several years.
Is Mypaperwriter.com safe? While Mypaperwriter.com is safe in terms of conducting transactions, the confidentiality of personal information, and the provision of original content, the academic safety of using such a service should be evaluated by individual users based on their academic integrity policies.
Is Mypaperwriter.com cheap? Mypaperwriter.com is not cheap. Their services are priced higher than average, and without a transparent pricing system, customers may find themselves paying more than anticipated.
Is Mypaperwriter.com trustworthy? Based on mixed customer reviews and personal experience, Mypaperwriter.com's trustworthiness can be questionable, especially regarding the consistency of paper quality and adherence to client specifications.
Is Mypaperwriter.com a good service? Mypaperwriter.com has strengths, such as a comprehensive range of services and a user-friendly website. However, whether it is a good service depends on one's experience, as there are concerns about the quality of the writing and the effectiveness of their customer service.

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2.5 out of 5.0