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by Will Martins/ Updated January 21, 2020
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1. Site overview

3.9 out of 5.0

This site has quite an ordinary background and design. I cannot say it is very convenient, but it is quite user-friendly. The company casts itself as a personal educational aide and class tutoring company.

This company has worked since 2007, and it seems they have a lot of experience in providing writing and tutoring services. However, a long history of the company has nothing to do with the design of its site. Let’s check what kind of advantages and disadvantages my review has revealed.

2. Customer support

Their support was quite ordinary. However, it’s important to admit that this company doesn’t provide you with 24/7 support. Thus, there are two ways to contact – either filling in a contact form or getting a callback. The agent’s assistance wasn’t prominent; it was just simple and common.

3. My experience 

My online class tutors review has found out that there were four types of services being provided. You can get assistance in exams, essays, homework and maths (or stats) labs. I have ordered an essay on history, with an overall length of 5 pages.

My essay has been delivered on time and it was almost normally written. The deadline was 10 days, so they had time to deal with it properly. 

4. Order form

The order form is unusual a bit as you have to point out the reason why you need to use the services of this company. Some reasons they offer to pick out are a difficult subject, work, hard time understanding, personal issues, and some others.

Then it is needed to type a title of an essay. As for me, the order form looks unsightly. That’s why you won’t find bright epithets in my onlineclasstutors review about it. 

5. Discounts and pricing

As for prices, they seem to be a bit high. My essay has cost me $108 plus RT Tax. One page of an essay costs $21.60 with a 10-day deadline. If there is any urgency, the price rises to $54 per page. Your work will be delivered within 6 hours in this situation.

There are no pricing table and instant calculator that makes the process of ordering a bit inconvenient. You don’t know the final price unless you fill in the form. This company offers promotions, so if you have a coupon code, you may apply it. I didn’t have one. 

Moreover, there are many ways to pay. You can use various credit, debit and prepaid cards or other payment methods and systems such as PayPal. Is onlineclasstutors reliable? Well, it seems to be quite reliable. 

6. Revisions

Revisions are offered, and tutors are not paid unless customers are fully satisfied. Furthermore, editorial support is automatically included in your cart. I have used a revision once in order to check whether they change anything. I had my reasons, though. There were some typos and slight spelling and grammar mistakes. 

7. Final quality

The final quality of my essay was quite satisfactory. It wasn’t the ideal one. However, it wasn’t terrible either. I didn’t want them to take my online class; what I needed was essay writing. Is onlineclasstutors legit? It sounds like it is legitimate.

8. Writer’s proficiency

The problem is that I can’t describe that writer as excellent or prominent, and there is no use describing them as unprofessional. My writer was just OK. Of course, there were some mistakes.

The language was quite simple and understandable, the terminology seemed to be adequate. There are steps to be undertaken to achieve perfection. However, tutors here have at least some experience of writing papers.

9. People talking

Different onlineclasstutors reviews express both positive and negative attitudes towards this company. As for onlineclasstutors reddit shows no results. Those few adequate reviews that I have seen tell us that the main problem was with typos and slight grammar mistakes.

It seems that this service isn’t very popular or unknown to the general public at large. Some people didn’t like the company’s support. The others disliked tutors’ style of writing. Apart from such reviews, there were a couple of extremely positive and totally negative ones. 

10. Loyalty program

Apart from a promotional code, other tracks of a loyalty program haven’t been detected. This fact is quite unpleasant. However, it can be overlived.

11. Pros and Cons

As for the pros and cons, it is necessary to admit the following.


  • on-time delivery;
  • free revisions and editorial support;
  • client security.


  • quite high prices and absence of the pricing table;
  • absence of 24/7 support;

Services represented on the company’s site differ from other writing services. However, helping with online tests passing or maths labs don’t make this company a unique one. At least, this company works, and tutors’ assistance may be used if needed. The overall performance is average.

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