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PaperWriter Review

4.3 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: January 31, 2023
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

Short overview

PaperWriter Review


  • Affordable paper prices
  • OK paper quality
  • Honest PaperWriter reviews
  • First-order discount


  • No paper extras
  • Glitchy order form
Years in operation 23
Minimal price per page $10.80
Deadline 6 hours
Revision policy yes

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PaperWriter is one of the oldest writing services I've ever seen. The company was registered in Northern Ireland in 1999. Many modern students are younger than this company! By the way, the brand is owned by NIC INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LP. This company enjoys a good reputation in Northern Ireland, the UK, and America. So is PaperWriter legit? Let me start this PaperWriter review, and I'll walk you through all the details!

Customer Support

You can contact support agents via online chat, email, or hotline if you have any questions. I tested all options in preparation for my PaperWriter review, and here's what I found out. First, these guys are competent in answering even tricky questions. The average response time is no more than four minutes. In addition, these guys were polite and waited for me to formulate new questions, even if it took more than five minutes. By the way, I have not seen PaperWriter reviews that would negatively mention support agents.

My Experience

I ordered a 2-page college argumentative essay on History and asked the writer to describe the key reasons for the collapse of empires. I offered the expert a list of relevant studies and sent detailed instructions. Also, I did not ask the writer to mention specific countries; I decided to wait for the results. Luckily I didn't have to regret my decision, so I got a good paper.

PaperWriter order form

And now, let's move on to a detailed PaperWriter review. The opening paragraph was very good. I saw a clear thesis statement and hook. The writer also gave examples from the Roman Empire, the Russian Empire, and the USSR. I saw common patterns and the desire of the rulers to retain power in any way, including through constant military interventions.

Some ideas were slightly emotional and biased, but the writer followed my instructions, so I decided to ignore such things. In addition, my paper was well written, and I only found a few typos. In general, my PaperWriter review went in the format that I expected. By the way, after a quick revision, my paper looked polished.

Order Form

Now let's talk about the order form. The design and overall interface look user-friendly. Despite some quirks with extra tabs, I could order my paper and attach all the instructions quickly. Overall, my user experience is similar to what others have seen while reading PaperWriter reviews. With a few clicks, you will be able to submit your order.

Discounts and Pricing

The company's pricing policy is acceptable because a page's cost starts from $10.8. Depending on the type of order or current promotions, your discount can be up to 20%. When I ordered my essay, I received a 5% discount. Therefore, my PaperWriter review will be positive as I am happy with the prices and overall result.

PaperWriter price calculator


If you argue why you need revisions, the writers will polish your paper for free. And you don't have to look for any PaperWriter reviews to confirm this fact. So instead, I asked support agents for a quick revision and got a polished paper in twenty-five minutes.

Final Quality

As I said, I'm happy with the final result. The writer followed my instructions and was able to quickly correct some of the nuances that did not suit me. In general, I did not regret starting this PaperWriter review. Maybe you should check out this website too. In any case, I got what I needed, and I know that many companies would not be able to provide such a detailed historical analysis.

Writer's Proficiency

The writer did a good job and was attentive to detail. Despite the excessive emotionality, I received a paper that corresponded to my academic level by 100%. In addition, I had no problems with communication and receiving updates. That is why I am extremely happy with the result. Most likely, the company's owners realized that hiring professionals is a much more profitable investment than endless marketing campaigns and bold statements.

People Talking

I was slightly surprised when I saw PaperWriter reviews on SiteJabber, TrustPilot, Reviews.io, and Quora. For reasons unknown to me, there are not as many comments about this site on the Internet as I previously thought. At the same time, most of the reviews are positive. People describe their experience and recommend this company to others. I did not find any comments with any serious claims or shocking details. All in all, you can trust this writing company.

PaperWriter rewiews on Sitejaber

Loyalty Program

I did not find any loyalty program or special offers for regular customers. Perhaps the company is not yet ready to offer more than a standard discount. However, I'm still pleased with the result, given the overall paper quality. By the way, support agents told me that the company plans to integrate a loyalty program next year.


Is PaperWriter a scam? No. It is a reliable writing service that does not deceive customers.
Is PaperWriter legit? Yes. It is a legit brand registered in Northern Ireland in 1999.
Is PaperWriter trustworthy? Yes. You can trust this company and writers even if you don't have much time to delegate papers.
Is PaperWriter a good service? Yes. If I had to order a new paper from this website, I wouldn't hesitate.

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