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PaperWriter Review

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  • Updated: March 12, 2024
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  • Author: Will Martins

Short overview

PaperWriter Review


  • Affordable paper prices
  • OK paper quality
  • Honest PaperWriter reviews
  • First-order discount


  • No paper extras
  • Glitchy order form
Years in operation 23
Minimal price per page $10.80
Deadline 6 hours
Revision policy yes

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In the overwhelming sea of online writing services, PaperWriter presents itself as a veteran entity, boasting of its establishment in 1999 in Northern Ireland. It even flaunts its longevity by mentioning that several of today's students are younger than this grandiose company. Affiliated with NIC INTERNATIONAL SERVICES LP, it claims to have cemented a favorable reputation not only in Northern Ireland but also in the UK and America.

Yet, one cannot help but pose the critical question, "Is paperwriter.com legit?" At first glance, it is a beacon of reliability in the industry. But as we delve deeper into this comprehensive paperwriter.com review, it becomes increasingly apparent that its longevity might differ from quality and reliability.

Paperwriter.com review: client helpdesk

The first point of contact between a client and any online service is usually customer support, and herein lies the first series of red flags. Although they claim to be reachable via various mediums such as online chat, email, or hotline, the experience could be more satisfactory. 

Engaging in conversation with the support agents, I found them to need to be more competent in handling even the most straightforward queries, contradicting the picture painted by several paperwriter.com reviews that highlight their competence.

When you dig deeper, you'll find that the average response time, which doesn't exceed four minutes, is a stretched truth, especially when waiting considerably longer. Although they might wait patiently while you formulate new questions, this patience comes across as more of a strategy to mask their inefficiency. 

More alarming is the need for more paper writer reviews that mention these discrepancies and bring the shortcomings of support agents to light, which raises concerns about the authenticity of the positive feedback floating around.

My ordering story

In an earnest effort to give a firsthand paper writer review, I embarked on a journey to test their services. I ordered a 2-page college argumentative essay on the complex and significant topic of the collapse of empires. Not wanting to restrict the creative freedom of the assigned writer, I refrained from mentioning specific countries, offering instead a list of pertinent studies and detailed instructions.

To my dismay, the delivered paper was a concoction of emotional and biased perspectives, barely holding onto a coherent argumentative thread. The so-called "expert" who handled my essay seemed to have taken liberties with the historical facts, presenting them with a tint of personal opinions, which no academic paper should contain. While some paper writer reviews may gloss over these issues, labeling them minor glitches, a discerning eye would not fail to notice these glaring shortcomings that severely undermine the paper's credibility.

Paperwriter.com: paper ordering

Venturing further into the intricacies of the service for this paperwriter review, I focused on their order form. While it might seem user-friendly initially, navigating through it is nothing short of navigating a labyrinthine maze filled with unnecessary tabs and options that complicate the process unnecessarily.

The design and overall interface, which ideally facilitate a seamless ordering process, instead create more roadblocks, testing the patience and endurance of any prospective client. Comparing this with other users' experiences in paperwriter reviews, it's evident that the seeming ease of the order process is nothing but a well-crafted illusion, disguising underlying chaos and lack of organization.

Fee discounts and pricing

On the surface, PaperWriter seems to lure clients with its seemingly affordable pricing, starting at a mere $10.8 per page. But the facade begins to crumble when one ponders on the vital query, "Is paper writer legit?" especially concerning their discount policies. Offering a meager 5% discount can hardly be considered a generous gesture, especially when weighed against the quality of the work delivered.

Furthermore, the tiered discount system, which purportedly can go up to 20%, appears to be still being determined, with most clients only managing to avail of the minimal discounts, irrespective of the volume or complexity of their orders. This paper writer review must recognize this discrepancy, which creates a chasm between the expectations set by the company and the reality that meets the clients.

Revision requests

It's alarming that PaperWriter is normalizing the necessity for revisions, offering them for free as if to compensate for the inconsistencies in the initial drafts. Although this might seem like a saving grace, it raises pertinent questions regarding the proficiency and expertise of their writers. Relying on "paperwriter reviews" to validate the claims of efficient revisions seems futile when the firsthand experience speaks volumes about the lackluster initial submissions.

Moreover, the back and forth with the support agents for revisions consumes valuable time and leads to mounting frustrations as one needs help to get their instructions and expectations understood and met adequately. This extensive paperwriter.com review, therefore, advises potential users to tread cautiously, prepared for a possibly exhausting revision process.

Paperwriter: outcome quality

Despite being swayed momentarily by the few aspects where the paper met expectations, this paperwriter.com review cannot overlook the glaring inconsistencies and quality issues. The final quality leaves much to be desired, casting doubts on the supposedly stellar reputation boasted by PaperWriter.

Objectively, one might argue that the paper had some merits. However, the overshadowing negatives - the biased perspectives, the undue emotional undertones, and the lack of depth in analysis - diminish the overall appeal. It brings us back to the nagging question, "Is paperwriter.com legit?" Based on the final quality of the work, the answer seems to lean towards a disappointing no.

Author's competence

As we venture further in this analysis, it becomes essential to scrutinize the proficiency of the writers employed by PaperWriter. While a handful of paperwriter.com reviews might sing praises of their attentiveness and skill, a closer examination reveals a stark contrast. Although proficient to some extent, the writers fail to maintain a balanced approach in crafting academic papers, often veering towards excessive emotional narratives that have no place in scholarly discussions.

Moreover, the claims of matching the clients' academic level are overstated, with the final submissions failing to exhibit a nuanced understanding and representation of complex topics. The communication and updates, although timely, cannot compensate for the evident lack of depth and scholarly rigor, making one question the legitimacy of the paperwriter.com reviews that show praises on the writers' proficiency.

Paper Writer: customer reviews

Diving into online feedback, one might come across paperwriter.com reviews on platforms such as SiteJabber, TrustPilot, Reviews.io, and Quora. What strikes me as odd is the discrepancy in the volume of reviews available, which is surprisingly low for a service claiming to have been in the industry for such a long time.

Furthermore, the prevailing positive sentiment in the reviews raises eyebrows, with the lack of critical evaluations making one question the authenticity of this feedback. Are these reviews genuine reflections of user experiences or a clever marketing ploy to lure unsuspecting clients? This paperwriter.com review leans towards the latter, urging potential users to critically analyze the reviews before deciding.

Regulars' benefits

Lastly, the need for a robust loyalty program further dents the already faltering image of PaperWriter. In a world where companies strive to reward and retain their loyal customers with enticing offers and benefits, PaperWriter's apathy in this aspect comes across as a glaring oversight. The vague promises of future integration of a loyalty program do little to assuage the disappointments of the current clientele.

This paperwriter.com review cannot overlook this glaring flaw, which undermines the supposed reputation and reliability of PaperWriter. It serves as a cautionary tale for prospective clients, urging them to weigh the pros and cons before entrusting their academic needs to this service.


Is PaperWriter a legitimate service? The legitimacy of PaperWriter is questionable due to red flags noted in customer support and writing quality. Users are advised to critically analyze reviews before opting for their services.
How proficient are PaperWriter's writers? The writers may not adhere strictly to academic standards, often incorporating personal opinions and emotional narratives, thus lacking depth and scholarly rigor.
What can I expect from PaperWriter's customer support? Customer support at PaperWriter is less competent, with longer response times than advertised, potentially masking inefficiency with patience.
Does PaperWriter offer a loyalty program? PaperWriter lacks a robust loyalty program, offering only vague promises of future developments in this area. Prospective customers should take this into account before choosing their services.

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