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by Will Martins/ Updated December 4, 2018
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1. Site overview

2.9 out of 5.0

Hello! It’s time to share my honest and unbiased opinion regarding – a paper writing service that promises all sorts of things. Is legit? It seems like a legit company, especially for those who never purchased anything from them. My review will not be hateful because I don’t really hate their service; however, I cannot call this company a good service provider either.

payforessay home page review

Just like the main page of says, it aims to offer “remarkable papers at a price you can’t resist.” Cannot say that prices are that low, but they are quite affordable. Basically, the website is rather informative and employs a user-friendly design. I liked that they had a price calculator and all the necessary information about their prices and additional services.

What I didn’t like, though,  is a large amount of redundant text on the page “About Us.” I appreciate long stories about their superb service, but I wanted a shorter version of it instead. Therefore, I decided to ask the support team of these guys details of their services.

2. Customer support

In short, every visitor of this website can communicate with a company’s representative via the chatbox, located in the right corner below. Moreover, even if you don’t want to talk to them first, the chatbot will initiate the dialogue by itself, asking whether you wanna talk to them.
I wanted. And that’s how my communication with support agent Ryan looked like:

support chat about payforessay discount

As you can see, I got my answers regarding their discount policy. At least,  I got one in relation to the first order that I placed. I was given a 15% Payforessay promo code for the order; still, I feel rather uncertain concerning future discounts.

I thought Ryan seemed a little bit robotic. He was only capable of giving binary answers like yes/no. Instead of informing me about their discount programs in full, he simply said that a manager would contact me.
Believe it or not, it sounded like a threat. Or, maybe, I imagine things, dunno.

3. My experience

I’m currently studying for my Master’s degree in Marketing while also working as an intern in a Social Media Marketing company. I really love studying the practical side of this profession, especially when it comes to figuring out a new algorithm of Instagram or Twitter functioning.

However, due to the fact that Marketing, as an academic discipline, has much in common with Economics, sometimes,  it is hard to understand a certain topic. Obviously, when it comes to a research paper that contains economic models or whatever, it means a burning hell for my brain.
So, I considered paying someone to get a research paper done for me.

I’ve paid approximately $116 for a Master level research paper to be done in 3 days. The paper was supposed to have 4 double-spaced pages formatted according to APA style.

Eventually, I don’t really complain about the paper that I got because the calculations seemed correct, and the overall mathematical side of the project was done fine. But I also hoped the content to be suitable for the Master level. Instead, the use of words and sentences was too generic. I can say even primitive.

4. Order form

Anyway, let us return to the initial stage of the order process. The order form is detailed and informative enough; though, I don’t really like its design and use of fonts.

There’s too much text on a small area that is really hard to read. I would have liked it to have several separate pages, or, at least, having a font that does not require a pair of binoculars to read. In any case, it gets the job done, as it collects all the data about the paper and calculates the order’s price. At the same time, it’s a real pain for my eyes.

payforessay order form
Once every detail of the order is collected, the order form asks you to pay for the order using either a credit card or PayPal, which is rather common for online services.

But at the same time, it’s 2018, and these guys could have tried to implement something more innovative like paying with cryptocurrency, why not? I mean, I’ve got my Ethereum ready to make transactions, but if you’re not willing to accept it, that’s okay. I guess.

5. Discounts and pricing

On the website’s page titled Prices, we’ve got a whole bunch of different price options for each deadline and academic level. I mean, it’s not bad that these guys have gathered all the possible price combinations, but I would’ve appreciated something more simple and easy to understand.

Especially taking into consideration that I’m really bad at understanding digits. I mean, it’s hard. So, it’s better using a more simplified price calculator here, I think.

payforessay prices

As for the discounts, remember the 15% discount for the first order? I think that’s all that these guys can offer. I did not really see the website mentioning any discount except this one.

It’s a shame they don’t have something oriented on long-term partnerships with their buyers.
Additionally, they offer a bunch of services, which I didn’t use. I don’t want VIP support and SMS-notifications, but if you’re in need of those, the company provides this for a relatively fair price.

payforessay services

6. Revisions

I did not use the revisions, although the company offers an unlimited number of revisions according to their revision policy. Basically, as I said previously, it was an okay paper, but it really required the use of more complex language, I think.

I’ve got the paper by the deadline, but I’d appreciate it to be completed earlier so that I had time to send it for revision.

7. Final quality

Is Payforessay reliable? I have got the paper, but it was not ideally written. The calculations and the corresponding explanations have been done well enough, but I did not really like the flow of the paper and the numerous typos.

As a result, the paper looked really unprofessional, and it seemed to be completed by a non-native speaker, who knows how to do the math. Is Payforessay scam? Maybe, not. I have got the paper, although I had to proofread and rewrite some portions to make it more readable, and professional in explaining the chosen topic.

8. Writer`s proficiency

I’m not sure what the writer’s major specialization was. It seemed like he was good at Economics but really terrible at writing. Okay, not that terrible. But primitive and generic.

Yes, that’s right – too generic to write content for Master-level paper. I’d give it 6 out of 10. The support team obviously assured me of different writing levels before placing an order.
payforessay writers

9. People talking

I’ve tried to check the rating. I wanted to figure out if the company provides mediocre papers on a regular basis. And guess what did I find? A whole bunch of pre-ordered feedbacks and only a minority of real responses, telling that people were not satisfied by the service.

As I told you, I’ve experience in Social Media Marketing, and I’m capable of detecting pre-ordered feedback. Just look at this.
payforessay reviews
payforessay reviews at sitejabberThat’s why all the positive reviews contain only a couple of sentences and consist only of generic praising words. Meh.

10. Loyalty program

It was hard, but I’ve managed to find info about their loyalty program. In order not to overwhelm you with unnecessary digits, just check the reply of the support team, regarding the loyalty program, and you will understand how it works. Hopefully.payforessay loyalty program

11. Pros and Cons

So, is safe? Let’s summarize what we can say about its pros and cons:

  • Average price per page.
  • The support team is capable of providing sufficient information, despite being a bit robotic in responses.


  • Pricing page and Order placement pages are too complicated and hard to understand.
  • No discount program.
  • Paper quality is mediocre at best. I had to proofread and rewrite some sections by myself.
  • ESL writers.

That is the end of my review. Now, it’s up to you to decide,  if you want to trust these guys. I’d rather say that they helped me a bit with the task that was too complicated. Although,  I did not expect that I’d still be revising and rewriting the paper, for which I’ve paid. Hehe

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