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Study Acamy Review

2.5 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: January 14, 2023
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

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Study Acamy Review


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  • A shell company;
  • awful paper quality;
  • no support team;
  • no real reviews;
  • no refund or revision procedure.
Years in operation 1
Minimal price per page $15.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy no
Refund policy no

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Site Overview

Study Acamy is a very strange writing service. The company was established mid-2021 and did not share any legal information on the site. The design is similar to a WordPress template, not a commercial site. In addition, this is a shell company that redirects you to the StudyDriver.com website. So is Study Acamy legit? Before showing all the cards, let me explain everything in more detail.

Customer Support

You will not find any way to contact support agents. While creating my Study Acamy review, I saw that the site was redirecting users to StudyDriver.com. This site has a hotline and online chat. However, technically you will be asking the other company questions, which is a scam. In addition, support agents did not answer me even after 24 hours! Their hotline is constantly busy. That's why I was happy to find negative Study Acamy reviews on Reddit.

My Experience

As I said earlier, this is a shell website. So you will have to order your papers on StudyDriver. I was surprised when I had to use the AI chat to order. Firstly, you can order only an essay. Secondly, you will not be able to activate any extra options. That is why I commissioned a 2-page college essay on Sociology.
For this Study Acamy review, I chose the "Sociological Deviations of Modern Society" topic. The writer had to describe how modern social deviations change the public outlook. I also sent a file with instructions. But the writer could not properly formulate the basic terms, not to mention a detailed analysis of social deviations.

So I advise everyone to read the Study Acamy reviews before ordering anything from here.

Order Form

You will not be able to select any parameters or extra options. In creating this Study Acamy review, I had to use an automated chatbot which was very inconvenient. I don't understand why the company took this step. In addition, you have to choose a writer who will craft your paper. But I am sure that all writers are fake. About a dozen people immediately offered writing services when I placed an order. That is why never ignore Study Acamy reviews and be careful.

Discounts and Pricing

Theoretically, the price starts at $15, but this is my experience. When I wrote this Study Acamy review, the minimum price was fifteen dollars. At the same time, there are no price ranges on the site. Read Study Acamy reviews, and you can draw up a price range. By the way, the highest price per page is about $70.


There is no mention of revisions on the original site. The second website also does not have a clear revision procedure which surprised me. I created this Study Acamy review from a neutral point of view, but I am outraged by such a cheating position of the company.

Final Quality

As for the final quality paper, the writer created a terrible paper without following the instructions and with many grammatical errors. Reading such Study Acamy reviews, you should understand what level of writing awaits you on this site.

Writer's Proficiency

My order was delegated to an orangutan, who somehow partially learned English. How do you like this analogy? Forget about this company and never try to order anything from there! I always try to be objective, but this level of cheating pissed me off.

People Talking

While analyzing the Reddit forums, I found a few dozen negative reviews. Unfortunately, this is all I could find out about the company's online reputation. Sites like SiteJabber and Reviews.io don't have reviews. People either do not know anything about this company or have not even tried to place an order.

By the way, I found only one review on Trust Pilot.

Loyalty Program

You will not find any loyalty programs on this website. Moreover, you will not find even a mention of the fact that regular customers exist. On the contrary, those who dare to order papers from here run without looking back! This Study Acamy review is a warning, so don't make a mistake; do not trust this company!


Is Study Acamy a scam? Yes. It is a scam company. That is why you should stay away from this website.
Is Study Acamy legit? No. It is a shell company that does not legally exist.
Is Study Acamy trustworthy? No. It is just one page that redirects you to another writing service.
Is Study Acamy a good service? No. Even the monkey in the zoo will write your paper better!

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2.5 out of 5.0