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by Will Martins/ Updated March 1, 2020
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1. Site overview

3.0 out of 5.0

Puppets are one of my biggest pet peeves, so you know this We Take Your Class review is off to a good start. The first screen was so promising I was ready to “get a free quote” and forget all about my World Lit essay.

Curiosity killed the cat, and so it killed my good first impression. As soon as I went a couple of pages deep, the website turned creepy like it had been sloppily put together by high schoolers learning HTML. No wonder the copyright seal has been last updated in 2012. 

take my eview

And don’t get me started on the video. You don’t want to watch it in the dark room in the middle of the night, trust me. 

take your eviews

2. Customer support

At first, I thought the online support had lightning-fast fingers with how quickly they provided answers to my question. That was before I realized they copied stock answers that had little to do with my issue.

customer support

But you know me, and I pressed further to get to the bottom of the pricing range. I didn’t want to waste my time filling the form if I couldn’t afford their services. The answer I got was offhand like the manager decided I wasn’t worth their time. I wouldn’t give their online support more than 2 out of 5.

3. My experience

Weird is putting it mildly. I thought I’ve seen everything when it comes to these writing websites, but I was wrong.

Nothing could have prepared me for this strange company that doesn’t want you to know how much money their services cost. At times, I felt like I was the one convincing company representatives to “please, take my money, and let me become your client.”

And I still see that professor puppet in my nightmares. I do have a vivid imagination, thank you very much!

4. Order form

There isn’t much of an order form. All they want is your contact information and some notes on the paper. However, during my enlightening talk with the online support representative, I also learned that they want you to upload your class syllabus along with the notes.

I bet they’d prefer to have your school, class, and professor’s name as well, just in case you are difficult. 

order form

Don’t expect to see the order total until you receive a return email with an estimate and an invoice. Care to guess how much time this whole process takes?

5. Discounts and pricing

Remember how I rave about calculators front and center on the first screen? That’s because it’s an awesome feature that lets me know the price with just a couple of clicks. But why make my life easier, when you can only hint at costs and make me jump through hoops to learn the price?

take your iscounts

I had to fill in the form and request a free quote only to learn that my 3-page essay on a 3-day deadline would cost nearly $100. It’s no wonder they don’t post prices on the homepage. No one would order anything at these prices! But since I’ve already invested my time, I had to go through with it.

Oh, and if there had been discounts, I wasn’t lucky enough to get them.


6. Revisions

I honestly have no idea about Takeyourclass revisions or refunds, because there is no legal information anywhere on the website. However, their FAQ page claims you will get their work for free unless you get A or B for the assignment. Let me know if you manage to wrangle a refund from them!

7. Final quality

Is Take Your Class legit?

I have to admit the essay was good. Not perfect, but what is? The writer did a good job finding reliable sources and laying out the arguments. I went through the paper after receiving it to correct a couple of mistakes and add transitions.

However, I could have gotten two pieces for the same price on some websites, and the quality wouldn’t have suffered much.

Besides, I can’t be sure my solid piece wasn’t a one-off. It might have been a tactic to lure me in with good writing to make me keep paying those insane sums. Unfortunately, I don’t trust this website enough to keep spending that kind of cash again.

8. Writer’s proficiency

I can’t say much about the writers, because there’s no info about them on the website. I’m not sure the one working on my essay was a native speaker. However, they had a good enough grasp of English to avoid awkward phrasing.

Overall, the writing was good, though I doubt I’d get the same quality during the finals weeks.

9. People talking

Or are they? 

I did not find any We Take Your Class reviews on Trustpilot and SiteJabber. That’s very strange for a company that has been around for over seven years, don’t you think? The lack of We Take Your Class complaints is even more unsettling than non-existent praises.

I had to rely solely on my own research and blame my endless curiosity for the money wasted. Do not repeat my mistakes!

10. Loyalty program

I would love to tell you everything about loyalty discounts for regular customers in this Take Your Class review, but I can’t because there isn’t one. At least I couldn’t find it.

Considering how closely this company guards their prices and payment methods, I doubt they have lots of returning customers. Who would want to waste time on building a loyalty program for a handful of students masochistic enough to use Take Your Class?

11. Pros and Cons


  • No negative takeyourclass.com reviews


  • No positive takeyourclass.com reviews
  • Ridiculous quote requesting system
  • Unclear prices and weird payment method
  • No revision or refund guarantees

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