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Writemyessay4me Review

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Writemyessay4me Review


  • User-friendly website


  • Really low paper quality for the price you pay
  • Rather mixed reviews about the company and the service
  • Absence of urgent orders
  • Limited number of extras
Owned by Edu Storm Ltd
Years in operation 8
Minimal price per page $15.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Upon first encountering Writemyessay4me.org, my curiosity was piqued, though I remained cautious. As someone with experience in exploring various writing services, I immediately noticed something potentially misleading behind the aesthetically pleasing facade of their website.

The color scheme, particularly the purple and the font reminiscent of vintage Vine memes, caught my eye. But beyond the appealing visuals, the website's layout was notably clear and user-friendly, with a comprehensive price calculator and easily navigable buttons leading to essential service information. This led me to wonder If Write My Essay 4 Me legit – a question many students ponder when considering online academic assistance.

My Personal Experience with Writemyessay4me

Needing an eight-page English paper completed swiftly and on a tight budget, I decided to try Writemyessay4me. Unfortunately, my experience was disappointing. Despite the writemyessay4me coupon, the paper, which cost me $240, arrived a day late, was poorly written, and lacked proper proofreading. This experience left me feeling let down by Writemyessay4me, especially considering the price I paid.

Evaluating the Paper Quality

After registering and paying for my order on Writemyessay4me.org, I communicated with the assigned writer to clarify certain aspects of the paper. Despite their assurances, the final product was subpar.

The writing did not reflect that of a native speaker, and there was ambiguity regarding the writer's qualifications. This experience raised concerns about the writemyessay4me legit status and the opportunity to provide customers with high-quality papers.

Discounts and Pricing

As you might have already noticed, these guys offer a 5% writemyessay4me.org coupon code for new buyers, and they offer 10% and 15% for more long-term clients. Keep in mind, you've gotta spend more than $2000 on orders to get 15% which is a quite big sum of money. This discount will be available only if you order papers regularly.

Writemyessay4me.org prices are medium. $12 per page is not the lowest price on the market, and it is possible to find much more affordable services. You can see the price calculation table for yourself and choose the most appropriate price.

However, I've got questions concerning their Free Features. All the features like plagiarism check, unlimited revisions, reference pages for your paper are not really free features because these are the vital components of each and every paper that you get from a custom paper writing service. Anyway, I hope that these free features will look like valuable benefits for new buyers. In total, it's not expensive to order a paper from these guys, which is already an advantage.

Order Form

Despite the fact that I've got some concerns about the convenience of their order form, it was still adequately made in order to gather all the relevant information, inform the buyer about the price and collect the payment.

By the way, they are accepting both PayPal and credit card, which I appreciate because I prefer using PayPal when it's possible.

The choice of fonts and the overall design is rather questionable, and I would have advised them to use something more comprehensive and user-friendly.

For me, there's too much overlapping between the respective sections of the order, and it's really easy for me to forget including something in the order details. But maybe that's because I'm just lazy and inattentive.

Considering extras, they don't have that much. They are offering only more expensive writers to work on your order, which will cost $60 extra. At the same time, you can forget about the urgent deadlines here.

Writemyessay4me works only with the deadlines longer than 12 hours. I mean it's not really bad; however, I guess more buyers would appreciate having the possibility to work with 3-6 hours deadlines.

People Talking

My experience was rather negative with this company. The writemyessay4me reviews on various online platforms are mixed and highly uncertain. For example, here are the reviews on Sitejabber:

Many reviewers and bloggers have echoed my sentiments, offering predominantly negative writemyessay4me reviews. It seems my unfortunate experience was not unique. I would hesitate to recommend this service to those valuing their time and money.

Support Team Interaction and Guarantees

Conversely, my interactions with the Support Team, particularly with an agent named Megan, were positive. Their responses, as evidenced in the screenshots I've included, were helpful. However, the Writemyessay4me.org scam review allegations made me skeptical about their money-back guarantee, which appeared limited and inflexible.

WriteMyEssay4Me.org's Money Back Guarantee may disappoint some due to its limited scope and strict conditions, raising questions like "Is Write My Essay 4 Me legit?" The company's indirect involvement in writer-customer interactions, specific and stringent refund scenarios, partial refunds for cancellations or delays, and inflexible policies on chargebacks and account deletions may not meet customers' expectations, seeking more comprehensive and flexible refund solutions.

The Loyalty Program

Regarding their loyalty program and Writemyessay4me discount, the more orders you place, the more significant the discount you get. However, achieving the maximum discount requires frequent purchases, a commitment that may not be feasible for all.

Final Assessment of Quality

Ultimately, the paper I submitted received a D+. My professor highlighted various inconsistencies, and the delayed submission further impacted my grade. This outcome, the cost, and the service experience left me questioning, “Is writemyessay4me safe and reliable for academic needs?”.

In summary, my encounter with Writemyessay4me left much to be desired. The attractive website design and efficient customer service did not compensate for the poor quality of the writing and the questionable value of their services. For those considering the service Write My Essay 4 Me, I suggest proceeding with caution based on my personal experience and the general Write My Essay 4 Me reviews.


Is the pricing at Writemyessay4me.org competitive? The prices are medium, with $12 per page. While not the highest, there are more affordable services available.
Does the site offer any discounts or loyalty programs? Yes, they offer a 5% discount for writemyessay4me new buyers and up to 15% for long-term clients. However, achieving the maximum discount requires regular and substantial orders.
How responsive is the customer support? The customer support team, particularly my interactions with an agent named Megan, was responsive and answered my inquiries clearly.

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Comments (4)

sasmoot05 says:

at 2021-01-22 19:23:00


2.3 out of /5.0

not satisfied with the quality of the paper, the writer didn't follow my detailed instruction and the mla format for the work cited is still wrong. So i truly believe that this is not the writer whom i requested

mforget91 says:

at 2021-02-20 09:52:00


2.6 out of /5.0

Just a shame I had to repay 340$ to get the same paper done, the first one was of mediocre writing quality (even if I paid for a TOP writer !).

zamanzamane969 says:

at 2021-03-23 21:03:00


2.5 out of /5.0

I paid 15 pages with Pro Writer for the best quailty of paper. (I still dont understand what is diffrent than other writer as I see on the paper it is same quality) Also I sent Whole source and structure of the paper as pdf and word. I wrote all important issues of paper. But I got, 14 pages including refrences pages that means 12 pageswith short Conclusion. Your writers not make sense with the subject when they write it. Thank you

sunxing22 says:

at 2021-05-17 17:09:00


2.5 out of /5.0

very bad PAPER QUALITY , wont recomend your service and wont come back again

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Leave your comment here

2.5 out of 5.0