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Writemyessays.net Review

2.5 out of 5.0

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  • Updated: November 21, 2023
  • Based on 0 reviews
  • Author: Will Martins

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Writemyessays.net Review


  • User-friendly website interface;
  • straightforward order process.


  • Inconsistent quality of writing;
  • unclear refund policy;
  • slow and unprofessional customer support;
  • useless paper revisions.
Owned by CoreForce LTD
Years in operation 12
Minimal price per page $7.00
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy yes
Refund policy yes

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Writemyessays.net, a service I turned to for academic assistance, promises a lot but, in my experience, delivers little. The brand is owned by CoreForce LTD and was registered in Cyprus in 2011. They seem equipped to handle various academic tasks, from essays to more complex projects like dissertations. However, my encounter with their services was far from satisfactory.

I approached them expecting to receive a well-crafted paper tailored to my specific instructions. Unfortunately, the reality was a stark contrast. The lack of adherence to the guidelines meant I had to invest additional time and effort to make the paper presentable. This experience leads me to question the claimed expertise of Writemyessays writers and their ability to handle diverse academic requirements effectively.

Customer Support

Interacting with Writemyessays.net's customer support was another area of disappointment. I expected prompt and helpful service, as customer support is often the backbone of such services. However, my experience was marred by long wait times and responses that seemed more like automated, boilerplate answers rather than personalized assistance.

When I sought clarification or raised issues regarding my order, the support team's inability to offer concrete solutions only increased my frustration. This lack of effective communication and problem-solving acumen in their customer service department significantly diminishes the reliability and appeal of Writemyessays.net as a go-to service for academic writing needs.

My Experience

My experience with Writemyessays.net was notably underwhelming; a sentiment echoed in several Writemyessays.net reviews I came across. I ordered a 7-page research paper, an academically demanding paper requiring high expertise. The writer needed to analyze the latest Apple M3 processor and how unified memory helps reduce latency between the processor and the commands it executes.

The specific requirements I provided were clear and detailed, emphasizing the need for adherence to certain academic standards and content depth. However, the final product was a letdown. The writer assigned to my project failed to follow the outlined instructions, leading to a paper that lacked the required depth and analytical rigor. Their approach seemed superficial, and the paper required significant modifications from my end to make it acceptable. This experience not only consumed extra time but also caused undue stress.

Order Form

Regarding the order process at Writemyessays.net, one might wonder: is Writemyessays cheating its customers with a facade of simplicity and efficiency? The order form was straightforward, requiring basic details like the type of assignment, academic level, number of pages, and deadline. This process seemed convenient at first glance.

However, the simplicity of the order form belies the complexity and potential challenges in the service delivery. The lack of detailed customization options and the absence of clear guidelines on how specific requirements are handled by the writers contribute to a mismatch between customer expectations and the final product delivered. For me, this gap in service raised questions about the overall integrity and reliability of Writemyessays.net.

Discounts and Pricing

The pricing model at Writemyessays.net initially appeared competitive, particularly with the availability of a Writemyessays discount code for new customers. The base price, starting at $7 per page for a 14-day deadline, seemed reasonable. However, this affordability can be misleading.

Upon deeper examination, the costs escalate quickly with added services like proofreading, editing, and plagiarism reports, all of which are essential for a high-quality academic paper. This steep increase in price, especially with the addition of necessary extras, diminishes the value of the initial Writemyessays discount code. The pricing structure lacks transparency, as customers may pay significantly more than they initially quoted.


Addressing the question, 'Is Writemyessays.net legit?', my experience raises doubts, especially when considering their revision policy. The online company does offer free revisions, which, in theory, should provide a safety net for any issues in the initial order. However, the execution of this policy is far from satisfactory. In my case, the revision process was cumbersome and time-consuming.

Requests for revisions were met with delays, and the lack of a streamlined process led to further frustration. This experience reflects poorly on the legitimacy of Writemyessays.net as a reliable academic service provider. The company's inability to efficiently manage revisions and adhere to original order specifications undermines its credibility and effectiveness in delivering quality academic content.

Final Quality

When evaluating the final quality of my paper, the question 'Is Writemyessays scam?' inevitably comes to mind. Despite their claims of high-quality writing support, the end product I received was subpar. The paper lacked the depth and insight expected at an academic level. There were noticeable gaps in research and a clear disregard for the specific instructions I had provided. This overall experience led to significant doubts about the reliability and authenticity of Writemyessays as a dependable academic writing service.

Writer's Proficiency

Regarding the writer's proficiency at Writemyessays online, my experience was underwhelming. The paper I received did not reflect a high level of expertise or understanding of the topic. It seemed the writer had a superficial grasp of the subject matter, evident in the paper's lack of detailed analysis and critical thought. This shortfall was disappointing, especially considering the academic importance of the assignment. The experience indicated a gap between the writers' qualifications and their ability to deliver quality academic content.

People Talking

When exploring the wider review of Writemyessays, it's clear that I'm not alone in my dissatisfaction. Many users have expressed concerns about the quality of the writing service, particularly in terms of essay writing. Common complaints revolve around the lack of adherence to specific instructions and the subpar quality of writing. These experiences shared by others reinforce the impression that Writemyessays may not be the ideal choice for students seeking reliable and high-quality academic writing assistance.

Loyalty Program

The loyalty program is an aspect of Writemyessays.net that influences its rate and overall review. Writemyessays.net promotes a loyalty program designed to reward returning customers. However, the program's specifics are not clearly outlined on their website, making it challenging to understand or gauge the benefits. So, the Writemyessays.net rate parameter is just an empty word. This lack of transparency in the loyalty program's functioning and rewards system is a drawback for users considering long-term use of the service.


Is Writemyessays a scam? No, Writemyessays is not a scam. However, as with any service, the quality and reliability can vary.
Is Writemyessays legit? Yes. Writemyessays is a legitimate service. However, the quality of work and customer satisfaction can be mediocre.
Is Writemyessays safe? I'm not sure. Writemyessays generally appears to be a safe service. However, it's always wise to exercise caution and make informed decisions.
Is Writemyessays cheap? Maybe. The affordability of Writemyessays varies based on the type of service, academic level, and deadline.
Is Writemyessays trustworthy? No. So, looking at various customer reviews or finding an alternative is beneficial.
Is Writemyessays a good service? No. You should find another writing service.

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2.5 out of 5.0