Stop Being Afraid to Miss the Deadline

by Will Martins/ Updated October 10, 2018

Imagine that you’ve missed the deadline, which is really unpleasant. Moreover, it’s risky to miss it, especially when you’ve got no resubmission opportunity. In other words, missing the deadline with your paper may (and most probably will) negatively affect your mark, which means that you might not even pass your course. Therefore, I don’t recommend you missing the deadlines with your papers and other tasks because it won’t do you any good, trust me. And it does not only include the college/university studies because missing deadlines at work might affect your salary and your position, as well.

So, what can you do about it? Let’s figure this out!

  1. Ask for deadline extension!

    If your paper does not have any possibility of resubmission, you’re probably not gonna get any deadline extension. However, in majority of cases, your tutor will most probably give you an opportunity to submit your paper after the initial deadline. Just provide him/her with a valid reason why did you miss your deadline.

    Of course, don’t try to lie to your supervisor or tell some stories that have never happened. Try to be honest and explain your situation. In critical cases, you might want to figure out a valid reason that will give you an extension but will be a lie. If you succeed, don’t try to use this method for the second time; trust me, you’ll get yourself into a problem. Only use this as a last resort and don’t try to do this once again.
    ask for extension

  2. Paper writing services will help!

    So, once you got the deadline extension and you really need the paper to be completed urgently, just find a right paper writing company that can make this paper within the given deadline. They will definitely help you, if you’re desperate and in critical situation, when time is of highest importance.

    Be prepared to spend much on this, though. Paper companies charge much more for urgent deadlines and it’s better for you if your deadline has been extended by at least 1-2 days. With such deadline, you won’t have to pay that much.

    The biggest advantage of paper writing companies is the fact that they can work with many deadline options and if you’re in urgent need for a paper, choosing a paper company will definitely save you from missing the deadline once again. 

  3. Ask your peers!

    If you’re not ready to pay significantly for the paper writing services, you might want to ask your peers if they can either help you with your paper or write the paper instead of you. In other words, try asking your friend in college or any other student who is famous for “helping others” to write this paper within the new deadline. An advantage of this is that you might not need to pay him/her with money; you might be asked for a favor or doing his paper instead.

    For example, you’ve missed the deadline for Sociology paper but you’re already done with your Psychology paper. You might ask your friend to do this Sociology paper, while you’ll make his assignment. It’s much cheaper than paying professional ghostwriters.

    However, similar to using paper writing companies, such approach may be considered unethical. But, who cares about ethics, when you’ve missed the initial deadline already?
    can i help you

  4. Be prepared to fail regardless of how hard you try

    Let’s be realist, guys. Not every time you can ask for deadline extension, not every time you’ll have a valid reason or will be capable of lying to your tutor (which I still don’t recommend you to do on a regular basis) and not every time you’ll be capable of making an order with paper writing company.

    Therefore, be prepared to lose marks for the missed deadline and focus on your next tasks! This will be much more efficient for you in long-term perspective and will teach you some discipline to follow deadlines better.

    Sorry for sounding harsh, I just wanted to be honest with you. Missing deadlines sucks, I know that.

  5. Don`t do illegal stuff!

    And I mean never. Never and ever. I could care less about unethical stuff that is not prohibited by your local legislation. But, if you try to break the law just to get a deadline extension or resubmit the paper because you missed the deadline, better don’t. I don’t want you to have problems with the officials that will result in negative criminal records.

    For example, if you’re considering bribing your tutor to get an extension, better don’t do it. Any form of bribing (including sexual) is not only unethical but illegal. And it’s not worth it.

    If you get caught, it might ruin your life. So if you’ve already missed the deadline and there’s nothing to be done, better accept this loss and focus on your further assignments to get a better grade in total.

    don`t do illegal stuff

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