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1. Site overview

2.7 out of 5.0

Hi, everyone!

Today I’d like to talk with you about a paper writing service that represents a concept called “pay us if you don’t care about the quality.” Although its website tells that the company is simply the best in paper writing. Is scam? It delivers a rather doubtful product. So, let us consider this service in more detail. home page

I want to begin this essay company review with the main page of the website. It is intended to create an impression of a happy student who gets a paper done by somebody else.

I cared less about the generic design and an image of a woman, that clearly does not fit here, when placing my first order with these guys. Instead, I was more interested in the overall usability of the website.

Here, we’ve got a price calculator containing the paper type, academic level, deadline, number of pages, followed by a big button “ORDER NOW”.

These are rather standard components of any price calculator. Still, I was confused about the two different prices, as you can see them in the picture above. I’ll get back to that later anyway.

In general, the website is rather simple to use, and it provides basic information about the order placement process. I was not really excited by the website functionality, but it was okay, I suppose.

2. Customer support

First and foremost, communicating with the support team of an, using chat, is a rather time-consuming process. I was only trying to figure out whether they had any discounts for the first order, but in reality, I’ve spent more than 10 minutes in total waiting for Jackie’s response.

I cannot also state that she was friendly and engaging during her consultation; her responses were rather robotic and looked like templates.

In other words, if you come to their chat, be prepared to talk with a human-robot instead of an alive person that can actually assist you. customer support

3. My experience

Let me clarify that I’m not really into paying someone to do my own work, but I’m really not interested in humanities. I like studying natural science disciplines, but my college provides the so-called “general” education, which requires me to study something I’ve got no interest in.

Like history, for example. I don’t think that knowing the exact dates of some events along with their reasons will somehow help me in my life. But! I gotta keep my grades on a decent level.

So, I decided to try’s service to write some History essay for me. I wanted to spend time on learning something more interesting. I did not expect much, and I did not think that I’d get a high grade for the paper. Paying almost $40 for two pages was also not a problem for me as long as I could have gotten rid of boring assignments and get a passing grade.

Eventually, upon the submission, I did get a C. I hoped to get the higher grade, for sure. Is reliable? Maybe, yes, until you wish to get the highest grade. 

4. Order form

What I really liked about the service, while placing an order, is the fact that I could include almost each and every detail into the order form. Anyway, the order form here is done quite ok, as it includes all the necessary features of the paper.

It also includes the prices of additional services. Further, the order form explains the details of the order, including the format, revision, and refund policies. You know, I want the company to be honest with me about the charges and the actual level of service I could expect for the price I pay.

In particular, it calculates the prices per page separately, before choosing additional services. It is possible to order the services of their Top Writer for 60% of the price per page, get a plagiarism report for $14.99 and order updates via SMS for $3.99. Basically, these are the services that I did not use, but it’s nice that they have them.

After you’ve made your choice regarding the additional services and you’ve already included all your order details, you have to pay with your credit card or PayPal. The company claims that they accept all the credit card types, but I prefer using PayPal. order form

5. Discounts and pricing

If we ask the support team nicely, we can get a 15% essay-company coupon on the first order.  It is a great mystery whether I’d get any discount on further orders. Anyway, I don’t like the fact that their discount policy is not tailored to stimulate the clients to buy more than 1 paper.

As for prices, they are average. I liked their price calculator. It is detailed and clear. You can choose whatever price you want, depending on your funds and deadline. Obviously, you gotta pay more, if you want your order to be done faster and if the higher academic level is required.

I also like the fact that you can switch between currencies to actually know how much British Pounds or Euro you’d pay if you’re not living in the U.S. prices

6. Revisions

The revision policy of these guys is rather simple: they intend to revise the paper as many times, as it is required. It is allowed to send the paper for revision within 2 weeks after the order’s approval, and in case of plagiarism, these guys will be responsible for revision during 180 days after approval.

I had to revise the paper twice. I had to remind the writer how the MLA citations and references look like. Reality is, he inserted something close to APA, so I had to send an order for revision two times.

Sadly, these mistakes have not been detected by the Support Team, although, they guarantee that they check and edit the papers before delivery.

7. Final quality

As I’ve said, the final quality of the paper was okay, but not perfect. My professor said that I should have tried better and used more credible and relevant sources instead of trying to include everything that just looks right.

He also disagreed with the paper’s point of view concerning this topic. I got a C for it and moved on with my life.

8. Writer`s proficiency

Gladly, the writer understood my order enough to handle it and deliver a passing grade paper. For me, it looked obvious that the writer was not a native English speaker. I liked the fact that he agreed to do the revisions and include my comments concerning the paper’s format. 

I think that the best quality is delivered by the Top Writers, but I don’t think that it’s really fair to pay more to get a good paper. All ordered papers have to be of the highest quality.

9. People talking

It feels like I got lucky with my paper to get a C because there is an array of other buyers really complaining about the quality of the company’s service. review
These are rather doubtful impressions about the quality of their service if you have a look at the reviews. What is clear enough, their level of service is extremely randomized and depends on a writer you get.

I was lucky to get a passing grade, but I think there’s a line of boys and girls who were not so lucky and have failed their assignments because of putting their trust and money into this company. It is possible to find much more reliable and trustworthy services on the net.

10. Loyalty program

In short, they’ve got a loyalty program and a referral program. The loyalty program is based on the principle of credit accumulation. In particular, every 10% of your purchase is stored on your credit account. This credit can be further used to pay for further orders or used as a discount. Easy.

Additionally, the referral program even allows the buyers to earn some money by inviting other people to use the company’s service. A referral gets a discount for placing orders using the referral link. The person, providing this link, gets a certain percentage out of referral’s payments to the company.

11. Pros and Cons

Is legit? They try to assure us that yes. If you don’t care about the quality and just want to get some writing job done by someone else, you can consider using this company. In total, what you should consider:


  • Clear and comprehensive price calculator.
  • Easy and clear process of order placement.


  • The final quality of the product is highly dependent upon the writer you choose; you risk getting a failing paper if you decide to use a cheaper writer;
  • Unclear discount policy.
  •  The slow robotic support team that likes to use templates too much.

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