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by Will Martins / Updated October 25, 2023

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Essay writing is one of the most challenging and exciting assignments students have to deal with. What makes it complicated? The achievement of an excellent result requires much time, knowledge, experience, and competence. Why is it appealing? It is a unique chance for students to express their ideas and emphasize their research and analytical skills. When it comes to informational essay creation, the assignment gets even more unique, as the writer should stay unbiased, presenting bare facts. 

Is this the first time you have to work on the informative essay? Check out a comprehensive guide that will highlight the main features of the paper type and its specifications. Start with the basics before you dive into the peculiarities of the essay writing. Mind the structure, formatting, and extra tips that will advance the quality of your writing to a new level. 

What Is an Informative Essay? 

From my personal experience, I can tell that the definition is the first thing to deal with, especially if you need to work on something for the first time. Thus, the first question you should answer before writing a paper is, 'What is an informative essay?' Exploring insights from an essaybot review can provide additional perspectives and guidance as you embark on your writing journey.

Informative essay is an academic writing that is supposed to inform, educate, and explain a particular topic. When it comes to informative essay ideas, it is fundamental to remember that the paper type may come in a variety of forms and types. Additionally, there might be numerous purposes for essay writing, which should also be defined beforehand. 

In the overwhelming majority of instances, a coherent and consistent informative essay will answer some of the W questions: who, why, what, where, or when. The absence of personal ideas and biases but the presence of credible information on the topic are the key peculiarities to be taken into account while working on the projects. Writing informative papers, students should make the maximum effort to provide reasonable facts, explain how something works, sum up the event, or lead the audience through a specific process. Once you understand the goal of the project, you are ready to proceed to the next stage. Exploring platforms like 99papers can offer further assistance as you delve into informative essay writing.

Types of Informative Papers

Are you looking for effective ideas for informative essays? Start with their types that can help you detect the most advantageous writing tips and effective instruments inevitable for the achievement of the desired success. At this point, it is critical to mention six types of informative essay students can choose from. 

  • Process essay. It is a type of informative essay that is aimed at explanation of a certain process. The main task of the writer is to provide the audience with a comprehensive, step-by-step process and give directions for the mentioned mechanism or procedure. In the vast majority of instances, process essays are quite straightforward, but there are exceptions when the descriptions are complex. 
  • Cause and effect essay. As the name implies, this type of informative essay helps to understand the cause of a certain effect and describe its outcome. Making the statement, the student should focus on the reasons why certain events happened and consider the possible consequences.
  • Descriptive essay. Describing an object, person, process, or event, the writer should stay unbiased. Only relevant information taken from credible data sources and proper evidence should be included in the paper. This type of paper frequently appeals to the human senses, which helps to create a decent picture.
  • Problem-solution essay. It is another type of informative essay, the main feature of which is to emphasize a specific problem and reflect on the solutions. The writer should inform the readers about the issue and its relevance in society. Flawless analysis, profound research, and a deep understanding of the problem are inevitable for the achievement of the desired result. 
  • Compare and contrast essay. Analyzing two or more subjects, the student should inform the reader of their similarities and differences. In most instances, the subjects that are compared belong to the same group, which makes the comparison reasonable.
  • Expository essay. If you want to write an excellent expository essay, you should be ready to explain the selected topic and its peculiarities. Take your time to investigate ideas, detect evidence, and make meaningful conclusions.

Structure of an Informative Essay

Impeccable structure is one of the most critical features of the informative essay. Therefore, if you have little idea of how to write a informative essay, start with a comprehensive outline. What should an informative essay outline look like? As the paper belongs to academic writing, it should have a traditional structure, which includes the introduction, main body, and conclusion. Keep reading to get more information about what elements each paragraph should contain. 


Have you looked through the extensive list of informative essay topics and selected the most appealing and relevant one? Have you analyzed the theme, collected information, and made certain conclusions? It means you are ready to start working on the introductory part of the paper. Although each passage of the informative essay has its value, the introduction should be interesting and engaging, as its main goals are to get the readers’ attention and keep them excited about the further analysis of the topic.

As the informative essay should be free of personal opinion, the student should just state the theme of the writing and key aspects covered in the text. 

Main Body

Have you already looked through certain examples of the informative essays? Well, you should know that the body part is the biggest and the most meaningful one. It is the section that should be divided into multiple paragraphs, each presenting a new idea or concept. Lots of facts, important details, and up-to-date statistics that support your thesis should be included in the piece. 

Depending on the type of informative essay you are working on, the structure and content may vary. However, the basic requirements for it remain the same, so you should keep it well-structured, precise, and easy to comprehend. Make sure you read a sample paper before you dive into the writing process so that you have a higher chance to keep the body part comprehensive and its paragraphs linked. 


The final section of the informative paper should not contain any new information. Make sure the conclusion is concise, short, and meaningful. In fact, it should be a quick summary of the ideas specified in the text. Make sure you reiterate the aspects that were mentioned in the body passages. 

If you take your time to look for informational essay ideas, you will notice effective tips on how to start the final section of the paper and make it appealing. Take advantage of the ideas that seem the simplest and most beneficial. Keep in mind that the main goal of the essay part is to recap the subject matter discussed in the essay. 

7 Simple Steps for Writing an Impeccable Informative Essay

Finally, when you are aware of the informative essay definition, its structure, and similar specifications, you are ready to proceed to the writing process. Even though the assignment may still seem complicated for inexperienced writers, the struggle is real. Follow simple steps to thrive with the undertaking and come up with a decent paper worth the highest grade. 

Choose the Topic

What are the most relevant and appealing informative topics to write about? Surfing the web, you will come across a multitude of good informative essay topics to choose from. Stay consistent to select an up-to-date and interesting theme. 


Deep analysis of the relevant information on the topic is a must. Choose credible data sources so that you come up with flawless content. 

Outline the Paper

Focus on the notes you have made to divide the paper into multiple paragraphs. Create a consistent outline that will keep your paper easy to read and comprehend. 

Create the First Draft

Develop the ideas mentioned in the outline. Fill the paper with examples, relevant statistics, facts, and ideas that will add to its meaning. 

Edit the Text

Read the paper carefully and analyze the information once again. Eliminate any data inaccuracies and similar aspects that prevent your paper from being flawless. 

Proofread the Paper

Check the text for grammar, punctuation, and spelling mistakes. Avoid any typos and other errors. 

Add Citations

The final part of the writing process is adding citations or reference page. As the informative essay should be filled with facts, statistics, and similar specifications, it is inevitable to credit the sources used in the text. Do not forget about the proper formatting of the paper, which will contribute to the quality of the essay.


An informative essay is a non-fiction writing project that explains a specific topic and provides detailed information about the subject matter. It is a fact-based paper free of personal opinions and biases.

Similar to other academic writing projects, an informative essay should be divided into three basic parts such as an introduction, a main body, and a conclusion. Start the paper with a hook sentence and a thesis. Proceed with three to five paragraphs of the main body and finish it with a brief summary of the theme.

Working on the informative essay, it is inevitable to start with the paper classification. There are six main types of informative essays, including process essays, cause-and-effect essays, descriptive essays, compare and contrast essays, problem-solving essays, and expository essays.

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