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MyCustomEssay Review


  • Loyalty program for return customers


  • High prices
  • No discounts for new clients
  • No additional services
  • Fake reviews
Owned by Cyber Jam Limited
Years in operation 10
Minimal price per page $17.55
Deadline 3 hours
Revision policy Yes
Refund policy Yes

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Mycustomessay.com website looks nice with this light purple color and animated images on the home page. Besides, the data is well-structured and easy to read. At the end of the main page, you will see sections with information about their services, and a blog with tips on paper writing.

Mycustomessay main page

The writing company creates a positive first impression, and the MyCustomEssay reviews on different websites encourage students to place an order.

But is MyCustomEssay reliable? Will you get a promised professional help? In this review, I will share my experience and tell the truth about them.

Support for customers

When it comes to customer support, mycustomessay.com falls short of expectations. Although the support agents are relatively friendly, they are generally not helpful to students. I encountered several instances where I had questions or issues that needed to be addressed, and the responses from the support team were slow and inadequate. Sometimes I had to wait hours before receiving a response, which was frustrating. Surely now you will understand that many Mycustomessay reviews are real.

Furthermore, the support agents did not seem to have a thorough understanding of the services provided by mycustomessay.com. Whenever I sought clarification on an issue, the responses were vague and did not provide a satisfactory answer. This lack of knowledge made it difficult to resolve any problems or issues that arose during the writing process.

Personal paper experience

Perhaps the main question that interests you, "Is MyCustomEssay scam?". So let's move on to the main part of my Mycustomessay.com review. My experience with mycustomessay.com was disappointing, especially regarding the quality of the paper I received. I ordered a 3-page college article on politics, specifically related to the peculiarities of the American election campaigns. However, the writer failed to deliver the quality of work that I expected.

One of the main issues was that the writer did not conduct proper research on the topic. The article lacked depth and originality, with the writer relying on outdated and generic information. As a result, the content was not engaging or informative, defeating the assignment's purpose.

Additionally, the paper had numerous grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and typos, which indicated a lack of attention to detail. Evidently, the writer did not proofread or edit the work before submitting it to me. The formatting was also incorrect, and the paper did not adhere to the instructions provided in the order form. Now I understand why I found so many negative My Custom Essay reviews online.

Mycustomessay.com review: paper request form

Many newbies are seeking Mycustomessay.com reviews to learn more about the order form. Well, it is straightforward to navigate. To order a paper, follow these simple steps:

  • Step 1: Provide the assignment details. Fill out the order form, indicating the type of paper, academic level, subject, topic, deadline, and any other instructions.
  • Step 2: Choose a writer. After submitting the assignment details, mycustomessay.com will match you with a suitable writer based on your requirements. You can also choose a writer from their list of available writers.
  • Step 3: Make a payment. Once you select a writer, you will be asked to pay. Mycustomessay.com offers a variety of payment options, including credit cards and other online payment methods.
  • Step 4: Communicate with the writer. You can communicate with the writer directly through the messaging system on the website. It allows you to provide any additional instructions or ask for updates on the progress of your paper.
  • Step 5: Receive the final paper. Once the writer has completed the paper, they will submit it to you through the website. You can then review the paper and request revisions if necessary.

Overall, the ordering process on mycustomessay.com is straightforward. I hope this part of my Mycustomessay review will help you understand the process of placing the orders.

Prices and discounted options

The prices for writing assistance on this platform are above average or even high, as they start from $17.55! If you are looking for affordable help, then pass by My Custom Essay. I paid $101.34 for my article review, so the page cost $33.78!

Mycustomessay pricing

As for other services, prices on editing help start from $11.70 per page and proofreading $9.95. I do not consider that every student can afford this pricing policy.

By the way, there is no price calculator or price table. Hence, if you want to find out the cost of a paper, you have to place an order.

Speaking of discounts, do not count on them. There are no special offers for new customers or coupon codes on different platforms.

My Custom Essay: content revisions

Their revision policy is quite clear. The client can request one free revision within 10 days, and the instructions have to coincide with initial ones; otherwise, he/she will have to pay for it.

If a writer who initially worked on your paper is not available, then you will be assigned another one.

Concluding quality

As I wrote above, I was disappointed with the quality of the provided paper. The written article review is not worth the money, especially those $100 that I paid.

Mycustomessay.com: writer's competence

Considering mistakes and weak structure, I cannot say anything positive about their writers in my MyCustomEssay review. The real expert would not write a paper of such low quality.

So, their words, "We put a large emphasis on writers' degrees and test their skills" are a complete lie.

Audience reactions

Is MyCustomEssay legit? Having seen the company's ratings for the first time, I could say yes.

But after paying due attention to positive MyCustomEssay reviews on SiteJabber, I began to doubt their credibility. Besides, their TrustPilot account is banned permanently.

Mycustomessay TrustPilot account

People who gave 5 stars to this service and were content with provided help, published only one review on those platforms. Hence, those high ratings can be fake, and my disappointing experience only proves it.

Mycustomessay: loyalty gifts

There is no mention of the loyalty program on MyCustomEssay website, but you can see short information about it in the order form. They provide a loyalty program that is based on the number of pages:

  • 5% discount - 25+ pages.
  • 10% discount -A 50+ pages.
  • 15% discount - 100+ pages.

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Is mycustomessay legit? At first, I thought yes, because there were many positive reviews. But after paying proper attention to them, I discovered that people with one review published them!
Is mycustomessay scam? It is not a scam service; its writers wrote my paper within 4 days and delivered it on time. As for the quality, I did not expect to get a paper with mistakes and typos.
Is mycustomessay reliable? I would not call a company reliable that delivers essays with a bad structure and errors in every paragraph. Moreover, the writer completely ignored my requirements.
Is mycustomessay safe? They guarantee free revision to customers who are not satisfied with the paper quality and set a 10-day limit for it. Nevertheless, the support agent ignored my request.
Is mycustomessay trustworthy? Based on my negative experience, trusting them is risky because there is no guarantee that you will get quality writing assistance. I just wasted time and money at MyCustomEssay.

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Comments (7)

irasemabarrutia says:

at 2021-01-24 17:03:00


2.8 out of /5.0

The formulas for the excel document I asked for were not correct. The result i received was nothing like i had hoped/expected.

harollainez says:

at 2021-03-01 05:04:00


2.4 out of /5.0

The paper quality was terrible. Did not answer the question as described. I will have to fix it and put some time into it.

bellyestima says:

at 2021-05-27 20:56:00


2.5 out of /5.0

Despite detailed instructions, grade received was 52%.

angie.fon says:

at 2023-07-02 19:04:00


0.8 out of /5.0

ive had to resubmit this paper 4 times. and still have no gotten a passing grade.

tongwu.wt666 says:

at 2023-06-19 18:43:00


0.7 out of /5.0

Rotten, garbage. It is unreasonable that the service of the website is very poor. Very unsatisfactory. If they can't write, they should let me know from the beginning. Five days later, I was told to ask for more money. I said I could finish the ERP part by myself. You can modify it later according to my offer. That's the biggest concession I've ever made. After reaching an agreement with them, I thought it would come to a good end. But when I finished my creation. Their website says that the time has expired. Does it not meet the requirements? Need to place a new order? What logic? I can't accept it. What's the use of my money? For my own sake? It's clear that the agreement was made at the beginning, and the author promised me.At that time, when opinions diverged, I made concessions. I promised myself to complete the screenshot. Later they revise it. But you didn't say how many days it would take. They didn't say you had to submit within 7 days of acceptance. Otherwise, we need to place the order again. Too bad, too bad. How do you guarantee that?

ccdl.bsopr says:

at 2023-07-13 17:30:00


3.2 out of /5.0

Would not recommend this service. I paid for pro writer and the first paper was awful, and the second paper had to get revised so many times. Its due in an hour and I have to essentially edit half of it. Support was very nice, but definitely did not have a good quality paper.

lowkey323 says:

at 2023-07-12 04:49:00


3.8 out of /5.0

I am accepting this paper even though I feel like paying the extra $9-10 for a "PRO" writer made no difference. A lot of the information felt repeated or re-worded throughout the paper without specific or sustainable arguments. I will definitely re-do this myself but i appreciate the job that was done because it was someones time. which i did not have.

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2.5 out of 5.0